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Pet Memorials for Dogs, Cats, Horses
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Memorials For Your Pets - Wood, Stone, Engraved and Full Colour

High quality memorials created by our skilled craftsmen and designers, just the way you want

Wooden memorial with a dog image.

Wooden Pet Memorials

We make the wooden pet memorials to any size you want and in several timbers. Varnished oak and oiled iroko are the most popular. Small text, detailed lines drawings and even photos are possible. We can also include posts or tree stakes as required.

Example Price:- 150mm x 100mm from £43

Wooden memorial on a posts for three pets.

Square slate pet memorial.

Slate Pet Memorials

The slate pet memorials are available in a number of standard sizes but can also be cut to any size in 20mm, 30mm and 50mm slate. The standard slate is grey from Brazil but we also stock a Welsh slate and a beautiful hard-wearing Lakeland Green.

Example Price:- 200mm x 200mm x 20mm from £98

Engraved stone-like corian memorial plaque.

Engraved Corian Pet Memorial

This is a wonderful material and ideal for pet memorials. It looks and feels like stone and it is available in 6mm and 12mm thick in 16 colours. Lettering can be very small or large and painted in many colours. Corian can also be cut to shapes as required.

Example Price:-150mm x 100mm x 6mm from £45

Corian can be cut into shapes including memorial crosses.

Bronze memorial on a tree stake. Pet Memorials Cast in Bronze

You can't beat cast bronze for incredible beautiful and long lasting memorials. The can be made with holes,back studs or a tree stake and in a number of shapes. They are all cast in one piece using a traditional foundry in the UK.

Example Price:- 3" x 5" from £139

Long lasting weatherproof full colour pet memorials. Full Colour Memorials for Pets

These plaques are a great way to remember your pet or pets. The colour print on aluminium is completely encapsulated making it suitable for the harshest weather conditions even by the sea. Prices include your photo and the wording. Send as ready to print for a £20 discount.

Example Price:-200mm x 200mm x 6mm from £110

Granite tablet for a horse. Granite Tablets for Pets

We have a range of seven polished granites in various standard sizes. The lettering is engraved and painted in many colours including memorial gold and silver. We can even inset a full colour photo or on the darker granites the photo can be impact etched into the stone.

Example Price:-300mm x 225mm from £143

Photos can be used to impact etch onto granite.

Brass plaque inset into an all-in-one plaque holder. Brass Memorial Plaques

Engraved brass is a very traditional material for memorial plaques. We can mount the plaques onto backing boards or into all in an all-in-one tree stake & plaque holder. The only disadvantage with brass is that it needs to be polished to stay looking new.

Example Price:-100mm x 150mm from £44

Engraved gold text on black acrylic plaque. Engraved Acrylic Pet Plaques

This is a lovely material for engraved memorial pet plaques. It comes in a lovely range of colours including brass effect, grey, black, white, pink, navy, gold and walnut. It is weatherproof, fade restistant and vey low maintenance.

Example Price:-100mm x 150mm from £34

Dog memorial in silver acrtlic engraved.

Black anodised aluminium plaque with dog photo. Anodised Aluminium Pet Plaques

Another very reasonable priced engraved pet memorial plaque. They are made from black or dark bronze anodised aluminium which is 1.5mm thick. The letting or image is engraved through the top layer to show the white layer beneath. Good photos can be used.

Example Price:-100mm x 150mm from £33

Slate with raised pet names. Engraved corian plaque - ideal as a pet memorial plaque. Small umpainted slate memorial for a pet. Full colour photo inset into engraved corian plaque.

More Ideas for Memorials and Plaques

If you still can't decide which memorial plaque is best for you, have a look at the Gallery or our Board on Pinterest

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