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Cast Bronze Signs, 
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Cast Bronze Plaques

There is something special about choosing to utilise traditional cast bronze for a new House Sign, Plaque or Grave Marker. Each casting is unique and craftsmen use traditional methods to ensure that every handmade sign or plaque leaving the foundry is perfect.

This timeless material appears to still be popular, predominantly because of its classic appearance. However, you may choose to update the appearance of a cast bronze piece by selecting a background colour. The background of the bronze sign can be left natural or painted black, blue, green or brown. Other colours are available @ £60. Patenated bronze is also available @ extra 20% The plaques can be fixed with screw holes, rear studs or ground stakes.

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  Cast Bronze Plaque ready for background paint.

Bronze house sign with celtic border CF070

Cast Bronze Signs - Sizes and Prices
cast bronze plaque - ideal for memorials.

Creating your Cast Bronze Signs and Plaques

The very latest in pattern making technology is combined with expert craftsmanship to offer you the best of both worlds when it comes to your brass sign or plaque. The pattern making process gives us unlimited scope of lettering, motifs and layout. The patterns are created using moulds and molton bronze to create a rough casting of your sign or memorial (as you can see in our short timeline below).

The proof
The Proof
The pattern
The Pattern
Mould Set Up
Mould Set Up
The Mould
The Mould

Pouring in Molton Bronze
Pouring in Molten Bronze
Rough Casting
Rough Casting
Unpainted Bronze
Ready for Coating
The Finished Sign
The Finished House Sign

Once cast, the involvement of modern technology stops and your cast bronze plaque is given individual attention by one of the highly skilled craftsmen using methods dating back to the bronze age. This dedication of time to your sign or memorial is what will help it truly stand out while allowing us to personalise your piece to be just right for you.

Your bronze plaque is as important to us as it is special to you.

Bronze trig point sign
Circular bronze signs for a heritage trail.
Bespoke bronze signs using customers artwork

Bronze Signs - Sizes and Prices        For slightly cheaper cast signs you can use Cast Aluminium 

Your Choices   

On these signs we normally use Goudy, Albertus, Corsiva, Lucida Cal. and Univers in normal or italics versions.

Click Here for standard motifs (£4.95) we can use. Most people do have their own motifs, images and logos. Just send them to us along with your wording and we will send you a quote.

Cast bronze plaque

Round bronze plaque with a brouwn background.
Cast bronze plaque

Bronze Tree Stake

Shaped bronze plaques are also a possible - as well as round we can do arch tops or bridge tops as required. Priced as square taking the maximum height measurement.

Along with you bronze plaque we can also supply wooden backing boards or granite plinths as required. Another option is tree stakes. Plaques can be sent with a small tree stake atached but other options are available for larger bronze signs. Click here for Tree Stakes and Plaque Holders.

Cast bronze plaques on granite plinth.

Cast bronze date plaque Bronze commemorative plaque with a blue background.  
Bronze is also the perfect material for blue commemorative plaques.
Bronze heart memorial plaque.
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Bronze on Granite Plinth

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