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Shaun Price

Here's the boss - You won't find him in the office though! Aside from being a director of The Sign Maker, Shaun Price is one of our principal designers. In addition, Shaun is hands-on across the workshop, taking responsibility for lasered and engraved signs and CNC programming. Shaun ensures that our customers get the best signage from The Sign Maker. He does this by furthering his research of methods and material, to come out with quality results.

Paul oiling a sign

Paul Weeks

Paul Weeks is our senior carpenter at The Sign Maker. With wooden signage being one of our specialities, Paul is kept extremely busy day to day onsite! The timber arrives to us as raw wood planks, so Paul’s job involves timber selection and expert craftsmanship to transform the planks into the signage of dreams. 

Paul routering a large corian sign

Poppy-Lea Price:

At The Sign Maker, there is a certain amount of keeping it in the family! Poppy-Lea Price is the daughter of directors, Kate and Shaun, and can be found across numerous departments of The Sign Maker. 

As our manager and spray-painter, Poppy spends a large amount of time in the workshop however, she also graduated with a first-class honours degree in business studies so she is across all things marketing and business management related too.

Poppy ensures that our operations are as seamless as they can be!

Jake Price

Jake Price, son of Kate and Shaun, is our technology guru! Not only is Jake a designer for The Sign Maker, but he also designs software for our team to use!

He keeps our IT systems running efficiently which benefits both our team and our customers.

Jaker - The Engraver

Martin Huggins:

Martin works alongside us as a carpenter here at The Sign Maker. Despite being a relatively new member of the team, Martin has already demonstrated his wealth of experience and his expert craftsmanship!

Anna Skinner

Though currently on maternity leave, when Anna is in the workshop, she heads up our Vinyl department.

Anna is the daughter of Kate and Shaun, so she has grown up in this business and is across all the details!

From vinyl lettering to printing, Anna and the team will do a great job!

Kirstie Anstee

Kirstie is an essential part of our vinyl department. Working on everything from wheel covers to vinyl printed signs - this team is often busy but the results produced are excellent. Kirstie pays great attention to detail and is a valued member of this department and our Sign Maker family. 

James Kendrew:

James Kendrew is our blacksmith for The Sign Maker.

Though he doesn’t operate from our workshop, he is very much part of our business family. 

Ange Brewer

Ange is the incredible packer for The Sign Maker. Often working with large and sometimes fragile items, Ange does a phenomenal job and ensuring our signage reaches you safely. 

Caroline Johnson

Caroline has had quite the journey with us at The Sign Maker! Having started off in our offices, Caroline has now been trained up as our Stone Mason.

From stone selection to cutting, polishing and stencilling, Caroline’s meticulous craftsmanship achieves fantastic results. She has an eye for detail that allows us to craft our very best signage and memorials. 

Kate Hartas:

Not only is Kate one of our paint sprayers, but she also picks up various jobs across the workshop.

Kate’s flexibility and multifaceted skillset are ideal for her role at The Sign Maker and we are grateful for her hands-on approach to all that we do here.


The Sign Maker Office Team

We have a lovely team in our offices, who will do their very best to pass your requirements on to the designers and sign makers. Every sign is different - size, shape, material, fonts and images can all change - there are literally thousands of options! The office staff can help you choose the most best material, send you links to appropriate pages on the website, generate quotes, take orders and arrange proofs.

Kate Price

Alongside the large task of being our company director, Kate Price works across The Sign Maker's finances and websites.

Kate’s vast experience in website building allows us to have an informative website, an online shop, a blog and a separate site dedicated to our sister company, UK Memorials.

Kate’s background in business ownership has also led her to be the driving force of The Sign Maker’s sustainable ethos. From tree planting to habitat restoration and protection, Kate’s dedication to wildlife is unique to our business as a sign manufacturer!

Debbie Stevens

Debbie's expertise lies with vinyl orders. As a big fan of our vinyl wheel covers, Debbie is known for her great ideas across the department!

Like all of our office team, Debbie is extremely knowledgable about our processes at The Sign Maker so you’re in safe hands chatting through your signage with her. 

Jackie Morrison

Jackie is a warm and friendly member of our team to chat through signage with. If you have questions or queries, Jackie could be one of the first people you may speak to.


Danielle Pullen

Danielle is an essential part of our office team, in addition to being Kate and Shaun’s eldest daughter.

Danielle specialises particularly in cast signage.

Though our office team can support you with the majority of your enquiries, having someone who knows each signage type in greater depth allows us to better help and support you when choosing signage from The Sign Maker.

Danielle’s understanding of our sign makes a really positive difference to the work we do. 

Annie Damms

If you have questions, Annie will find the answers. Thorough in her approach, yet gentle in nature, Annie is a wonderful part of our office team. From responding to customers to ensuring the smooth operations of orders, our office team is one of the best out there. 

Emma Hill

Though the newest member of our office team, Emma has a handle on all that we do at The Sign Maker. She's ready to answer your questions no matter what stage of ordering you are at, and will be able to give you the best experience with us.

Millie Capon

Millie began working for us as our blogger, but now acts as our marketing assistant and PR Manager. You can reach Millie at - she's always keen for a chat on all things Sign Maker related!

Ali Redford

Ali Redford

Ali is one of our Sales Assistants and is one of the first people you will speak to when you call about one of our signs, she will be able to assist you with any questions you may have and ensure that you find the right sign for your needs.

From answering customer calls and emails to checking in on signage progress, Ali also consults with our couriers and organises postage abroad as we trade internationally too.

Louise Snell

Louise heads up our quotes operations at The Sign Maker. Given that we specialise in bespoke products, this isn’t always an easy task, but Louise’s experience helps her make it look straightforward!

Due to her role in writing up quotes, Lousie has a great knowledge of our signage which is a great help to our whole team. 


Our team all work towards achieving the best signage and memorials for you. As a business, The Sign Maker specialises in bespoke, hand-crafted, high-quality, sustainable signage - which is what we will always intend to deliver to you. If you have any questions, our team are here for you and wants the very best signage for you! We are proud to be a Devon-based, family-run business with a sustainable ethos, without compromising on the quality that we achieve. Interested in browsing our range of signage, continue on to our online shop, or click here to return to our home page. 

Largest and smallest entrance signs in the workshop! - March 2021

Paul, Caroline and Matt underneath the largest entrance sign...

Paul, Caroline and Matt undera very large oak sign.

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