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Wooden Memorial Crosses,
Wooden Cross for Graves

Wooden Cross Memorials & Oak Crosses

Wooden cross painted white with lettering lasered.

Wooden crosses hand made in Oak, Iroko, Opepe or Painted Sapele

We make our wooden crosses in six sizes. Normally oak is used but they could be make in different woods - iroko, opepe or painted sapele.

The lettering can be engraved directly into the wood or you can mount an engraved plaque onto the cross. The Oak is normally finished using our long lasting satin varnish wheras Iroko and Opepe are finished with Devon Oil.

The hardwood - Sapele is painted using tough two pack paints before the lettering is lasered and oiled. White is usually the colour chosen but other colors can be used.

We can supply with a square end for wall mounting or a stake end for ground fixing. Another option is to add a stainless steel bar which holds the wooden cross just above the ground surface - see below.

Prices for a Standard Wooden Memorial Cross with Text

Small Oak Cross -£63 P&P - D
Size - 355mm high, 200mm wide, timber width - 40mm

Medium Oak Cross - £75  P&P - F 
Size - 460mm high, 225mm wide, timber width - 50mm

Large Oak Cross - £90 P&P - G
Size - 575mm high, 300mm wide, timber width - 60mm

X-Large Oak Cross using 20mm Oak - £125 J
Size - 950mm high, 440mm wide, timber width - 85mm

XXL Narrow Oak Cross using 30mm Oak- £149
Size - 1000mm high, 300mm wide, timber width - 85mm

XX-Large Oak Cross using 30mm Oak- £157 K
Size - 1050mm high, 440mm wide, timber width - 85mm

We also have a very heavy duty Mega Memorial Cross from our new memorials site - UK Memorials

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Engraved wooden memorial cross.

A bespoke memorial cross for a beautiful little girl. Engraved wooden cross for a cat lover.

Large Celtic Cross
This is an unusual memorial cross created by laminating timber planks in opposite directions (for strength) before cutting out the shape and lasering the text and images. The cross size is 496mm x 850mm Cost - £340 (includes images) P&P - L As an optional extra the wrought iron support - see below - works well with this cross.


We have a large selection of fonts to choose from - click here. Up to 50 characters are included in the price. Extra characters £4.00 per 50. The lettering is normally left unpainted as the laser burns into the wood. However we can paint larger letters black for an extra £8.50. Another alternative is to paint the cross and then laser in the lettering which will be dark in colour.

Finding the right words for a memorial plaque can be difficult, so we have put together a page of Memorial Inscriptions

We have a large range of images from which to choose. Click here. Cost - £12.50 per standard image. No extra cost to have same image twice with one reversed.
If we don't have an appropriate image - ask our designer to find one for you @ £24.50. If an image or wording is on the vertical part of the cross there is an additional charge of £10 on the X-Large and XX- Large sizes.

Large oak celtic cross - 2208.lw.013

Narrow Oak Cross. Simple Wooden Cross. Cast Bronze Heart on Wooden Cross ref 1309.ANG.009

As well as the standard wooden crosses we can make them to customers requirements. The cross in the centre was made with 40mm thick timber instead of the usual 30mm for an extra large cross. The cross on the upper right has a bronze heart shapped plaque attached. We can also add a full colour porcelain photo.

The cross to the right was made to order. It is a heavy duty cross with angled sides on a double plinth with wrought iron ground spikes. (ref 1503.LW.042)

Oak cross with rustic slate plaque attached.
Rustic slate plaque on X Large cross   

On our new memorial site - UK Memorials - we also have a very heavy duty Mega Cross, A White Painted Cross and a wooden cross with full colour plaque. More Wooden Crosses.

We do make Plain Memorials Cross in Oak Iroko or Sapele
with discounts for five or more. Click here to order plain memorial crosses 

Wooden memorial cross  on plinth

Optional Extras
Stainless Steel Bar
Painted wooden cross with stainless steel bar.

We can supply 3mm stainless steel bar to hold the cross just above the ground surface, making it easier to erect and prolonging its life.

Small - 230mm x 25mm - £12
Medium - 250mm x 25mm - £12.50
Large - 300mm x 25mm - £13
Extra Large- 400mm x 40mm - £24

Sold with screws and holes drilled. Other lengths can be cut to order.
Add £14.50 if using with corian as squirrel fixings will be needed.

Porcelain Plaque
Porcelain plaque can be added to any of the crosses. Various Sizes available.

Made from vitreous porcelain these plaques provide a permanent outdoor memorial using ceramic pigments which are fade resistant. Available in a several standard size these can be produced with the photo going right to the perimeter or have the edge feathering to white. If required colour photos can be converted to black and white or sepia.

The photo memorial plaque is then fired at 860C to give a durable and washable finish. Click Here for Prices

Add more durability with  high gloss Coach-Kote.

If you would prefer to have a high gloss finish we can coat with Coach-Kote. This is a clear version of the coach enamel used used on the kings carriages at Buckingham Palace.

The addition of an extra coat of Coach-Kote will also add even more durability to the cross both painted and natural wood.

Extra Cost: - Sm - £4, Med - £5, Lg - £8, XLg - £15, XXLg - £18

Wrought iron support spikes to hold a wooden cross above ground Wrought iron cross support

Wrought iron support spikes to hold a wooden cross above ground. Ideal for larger crosses. £65

Corian memorial cross

We also have a stone-like corian memorial crosses

These are more expensive, but longer lasting than wooden crosses and require virtually no maintenance. Available in a standard or celtic cross and in four colours.

More Wooden Memorials - Memorial Overview - Gallery - Pinterest Board
Simple oak memorial cross.
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Oak memorial cross
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