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Meet the
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The Sign Makers

Vinyl Application Shaun operating the CNC

Shaun Price

Here's the boss - You won't find him in the office though. He is one of the main designers. He is also the CNC programmer  and responsible for lasering and engraving.

In addition he is constantly developing different signage researching new techniques and finding new materials.

Paul oiling a sign

Paul Weeks

Paul is the senior carpenter All our different timber comes to us as raw wood planks. Paul must first select a suitable plank, plane it down to a smooth finish and then create the sign  blank ready for engraving. He also makes the posts, memory crosses, frames for signs, backing boards and anything else made in wood!

Paul routering a large corian sign

Jake - The Designer

Jake Price

Jake is another of our main designers which certainly keeps him busy.

He is also a bit of a computer geek keeping all our systems IT running at optimum efficiency.

Jaker - The Engraver


John is our chief sprayer and he does an amazing job. He has been spraying for almost 50 years! He started life as a traditional sign writer and then moved on to spraying and sign writing locomotives. In more recent years he sprayed car bodies until we were lucky enough to find him.

Anna Skinner

Anna is in charge of the vinyl department making wheel covers, sign boards, hanging signs and all other signage which uses cut vinyl lettering or printed vinyl.

She is a very competent vinyl applicator.

Matthew Olson - The Sign Maker Apprentice

Matthew Osman

Matthew started with us as a carpenters apprentice and is now a very accomplished carpenter making many of our wooden signs. He has also become a skilled stonemason. He also has a superb memory - when we ask where a sign or memorial is in production - Matt always knows - young mind I guess!


We do have two members of staff who are extremely versatile and work in the office and the workshops - Caroline & Poppy-Lea - as they say themselves - General Dogs Bodies!

Poppy-Lea Price

Poppy did a business degree at Hartpury and then worked at Honda - marketing. She missed the Devon life though and came back to the family business.
She does all the social media marketing, organises shows, is the health & safety officer, does all the ordering and oversees production making sure everything goes on time - not an easy job! She also helps out in the workshops sand blasting the stone signs and helping out if anyone is falling behind.


Caroline Johnson

Caroline started working in the offices but has now moved over to the workshops where she helps John by priming and finishing painted signs.
She also does a lot of the packing and helps Poppy with the stock control.

On top of that she helps out in the office when they are under pressure.

The Office

We have a lovely team in our offices, who will do their very best to pass your requirements on to the designers and sign makers. Every sign is different - size, shape, material, fonts and images can all change - there are literally thousands of options! The office staff can help you choose the most best material, send you links to appropriate pages on the website, generate quotes, take orders and arrange proofs.


Kate Price

Kate has the responsibility of the general running of the business with all that it entails.

She also takes the photos and writes the websites

Clare - Office Manager, The Sign Maker

Clare Lockwood-Lee

Clare is the Office Manager. If on the rare occasion you should encounter any problems with a sign you will more than likely speak to Clare!

She supervises all the office departments, helps them out when necessary and deals with the accounts.


Danielle Pullen

Danielle looks after most of the metal house sign customers. These include the cast bronze, brass & aluminium. She is also responsible for passing customer proof changes on to our designers & approved orders onto the production team. She also looks after Cast Bronze ,along with the Personalised Gifts

Debbie Stevens - The Sign Maker

Debbie Stevens

Debbie looks after our vinyl signage such as sign boards, wheel covers, hanging signs, magnetics, pub signs & notice boards.

Debbie also looks after our engraved plaques

Ali Redford

Ali Redford

Ali is one of our Sales Assistants and is one of the first people you will speak to when you call about one of our signs, she will be able to assist you with any questions you may have and ensure that you find the right sign for your needs.

Alice looks after customers requiring slate and stone signage house signs, large signage as well as memorial plaques and stone tablets.

Louise Snell

Louise is responsible for our Wooden Signs and Memorials and can assist you with choosing the best plaque for your situation and budget.

That is a massive job in itself but she is very knowledgeable in all departments and often helps out else-ware.

The largest and the smallest entrance signs in the workshop! - March 2021

Paul, Caroline and Matt undera very large oak sign.
Paul, Caroline and Matt under the very large oak entrance sign.

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