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Child Memorial Plaques

Children's Memorials & Plaques in Wood, Stone, Bronze, Brass, Corian & Acrylic.

High quality memorials created by our skilled craftsmen and designers, just the way you want

Bespoke painted cros with rainbow.

Choosing the perfect memorial can be challenging at the best of times, but we imagine that decisions surrounding the memorial of a child must be particularly difficult. Firstly, we'd like to say that we are sorry if this is a loss that you are experiencing in this season, our hearts go out to you.

At The Sign Maker, we hope to be able to support you in finding a memorial that celebrates the life of a loved one in a way that works for you, and we will stand alongside you as best as we can.

We are proud to offer bespoke memorials so that we can design and craft a piece that honours what you're looking for. Finding the right words for a memorial plaque can be difficult, so we have put together a page of Memorial Inscriptions which you may find helpful.

Wooden memorial for a baby.

Natural Wooden Memorials
The natural wooden memorials have a beautiful softness about them. Less traditional than brass, but still a traditional choice, there is something really special about these pieces.
In terms of timber, Oak is a beautiful material (though for least maintenance we suggest iroko). Another good low maintenance option is Douglas Fir. Our wooden memorials can all be fitted with a wooden or metal tree stake for the perfect finishing touch.

Oval and heart shaped wooden plaques available.

Train design for childs memorial plaque.

Black or Coloured Anodised Aluminium
Crafted from anodised aluminium, these simple yet beautiful memorials are a great choice too. We find that they are popular because they have a smart appearance, and they are maintenance free. To craft the design into the aluminium, the letters are engraved through the black or coloured layer to show the silver colour underneath. We are also able to laser engrave photos into these particular memorials.

Stainless steel effect acrylic laminate on backing board with a tree stake.

Engraved Plaques in Acrylic Laminate
Acrylic is an ideal choice for maintenance free memorial plaques. These pieces are very durable, weather proof and UV resistant, perfect if you're looking for something that will last well.
The letters are engraved through the first layer of laminate to show the colour underneath. At The Sign Maker, there are a wide variety of colour options available, all of which are attractive, particularly when mounted on a wooden backing board.

Gold and black acrylic laminate memorial plaque.

Full colour plaques suitable for outdoor use.

Full Colour Memorial Plaques
Full colour photo memorials are a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved one, particularly for a child or young person. We can appreciate how much these memorials mean to you, and we know that the full colour memorials have been spoken highly of by many of our customers. They are made with 3mm aluminium and fully encapsulated using a heat process which gives a high quality graffiti resistant finish. The colours remain rich and they have a fantastic long-term resilience making them a good investment.
Ideal for an outdoor memorial, we are proud to craft pieces that honour a loved one in so many ways. Our high-quality memorials are a great way to ensure longevity of a memorial piece.

Teddy bear shaped bronze on a stake.

Bronze Memorial Plaques
Bronze is traditional, timeless and virtually maintenance free. By combining traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, we can ensure that you receive a memorial that meets and exceeds expectations.

These bronze pieces can be crafted into a variety of shapes and sizes, enabling you to design the perfect fitting tribute for your little one.

Heart shaped bronze childrens memorial plaque.

Heart Shaped Memorials
Heart shaped memorials would make a wonderful memorial for a child. With space to write a short tribute or to include images and poetry, the heart memorials that we craft are really special.

These pieces can be crafted in black or grey granite, cast bronze and aluminium, oak or iroko wood and corian in any one of the stone colours. There are a number of standard sizes and the corian or wood can be cut to any size. We can also include a wood or metal stake to help present a heart shaped memorial at a final place of rest.

Stone-like corian memorial plaque.

Stone-like Corian Memorial Plaques
Stone-like Corian works perfectly for memorial plaques. As a material, it is very durable, Corian is fade proof and it is virtually maintenance free.Stone-like Corian is pretty adaptable in terms of design, allowing you the space to design a memorial that is far more personal. It can even be cut into unusual shapes and full colour inlays made from tough anodised aluminium are also available.

Small engraved text is possible on these plaques.

Stone-like corian cross.

Stone-Like Corian Crosses
Stone-like Corian is a unique material. Despite having a higher price point, we find that many like to choose Corian because it looks and feels like stone, and these pieces are longer lasting than our wooden crosses and require little to no maintenance - ideal if you're looking for a memorial that can generally look after itself.

You can purchase a Standard or Celtic cross in four colours giving you the freedom to create piece that feels personal to you.

Wooden cross painted blue and laser engraved.

Painted & Engraved Wooden Crosses
Our painted and engraved wooden cross memorials are available in four sizes, and a variety of different colours too. Crafted with oak and treated with care, these pieces are long lasting, and can make for a wonderful little memorial.

Lettering and images can be lasered directly into the wood or onto a small plaque which is mounted onto the cross.

Wooden cross painted white and laser engraved.

Beautiful words on a slate memorial.

Slate Memorials
Slate has a timeless classiness about it. Slate is a very traditional material choice for memorials, yet we have the ability to modernise it with images, artwork and modern fonts.

At The Sign Maker, we have slate available from 12mm - 75mm thick, as well as being able to cut our slate memorials into any size you wish. The lettering can be engraved into the slate, sand blasted into slate or left proud whereby the background is blasted away.

Good value etched slate memorials.

Good Value Etched Slate Memorial
Etched slate memorials are ideal for if you are wanting a detailed memorial, or a tribute requiring smaller text. The laser etches away the surface of the slate. To engrave photos, we can combine methods to achieve the finish that you are looking for.

Laser etching takes us less time and materials than sand-blasting or deep engraving, which can make it a more budget friendly option in our slate catalogue.

Celtic grey heart shaped wedge with porcelain plaque attached.

Memorial Wedges - Granite & Slate
Granite and slate memorial wedges have proved themselves to be a popular choice here at The Sign Maker. Wedge memorials are great value for money, as well as being a memorial that works well for many. The way that these pieces are cut creates a slant from back to front. The front can either be engraved, or a plaque (crafted from either Corian, Brass or Bronze) can be mounted on.
As with many of our signs and memorials, the memorial wedges come in several standard sizes, or we can create a bespoke order for you.

Celtic grey grante memorial with white text.

Granite Memorials
Granite is the perfect choice for a high-quality, long-lasting and low-maintenance memorial. Though some enjoy the regular upkeep of a memorial piece, we love being able to cater for the needs of everybody.

In total, we have ten different colours of granite to choose from, available in four different thicknesses. We keep several sizes in stock, however we can also cut granite memorials to size.

More Ideas for Memorials and Plaques

If you still can't decide which memorial plaque is best for you, have a look at the Gallery or our Board on Pinterest

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