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With such an array of memorials available it can be difficult to decide which type of memorial or memorial plaque is right for you. Click on the links below which should give you some ideas. On all the plaques we can include images to make your plaque more personal. We  also create the design just as you want it - traditional or modern, minimalist or decorative. 

Finding the right words for a memorial plaque can be difficult, so we have put together a page of Memorial Inscriptions

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Engraved corian plaque mounted on a granite backing.

Stone-like Corian Memorial Plaques
A modern material with a cold stone like finish. It is perfect for memorial plaques in that it is very durable, fade proof and virtually maintenance free. It comes in a variety of colours. It also has the advantage of being able to engrave and paint fill, small letters. It can even be cut into unusual shapes. Full colour inlays made from tough anodised aluminium are also available if required.

Slate corian engraved plaque.

Acrylic laminate memorial plaque mounted on a wooden backing board.

Good Value Laminate Memorial Plaques
These signs are ideal for maintenance free memorial plaques. They are very durable - made from 2 ply 3mm exterior grade flexible acrylic which is weather proof and UV resistant. The letters are engraved through the first layer of laminate to show the colour underneath. Lots of colour options are available, all of which are attractive, especially if mounted on a wooden backing board.

Traditional engraved brass memorial plaque.

Engraved Brass Memorial Plaque
Brass is a very traditional material for memorial plaques. They are often engraved in a script font with unpainted letters. However we use many lettering styles and as long as the letters are over 10mm high we can infill with black, white, blue, green, orange, yellow or red. We have wooden backing boards and crosses on which to mount the memorial plaques if required. Please be aware that brass will need to be polished occasionally.

Photo Memorial Plaques - Lots of Options
It has become increasing popular in the last few years to include a photo on a memorial plaque.  Seeing the person on the plaque certainly does make the memorial plaque extra special.  On this page we have listed out the various options that are available to you.  All are designed to be used outdoors or indoors. The full Colour options are resistant to fading, but you can extend their lifespan even more, by placing out of the strongest sunlight. The etched memorials do not fade so could be the best option in certain situations.  If you need so help choosing your photo memorial don't hesitate to call us.

Wooden memorial cross.

Engraved Wooden Crosses
The beautifully made wooden cross are available in four sizes. They are normally hand made in oak with either a stake end or a flat end for wall mounting. Lettering and images can be lasered directly into the wood or onto a plate which is mounted onto the cross.

Stone-Like Corian Crosses
More expensive, but longer lasting than wooden crosses and require no maintenance. Standard or Celtic crosses in four colours.

Stone-like corian crosses

Wooden memorials with or without a tree stake.

Natural Wooden Memorials
Our wooden memorial plaques are very elegant and very beautiful. Plaques made from wood feel very natural and are often more appropriate to use than the rather formal engraved brass. Oak memorials are beautiful but for least maintenance we suggest iroko. These can be fitted with a wooden or metal tree stake.

Oval, Round & Heart Shaped Wood
These beautiful plaques can be made in a variety of sizes using Oak or Iroko. For outside use Iroko is often considered preferable as it is full of oil. Oak is also used as it is very beautiful but must be well maintained to stay looking at its best. Wording and images are engraved into the wood using our latest laser technology. The results are simply stunning.

These can be fixed onto a metal tree stake if required.

All-in-one Tree Stake / Grave Marker with Plaque
These sturdy moulded plaque holders measure 295mm in height and hold a 1.5mm thick engraved 119 x 68mm. They are ideal for plant stakes, grave markers and memorial tree stakes. The plaque is included in the price. Materials include brass, aluminium, stainless steel and acrylic laminate. A cost effective solution.

Photo Memorial Plaques- Aluminium
In our digital age it is becoming increasingly popular to remember our loved ones with a photo memorial plaque.  All we need is a good colour photograph or image, along with your words of remembrance to create a beautiful plaque. These plaques look really classy when mounted on a wooden backing board. They are made from tough digitally printed anodised aluminium. They can also be set into slate, granite or corian.

Photo inset into an engraved corian plaque.

Anodised aluminium memorial plaque.

Black or Coloured Anodised Aluminium
These plaques are ideal for memorial plaques as they look smart and are are maintenance free. They are made from 1.5mm black anodised or  coloured anodisal aluminium. The letters are engraved through the black or coloured layer of laminate to show the silver colour underneath.

Laser engraved steel plaque

Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Plaques
These tough and maintenance free stainless steel plates are often used as Memorial Plaques. Unlike normal engraving, the lettering is not actually engraved into the metal. This has a major advantage - the lettering can be smaller and the images and logos can also be far more detailed. Even good quality photos can be used. Although not engraved into the metal the lettering is permanent and as tough as the metal beneath..

Full colour photo memorial - suitable for outdoor use.

TOUGH PRINT Full Colour Memorials
These are an alternative to the anodised aluminium and are more cost effective. Memorials are usually printed on the brushed aluminium finish which is then fully encapsulated to provide a tough scratch and fade resistant finish. The can also be printed on the standard white aluminium for vibrant colours and an even cheaper price tag. Again these are vandal resistant and exceptionally durable. The base material is 3mm aluminium.

Stone-like corian heart shaped memorial plaque.

Heart Shaped Memorials
Heart shaped memorials and memorial plaques can be made in black or grey granite, cast bronze and aluminium, oak or iroko wood and corian in any one of the stone colours. There are a number of standard sizes and the corian or wood can be cut to any size.
Wood or metal stakes are also available.

Granite wedge with gold text.

Memorial Wedges - Granite & Slate
These slate & granite wedges or plinths are 100mm at the back and 50mm at the front. This provides a sloping plinth to mount a corian, engraved brass or bronze plaque. Alternatively we can engrave the lettering directly into the granite or slate. Good value standard sizes plus bespoke sizes as required.

Engraved corian plaque on celtic grey wedge.

Slate memorial to remember Mum & Dad.

Slate Memorials
Slate is another very traditional material for memorials. The lettering can be engraved into the slate, sand blasted into slate or left proud whereby the background is blasted away. Holes can be drilled for mounting the memorial onto a posts or wall. The slate can also be left without holes for embedding into stonework. The minimum size for painted letters is 20mm and for unpainted letters it is 15mm. Raised and unpainted letters need to be 25mm in height

Surface etching into slate.

Good Value Etched Slate Memorial
Using this method the slate is surfaced etched using a laser. This technique is ideal where smaller text or detailed images are required which cannot be deep engraved or sandblasted into the slate. We are also able to laser etch good photos into slate. We can combine the two methods, whereby we deep engraved and paint the lettering and add a laser engraved photo. Laser etching takes us less time and materials than sand-blasting or deep engraving and therefore it is cheaper.

Dark grey granite lawn memorial.

Stone Lawn Memorials
Lovely stone memorial tablets made from slate or thick granite. We have slate in various thicknesses plus five different granites. The slate is a natural slate with all its beautiful markings. 
These memorials are intended to be set into a lawn. If you wanted to fix to wall or other structure we would suggest using 20mm thick stone. As always we will create a unique stone tablet to your own design.  We can also make larger memorial stones in Slate, Granite and Purbeck Stone.

Celtic grey granite with white lettering

Granite Memorials
We have a total of ten different granite colours in four thicknesses to create granite memorials and memorial tablets. There are standard size which are very good value but we can make them to any size you want. Granite is perfect for long lasting low maintenance memorials.. We also have a new memorials website which has a gallery for more ideas.

Black granite tablet with gold engraved text

Cast bronze memorials.

Cast Bronze Memorials
Traditional and timeless and virtually maintenance free. The very latest in pattern making technology is combined with the very best of traditional craftsmen skills to offer you the best of both worlds. Ideal for information signs, house signs and memorials. Can use customer own artwork and letters can be as small as 4 characters to the inch.  Small and large plaques available.

Cast Aluminium Memorial

Cast Aluminium Plaques
Memorials cast in aluminium are cheaper than bronze, but still look very traditional and are also maintenance free. There are various images available along with a choice of four background colours. They come with tree stakes, holes or rear fixing studs. These plaques are available in a number of standard shapes which include oval, hearts and rectangles.

Polyurethane war memorial.

War Memorials
We can make a war memorial in any of the materials we use. The cast bronze is superb, very long lasting but the most expensive. For smaller plaques the hand paint zinc with raised letters is somewhat similar, again very long lasting and very effective. Brass plaques are still very popular, with the 3mm option being the most appropriate. Engraved stone-like corian is more often used than stone itself as we can engrave with more detail than is possible with real stone. New to scene of war memorials are the engraved wooden tablets. The plaque in the image was made from Cast Polyurethane.

Zinc plate memorials ideal for detailed crests and images.

Metal Plate with Raised Letters
These memorial plaques are ideal if you require detailed images in full colour. Military badges are a specialty, but almost any image can be used. The plaques are made from zinc plate which is durable and tarnish free. The background is etched away leaving lettering, border and image raised. The background is then painted any colour you want and the image hand painted to your specifications.

Slate pet memorial.

Pet Memorials
We can make your pet memorials in any of the materials we use. They can be made in any size using a large variety of fonts as well as one of our standard images or indeed your own image of photo. This page is designed to give you some ideas for materials and designs as well as price comparisons for the different options.

Engraved brass pet memorial plaque.

Oak Ashes Casket with an engraved brass plaque.

Wooden Caskets & Urns
Our wooden caskets and urns have been designed for cremated ashes. They are beautifully made from solid oak or mahogany and can be supplied with or without an engraved plaque.  These can be brass, aluminium or acrylic laminate memorial plaques. The wooden caskets are perfect for those wanting to keep the ashes of a loved one, although they are also used when burying ashes in a cemetery. They are the most appropriate type of urn for this type of memorial event.

Large wooden memorial for a woodland burial.

Woodland Burials
There are some woodland burial sites which require the memorial plaque to be all wood, having no metal fixings at all. This is not a problem. We have carpenters on site and can make bespoke wooden memorial plaques to your requirements. Some of the more popular solutions are all wood lawn memorials, wooden plaques fixed to oak posts with wooden dowels and oak crosses.

Tree stakes and backing boards.

Backing boards and wooden crosses
We can supply backing boards in various timbers on which to mount your memorial plaque. When ordering your backing board we would suggest it should be 25mm large than the plaque in height and width.

Tree Stakes
We have a good range of tree stakes available. These include simple wrought iron tree stakes to modern angle iron with a security pin for mounting into concrete. There are also wooden tree stakes and plaque holders for larger memorial plaques.

More Ideas for Memorials and Plaques
If your are not sure of how you would like your in memory plaque to look or are in need of inspiration, have a quick look at this page first. It contains lots of photos of memorials and memorial plaques we have made for our customers. We have included details about each plaque.

If you still can't decide which memorial plaque is best for you, have a look at the Gallery or our Board on Pinterest

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