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War Memorials

Choosing the material for your War Memorial

We are happy to make a war memorial in any of the materials we use. However we have listed below some of the more popular materials used for war memorials. The cast bronze is superb, very long lasting but quite expensive.

For smaller plaques the hand paint zinc with raised letters is somewhat similar, again very long lasting and makes a very effective war memorial. Engraved brass plaques are still very popular, with the 3mm option being the most appropriate. 

Engraved stone-like corian is more often used than stone itself. We can engrave the memorial with far more detail than is possible with real stone. New to scene of war memorials are the engraved wooden tablets. Most often used is Balau which is incredible heavy, full of its own oil which means it will last for years with little attention.

Bronze war memorial plaque
Bronze War Memorial

Cast Bronze War Memorial

Bronze memorials are very long lasting and require very little maintenance.  Our cast bronze war memorials are still traditionally made in a foundry. They are handmade by true craftsmen - each one really is unique. The casting process dates back to the bronze age. However the pattern making uses the latest computer technology which enables us to design the war memorial to your exact specifications. Although we have a range of standard fonts and images which can be used, we can also include your own fonts and images if required. Click here for more details and prices.

Stone-Like Corian War Memorial

Corian is very popular for war memorials due to the fact we can engrave detailed images and small text - down to 5mm high lettering.  It is also low maintenance. Corian is made from a mixture of clear acrylic resin, natural minerals and pigments.  The mineral content retains quite a few properties of real stone such as the cold feel, matt finish and weight.  However unlike the real thing, it is totally consistent with no variation in composition - no natural marks, pyrite quartz lines or hairline cracks.  Click here for more details and prices.

Corian war memorial
Detailed Metal Sign Zinc war memorial Hand Painted Zinc - Raised Letters

These hand finished and hand painted memorials are made from zinc plate. This is a strong, tough material which does not rust or tarnish. The background is etched away to leave the lettering, numbers, border & images raised.

These plaques are ideal as war memorials as they are durable, long lasting and maintenance free.┬áThe images can be full colour and very detailed indeed - military badges are a specialty.  Click here for more details and prices.

Engraved Brass

Engraved brass is a very traditional material for engraved memorial plaques. We only use to quality engravers brass and have three thicknesses available. The 3mm is normally used for the war memorials. There are also three methods of engraving depending on the detail required and the overall look required.

The main disadvantage of brass is does need to be polished regularly if you want it to keep the polished look. Click here for more details.

3mm engraved brass war memorial

Oak cross Wooden war memorial made for parish church

Wooden War Memorials

Our carpenters can make wooden memorials to your specifications in any of the timbers we use.

Oak is very popular for crosses. Balau is ideal for lawn tablets as is very hard, very heavy and very long lasting being full of its own oil.

Click here for more
details and prices

Full Colour Anodised Aluminium

If a lot of text and photos are required then full colour printing in anodised aluminium is the answer. The image is locked in the anosdised layer which will not peel or be affected .by frost or weather. It is very tough and fade restistant too. Can  also be finished with a vandal proof lacquer. Mounted on a backing board they look stunning.  Click here for more details and prices

Full Colour War Memorial
Cast bronze war memorial on a polished black granite wedg
Cast bronze war memorial on a polished black granite wedge
Full colour anodised aluminium war memorial on same size coriam backing board
Full colour war memorial on same size corian backing board

War memorial engraved using stone-like corian.
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