Wrought Iron, Metal and Wooden Tree Stakes, Grave Markers and Plaque Holders

Sign Holders, Tree Stakes, Memorial Plaque Holders

Metal Tree Stakes

Wrought Iron Tree Stake
Wrought Iron Spikes

These simple yet elegant solid wrought iron spikes are hand made by a local blacksmith. They are then galvanised and painted matt black.  They are ideal for the smaller plaques on backing boards and can be used as grave markers. Size from spike to bend - 20" & above bend 5"  £21.95 D

Wrought Iron Plaque Holders

Wrought Iron Plaque Holders

- for a backing board no smaller than 6" 150mm high  Height from top to spike - 34". Width 4.5 x4.5" 
Cost £98.50 P&P - J
Large - for a backing board no smaller than 10" 250mm high  Height from top to spike - 46". Width 6.5"x6.5"
Cost £115
P&P - K

Angle iron tree stakes for mounting plaques.

Angle Iron Stakes

Professional tree stakes for plaques that need to last. They are well made from angle iron which is powder coated. The stake height is 23.5 inches and the metal spike can be re-enforced with the supplied pin when mounting in concrete. The face which tilts upwards is 4" 100mm high x 2" 50mm wide and has two screw holes for mounting the backing board Cost - £39.95 F
NB not suitable for backing boards less than 4" 100mm in height

Wrought iron spike with fixing plate.

Wrought Iron Spike with Fixing Plate
These are ideal when you prefer not to use a backing board. The plaque is fixed directly to the metal plate with a super strong double sided tape.
Plate size 100mmx75mm or 100mmx50mm
Cost £32 P&P -E

Double Wrought Iron Spike

This double wrought iron plaque holder is ideal where two plaques are needed by one tree. It was made by our blacksmith especially for a customer. There are two spikes which push into the ground.
Cost £72 P&P - I

Double wrought iron plaque holder.

Wrought iron tree stake with flat plate for use with double sided tape.
Wrought Iron Spike Tree Stake
with flat plate 100x50mm
or 100x75mm £32
Plate size 140x90mm £34.50
Plate size 160x160mm £36.50
Flat plate for plaque mounting on two wrought iron spikes.
Double Spike with flat plate
(200x 150mm )
550mm spikes - £58
350mm spikes - £51.50
Flat plate for plaque mounting on two wrought iron spikes. Suitable for A4 size plaque.
Large Double Spike with flat plate (270x 200mm)
550mm spikes - £63
350mm spikes - £56.50

Wrought iron support sppikes to hold crosses above ground.
Wrought Iron Support Spikes for wooden crosses
and smaller posts £79

Wrought Iron Tree Stake Engraved Plaque Size

Usually the plaque is made larger than the tree stake. However in this instance it was made 10mm smaller which gave the effect of having a border around it.

Alternatively we can fix a corian backing board to the tree stake and the plaque is mounted onto that. This looks very smart indeed with the slate coloured corian.

Wrought Iron Tree Stake with Corian backing board

Metal Framed Plaque Holder

Framed Metal Stand Framed metal stand holding brown granite backing board with bronze plaque attached. Metal Framed Plaque Holder.

Framed metal stand holding brown granite backing board with bronze plaque attached.

These are made of steel, galvanised and painted. The ones in the photos measure 534 x 382mm & 400mm x 400mm but our blacksmith can make them to other sizes. Most of the upright is intended to be buried or concreted in the ground. These frames are made to order and can be used for 20mm and 30mm stone, wood in any thickness and 12mm corian. They can also be used to mount a backing board or stone with the sign or memorial mounted on the top. Supplied with a tube of strong adhesive to mount the sign or memorial into the frame.

Framed Metal Stand Cost £135 - £175 P&P - L

Solid Wooden Stand

These are made from 70 x 70mm oak or Iroko and are very substantial indeed. The size of the top is 600mm x 400mm.The legs on the one shown are 600mm

Cost - 600mm legs £264 P&P - K
Cost - 900mm legs £307 P&P - K
Cost - 1.2m legs £355 P&P - N

Cost - 600mm legs £225 P&P - K
Cost - 900mm legs £260 P&P - K
Cost - 1.2m legs £295 P&P - N

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Solid wooden stand with 600mm legs Solid wooden stand with wooden sign attached

Wooden Tree Stakes - Back Fixed

These are fixed from the back so no holes are necessary through the front of the plaque or backing board. Made from sapele, iroko or oak either oiled or coated with a black preservative.
These can be attached to a backing board, engraved wooden plaque or supplied alone with holes and screws.

(approx.  475mm x 40mm x 20mm) - £13.95 B for backing boards up to 5" x 7" - 125 x 175mm
Large (approx.  575mm x 50mm x 27mm) -
£19.95 B for backing boards up to 7" x 10" - 175 x 250mm
For larger plaques two tree stakes can be used. Click here for Backing Boards

Wooden ground stake with backing board Back Fixed Tree Stake One Size Wooden Tree Stakes with wooden backing board included

This is the cheapest option as it includes the backing board (125 x 175mm). Can take any engraved plaque up to 4" 100mm high and 6" 150mm wide.

Made in Sapele (tree stake approx.  475mm x 40mm x 20mm)

Cost £25.95

All in one tree stake and backing board

Shaped Wooden Tree Stakes - Front Fixed

These are fixed from from the front, screwed through a backing board into the wooden stake. This does tend to make them stronger. They are ideal for backing boards but not suitable for wooden plaques. The screws, which are supplied, are screwed through the backing board into the tree stake. The backing board will also need to be ordered They are supplied flat packed. Pilot holes are drilled into the tree stake and the backing board has matching countersunk holes drilled. Click here for Backing Boards
Small(approx.  475mm ) - £15.95 B for backing boards up to 5" x 7" - 125 x 175mm
Large (approx.  575mm ) -
£27.95 C for backing boards up to 8" x 10" - 200 x 250mm

Front Fixed Wooden Tree Stake Wooden Stake Wooden Tree Stake
In production - Oak Backing Board with Shaped Tree Stake

Post with backing board with slate sign attached.
.Oak / Iroko Posts

This is a simple but effective idea to mount any of the wooden plaques on. Suitable as grave markers for no metal woodland burials. Plaques longer than 350mm will need two posts.

The top of a 3" x  3" oak or iroko wood post is cut at a 45 degree angle and the wooden memorial plaque is fixed to it with wooden dowels. The oak post is normally treated with a commercial satin varnish, the iroko posts with Devon Oil. However we can leave untreated if preferred.

Cost of 24" 600mm Post 70x70mm  £47.85 J
(includes fitting dowels) 
Cost of two 24" 600mm Post  £92.50 K
(includes fitting dowels) 

For very small plaques we could make from angled 2" x 2" @ a cost of £20.50.
If you wanted a bigger tree stake a 4" x 4" angled post (600mm)would be £98.17

Green oak plinths for mounting plaques.

Oak Plinths
These are heavyweight plinths which are made from solid oak. As with all oak beams the cracks are a feature of the timber. Green oak will develop more cracks than seasoned oak. The finished size is 150mm x 150mm in width with standard heights being 600mm & 1m. The top is sloped at 30 degrees.
We can treat with oil, black preservative or leave untreated.

Green Oak: 600mm - £89, 1m - £140
Seasoned Oak: 600mm - £112, 1m - £185

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Solid oak plinths for mounting plaques.
The oak plinths are shown here with small plaques but they can also be used to mount wooden plaques.

Wooden Wedges

These are made from Balau - a very heavy oil-fill hardwood. They are normally used to display memorial plaques close to the ground. For this purpose they are laid flat. If use to display the plaque on a shelf they would be used vertically.

Small 150mm x 90mm x 75mm. Face to view - 150mm x 90mm. £38
Medium 230mm x 130mm x 95mm. Face to view - 230mm x 125mm. £63
Tall Medium 230mm x 130mm x 190mm Face to view - 230mm x 125mm. £89

If required we can attach a stainless steel fixing bar to the reverse.

Wooden Wedge to display memorial plaques close to the ground.

Stainless steel rod stake for small memorial plaques.

Stainless Steel Rod Stake

These are made from 3mm stainless steel rod cut to a length of 400mm. Ideal for smaller plaques up to 3.2mm thick. Supplied with all fittings.

Cost - £12

Side view of the stainless steel rod stake.

Stainless Steel Fixing Bar

We can supply 3mm stainless steel bar to hold a memorial cross just above the ground surface, making it easier to erect and prolonging its life.

Small - 230mm x 25mm - £12
Medium - 250mm x 25mm - £12.50
Large - 300mm x 25mm - £13
Extra Large- 400mm x 40mm - £24

Sold with screws and holes drilled. Other lengths can be cut to order.

Stainless steel fixing bar. Bespoke Backing Boards with Posts Bespoke Backing Boards with Posts

We can backing boards in oak or iroko just the way you want them. Post height, post size, backing board size and position. Let us know your requirements and we will send you a quote.

All-in-one molded plaque holder, stake and plaque.

All-in-one molded plaque holder, grave marker, stake and plaque.

Sturdy molded plaque holders measuring 295mm in height and hold an 1.5mm thick engraved 119 x 68mm. They can be used for plant stakes, grave markers and memorial tree stakes.

The plaques available in brass, aluminium, stainless steel and acrylic laminate.

Prices from £37.95
- Click here for more details

Cost effective solution.

Wooden Tree Stakes with cut-out cross backing board included

Can take any engraved plaque up to 90mm high and 140mm wide.

Available in natural Oak, Iroko or Sapele
Cost £34.50

Very Attractive and Unusual Idea

Wooden Plaque - Font Galad - on Metal Tree Stake
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