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Posts for Signs
Wooden, Steel and Aluminium

Sign Posts

A selection of posts are shown on this page. However our carpenters and blacksmith can make other post designs to special order. The main timbers we use for wooden posts are oak and iroko. Oak is a beautiful timber which is very strong and long lasting. Iroko is similar to teak and full of its own oil so needs less maintenance. For painted wooden posts, idigbo and accoya are used. Idigbo which is a cheaper hardwood and lighter weight and accoya is a modified timber very good for painting. There is also a range of metal posts - both hand-made steel and standard round aluminium.

Post with wrought iron bracket for hanging sign

Simple Wooden Post
Simple but with lots of choice in timbers and sizes. The diameter of the planed posts varies from 45mm x 45mm to 115mm x 115mm. Timbers include Oak, Sapele, Accoya, Iroko and softwood. Lettering can be carved into the posts. Posts can be oiled, painted or varnished.

Wrought iron brackets are also available to fix a hanging sign to the posts.

Carved lettering on wooden posts

Octagonal oak posts with oak fingers

Finger Posts
These wooden finger posts are made to your requirements. They can be treated with a commercial satin varnish, Devon Oil or painted in a wide range of colours. The larger posts 95mm x 95mm can be octagonal. Posts can be any length - remember to allow for post planting depth.

The more ornate Windsor Posts

Painted ladder sign

Ladder Signs
These are ideal where there are several properties sharing an entrance, both for house signs and chic business signage. They can be made in natural timber or painted as required. There is a good range of standard sizes but the carpenters can make them up any way you want. Various post tops are also available.

Natural wooden ladder sign

Granite house sign inset into 4" x 4" posts

Stone Signs inset into Posts
Large stone signs are very heavy and need to be well supported on the posts. One possibility is to inset the sign into a 95mm x 95mm post. It can be then bolted to the post or in the case of the Sign Maker sign to the right fixed with our heavy duty adhesive - Grab & Bond

Large painted slate sign inset into posts

Slate house sign with a support bar

Stone Signs with Support Bar
This is an alternative method of fixing large slate and granite signs to oak posts. For large signs we do suggest oak as it is the strongest timber. It is possible to use 70mm x 70mm on all but the largest signs.

Large granite sign with a support bar.

Entrance Signs on Posts
Wooden entrance signs on posts are ideal for the end of your drive. As always we have lots of choices. Firstly you can choose between a natural wood with painted carved letters, or a painted entrance sign in a lovely range of colours. There are also four types of post top to choose from. For a natural wood we usually use Oak but Iroko is another option.

Post with hanging arm painted inFarrow and Ball stiffkey blue

Posts with Hanging Arm
These are ideal for may of our hanging signs. We have a number of standard size posts but as always the carpenters can make them any size you want. They can be made in natural timber or painted. The natural timber ones can have letters carved and painted into the post.

Post with matching framed sign

Bespoke posts can be made for the large metal brackets

Bespoke Posts
Some of the larger metal brackets can have one or two cross bars. Posts can be adapted to fit the brackets.

The Exmoor Hanging Post and Arm

A lovely post and arm for hanging signs. The curve is created by slowly bending thin layers of oak and then laminating them together

The Exmoor Hanging Post and Arm

Simple entrance sign with bevelled posts tops

Simple Entrance Sign
Excellent value entrance signs simple made using two posts, a top and bottom rail and an aluminium composite sign panel. There are ten background colours plus lettering in many more colours including reflective. Available in four standard sizes or as order bespoke to your requirements.

Simple entrance sign with gothic posts tops

A short angled posts is ideal as a plaque holder

Post as a Plaque Holder
This is a simple way to mount wooden plaques. The 3" x 3" oak or iroko posts is cut to a 45 degree angle. The wooden plaque is fixed using wooden dowels. Can also be used for backing boards but would then be screwed.

Solid Wooden Stand
This is very sturdy and ideal for larger signs or plaques. As standard the top measures 600mm x 400mm with 600mm or 900mm legs. Other sizes can be quoted for.

A solid wooden stand ideal for large plaques

Steel Post with Bracket
Individually made by our blacksmith and available with a spear end or a ball end. As standard the post is 2.5m high. As always bespoke sizes can be made. These are normally painted black or white but can be left as the silver galvanised finish.

Aluminium ladder signs on posts

Aluminium Posts
for Double Sided Signs

All these double sided signs are manufactured from 3mm aluminium panels which are powder coated, back and front in a a large selection of RAL colours. The panels have sleeves attached, which slide over the matching aluminium posts makings the fixings almost invisible.

Double sided aluminium sign on aluminium posts

Sinlge sided aluminiumsign on post

Aluminium Posts
for Single Sided Signs

Grey or white aluminium posts are available in various heights from 1m to 4m and with a post diameter of 50mm or 76mm. Post caps and base plates are included in the price. These posts are ideal for signs with channels on the reverse. We do also supply the channels.

Aluminium post for sign with channels

Aluminium finger posts

Multi Way Aluminium Finger Post
These metal finger posts are multi directional. The post itself and the finger boards are made from aluminium which is powder coated to any of our standard RAL colours. Lettering is applied to both sides of the finger boards.

Finger posts with bespoke header

Robust Steel Lectern Sign with Cover

Lectern Signs on Posts
These are nomally mounted at a 45 degree angle and usually display information panels. They are ideal for adults, children and those in wheelchairs.

HPL Lectern Display on Wooden Post

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