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Memorials Made in Metal
Bronze, Aluminium, Zinc & Brass

Metal Memorials with Raised or Engraved Letters

High quality memorials to suit all budgets. Huge amount of choice in materials, fonts and images

Large cast bronze memorial.

Many of our metal memorial pieces have a traditional feel about them. Often used for war memorials, or for businesses honouring someone on their site, we pride ourselves on the high quality finish that we achieve on these memorial plaques.

Crafted with everything from brass and bronze to aluminium and stainless steel, we have a variety of different metal memorials for you to choose from - each with its own unique qualities. Their is a huge amount of variety for you to select from in terms of the design of your memorial. We have a wide range of fonts and additional images too, which all enable you to tailor a memorial so that it works for you.

Bronze plaque on wooden backing board.

Cast Bronze Memorials - Raised Letters
Traditional and timeless and virtually maintenance free. The very latest in pattern making technology is combined with the very best of traditional craftsmen skills to offer you the best of both worlds. Ideal for information signs, house signs and memorials. Can use customer own artwork and letters can be as small as 4 characters to the inch.  Small and large plaques available.

Small cast aluminium plaque with raised letters

Cast Aluminium Plaques - Raised Letters
Memorials cast in aluminium are cheaper than bronze, but still look very traditional and are also maintenance free. There are various images available along with a choice of four background colours. They come with tree stakes, holes or rear fixing studs. These plaques are available in a number of standard shapes which include oval, hearts and rectangles.

Durable zinc plate with raised letters.

Zinc Plate with Raised Letters
These memorial plaques are ideal if you require detailed images in full colour. Military badges are a specialty, but almost any image can be used. The plaques are made from zinc plate which is durable and tarnish free. The background is etched away leaving lettering, border and image raised. The background is then painted any colour you want and the image hand painted to your specifications.

Engraved brass memorial plaque on a backing board.

Engraved Brass Memorial Plaque
Brass has been used to craft memorials for centuries. Brass plaques are often engraved in a script font with unpainted letters, however, at The Sign Maker, it is possible to modernise a brass memorial plaque with painted lettering and alternative fonts.
A wooden backing board can make a smart addition to a brass plaque, completing its overall appearance and providing a base on which to present it. Some even opt to purchase an Oak memorial cross to mount the plaque on to, which we can also provide.

Laser engraved memorial plaque on slate corian backing board.

Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Plaques
Laser engraved stainless steel plaques are tough and maintenance free, which is why they are often used for Memorial Plaques. Because the lettering is not actually engraved into the metal, the lettering can be smaller and the images and logos can also be far more detailed. The lettering is permanent and as tough as the metal beneath, making them ideal memorial plaques.

Chemically etched stainless steel plaque with colour image.

Chemically Etched Brass and Stainless Steel
Chemically etched memorials can be led by detail as the crafting process leaves a clear, sharp, flat surface. This enables you to incorporate logos or detailed imagery into your memorial, increasing the personalised touch we can achieve working alongside each other. In addition, chemical etching can craft much smaller lettering, so it may be an ideal choice for a larger, more wordy memorial.

Wrought iron tree stake with backing board.

Backing Boards
We can supply backing boards in various timbers on which to mount your memorial plaque. When ordering your backing board we would suggest it should be 20mm large than the plaque in height and width.

Tree Stakes
We have a good range of tree stakes available. These include simple wrought iron tree stakes to modern angle iron with a security pin for mounting into concrete.

Wrpught iron stand with granite backing board.

More Ideas for Memorials and Plaques

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