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High quality signs and memorials to suit all budgets. Huge choice in materials, fonts and images.

Also a range of wheel covers which we manufacture in our workshops

We make so many different signs just the way you want them - house signs, home sign and name plates, door numbers, memorial plaques, business signs and wheel covers. If you need advice with any of the signs, plaques, business signage, memorials or gifts do call us 01769 561355

Our main workshops at The Sign Maker are based in North Devon, but we send our signs all over the world.  We know we are lucky to be situated in the country. Have a look at how we Care for our Countryside

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House Signs, Engraved Plaques, Memorials, Wheel Covers, Business Signage


House signs made in all kinds of materials

House Signs  

There are house signs and house numbers to suit all types of homes and tastes.  It is important to choose the right one - you are going to see it every day for many years. Have a look at this page - choosing your house sign for some pointers. As well as choosing the right size, lettering style, image, you must choose the material you want to have your house sign made in. There is plenty of choice, the most popular being wooden, slate, cast brass, granite and clear acrylic. Choosing a House Sign

Fibreglass Pub Signs.

Business Signage 

Although our sign company is based in North Devon, we can dispatch business signage anywhere in the UK. There is a large range of both fibreglass and aluminium signage in all shapes and sizes. Finger posts signs are made in both aluminium and wood. We also have hanging signs, projecting signs, notice boards, pavement signs - the list goes on!

Wood framed sign board on posts.

Engraved brass plaque.

Engraved Plaques

There are 2 thicknesses of good quality engravers brass available along with faced aluminium for tarnish free plaques ans signs.  Maintenance free engraved laminates are also available along with corian and stainless steel. Materials can be cut to any size- a wide range of engraving fonts and graphics can be used. There are three methods of engraving - traditional, laser and chemically etched.   Also see Memorial Plaques

Engraved plaque on wrought iron tree stake.

Memorials and Memorial Plaques

We have so many different memorials it is going to be difficult to choose which is best for you. Perhaps its an engraved corian plaque which can be fitted to a wrought iron plaque holder. More traditionally are the engraved brass plaques or the granite stone wedges. We also make wooden caskets and memorials for the natural burial grounds. Recently outdoor photo memorials have become much more popular too. The choice is yours.

Full colour cat memorial.

Slate signs in all shapes and sizes.

Stone and Slate Signs

Our Slate Signs House Signs can be cut to any size including some rounds and ovals. For house name plates we also have granite and limestone. They can be painted in a variety of colours or the background can be blasted away leaving the letters raised. Depending on font and design, slate can look traditional or modern.

Full wrap wheel cover.

4x4 Wheel Covers

Personalised wheel covers made in our workshops in both semi rigid vinyl and soft wheel covers. With the semi-rigid, you have the choice of a plain wheel cover, a full colour vinyl, single colour or a full wrap which neatly covers the whole disk. Our wheel cover skirts are black as standard but we can craft them in other colours. Soft wheel covers can be made to any size, including trailers in seven colours or with a full colour printed design.

Soft wheel covers.

Aluminium ladder sign with bullnose edge.

Sign Boards

A range of boards are available for all purposes. Ideal for information boards, business name plates and house signs. Can be made with singe colour cut vinyl or printed full colour or a mixture of both! Supplied with or without frames and/or posts as required. Reflective nameplates along with good range of fibreglass sign boards.

Large Wooden Sign.

Wooden House Signs

Each wooden house sign or large wooden commercial sign is made to order by carpenters in our workshops. The designer can use a huge variety of fonts along with borders and images as required. Lettering is engraved and painted in a choice of colours. Oak is the most popular wood for a sign . However we do use Douglas Fir, Cherry, Sapele, Iroko and Cedar. Rustic slices are also produced.

Wooden sign with detailed image.

Metal Signs

Metal Signage

A varied range of metal signage suitable for house signs, memorial plaques and commercial signage. Metals range from full colour Toughprint and anodised aluminium, vinyl lettering and full colour vinyl on aluminium plate, hand painted metal, engraved metal and a large range of cast metal plaques and signs.

Painted framed sign - gold lettering.

Painted Signs

After years of signs with vinyl lettering the painted sign is making a come back. We can use solid oak or we can paint a board known as Tricoya - this a wood based board made using a high performance resin. It is very stable, durable and weatherproof. Tricoya itself comes with a 50 year guarantee. We also frame the Tricoya with oak for a traditional painted framed sign.

Painted oak sign

Cast Bronze Memorial Plaques

 Bronze Memorial Plaques      Cast Bronze Signs

Each casting creates a unique piece in it's own right. Craftsmen use traditional methods for casting the bronze plaques and ensure that every handmade bronze sign or plaque that leaves the foundry is absolutely perfect. Background colour include black, brown, blue and green.

Oak ladder sign.

Entrance Signs

It is really important that your Entrance Sign looks the part. It is not there just to identify your property, although it does of course need to do that. As people drive past they see your entrance sign and will unknowingly judge you or your business. We have put together a selection of links to various pages of the website, which should enable you to find the right entrance sign to suit your property or business and your budget.

Painted entrance sign with engraved corian panel

Posts to use with your sign

Posts for Signs

On this page you will find an excellent selection of posts which can be used with your sign. These are made from wood, steel or aluminium. Wooden posts can be oiled, varnished or painted. Also posts with arms for hanging signs. Wrought iron brackets for signs also available

Directional Arrow Signs.

Directional Arrow Signs

A very good range of directional arrow signs to suit all budgets. There are painted rustic arrow signs for events, good value t-channel signs which are smart and long lasting as well as oak or aluminium finger posts with one to seven fingers.

Rustic directional arrow signs.

Oval cast brass sign.

House Name Plates

Every house name plate is unique. We make them just the way you want them. You choose the size, the font, the shape, the layout along with images and a border if you want one. We make house name plates in many different materials - engraved brass, cast brass, a range of timbers, slate, granite, aluminium, corian, bronze and others. The choice is yours.

Marble corian house sign

Stone-Like Corian House Signs and Engraved Plaques

A modern material with a cold stone like finish. It is perfect for signs in that it is very durable, fade proof and virtually maintenance free. Can be supplied as it is, on backing board or with oak frame. Also available as a two tone plaque with inviable fixings.

Engraved corian plaque.

Huge range of signs for home & business, memorials & engraved plaques plus wheel covers.

See the Full Range of Signs & Memorials

At The Sign Maker, our range of signs and memorials is extensive (and it keeps growing)! Utilising a broad range of materials, including wood, stone, vinyl and metal, we can design and craft a sign with a finish to suit you. With signage suitable for indoor and outdoor settings, in addition to a range of sustainable signs and value-for-money alternatives, there is something for everybody! So, whether you're looking for house sign, business sign, signage for a commercial property, or a thoughtful memorial - The Sign Maker will endeavor to work alongside you. Can't see what you're looking for? Get in touch anyway as our award-winning team would love to see if we can help you.

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