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Photos on Memorial Plaques
Can be used outdoors

Photo Memorials.

It has become increasing popular in the last few years to include a photo on a memorial plaque.  Seeing the person on the plaque certainly does make the memorial plaque extra special.  On this page we have listed out the various options that are available to you.  All are designed to be used outdoors or indoors. The full colour options are resistant to fading, but you can extend their lifespan even more, by placing out of the strongest sunlight. The etched memorials do not fade so could be the best option in certain situations.  If you need so help choosing your photo memorial don't hesitate to call us.

Image laser etched into stainless steel.

Etched Stainless Steel

These are superb quality memorials where a black and white photo is chemically etched into the stainless steel along with the lettering. The result is excellent and it has the added advantage that unlike many of the printed photo plaque - IT WILL NOT FADE.

The better the quality of the photo the better the result. Our designers can convert a colour photo into a black and white photo and we can remove backgrounds if you prefer. Example Price:- a 150mm x 100mm stainless steel photo plaque will be £113

Anosided aluminium photo memorial with gold background.

Anoprinted Aluminium Memorial Plaques

Using this process the photograph and wording are locked inside the hard anodised layer. This makes the plaque very tough and durable, completely waterproof, as well as being resistant to fading. The background colours for the plaque are silver or gold. These plaques can be used either as a complete memorial plaque or inserted into a wooden, corian or slate memorial. Example Price:- a 150mm x 100mm anodised aluminium plaque will be £114.

Full colour memorials

Full Colour Tough Print Photo Plaques

These plaques are ideal for full colour memorials with the colours being rich and vibrant. They also have excellent long term resistance to fading as well as being moisture resistant, abrasion and scratch resistant, acid resistant and they can even be used in very harsh weather conditions including by the sea. They are made with 3mm aluminium and fully encapsulated using a heat process which gives a high quality graffiti resistant finish.
Text can be included on the plaque or they can simply be a photo which is to be mounted on another material or just as it is.. Example Price:- a 200mm x 100mm tough print photo plaque will be £98.

Deep engraved latters with laser etched photo.

Photos Laser Etched Into Slate

A good quality photo can be laser etched into the surface of any of our slate memorials and memorial plaques. The better the quality the photo the better the result will be. The photo can be used as it is or the background can be removed. The cost of adding a photo to your slate memorial is £34.50. Example price :-20mm thick slate memorial 200mm x 150mm with photo £123.50

Laser engraved photo memorial.

Black Aluminium

Images can be laser engraved onto the black or dark bronze coloured aluminium. This another option for a black/white photo on a plaque. Not as good as the chemically etched above but quite a bit cheaper. Our designers can convert colour to black & white.
Example Price:- 150mm x 100mm - £61.85


Porcelain plaque inset into corian.

Porcelain Plaques

Made from vitreous porcelain these plaques provide a permanent outdoor memorial using ceramic pigments which are fade resistant. The black and white or sepia plaques look very effective.

They can be sold alone or inset into another material such as corian, wood, slate or granite.

Example Price:- 80mm x 100mm - £62 - £95


Long lasting durable plaques using corian and toughprint.

Engraved Corian with Photo Plaque Inset

Stone-like Corian is a stand-out material that is perfect for engraved memorial plaques. Durable, fade-proof and virtually maintenance free - there are numerous benefits to having a memorial made from Corian.

Corian is available in a variety of sizes and colours, allowing you to personalise a tribute in a less traditional way too. Most of the photo plaques can be inset into the corian. The combination of engraving and photos is perfect.

Photos etched into dark granite.

Impact Etched Photos into Dark Granite

It is possible to create a photo directly onto the darker granites using impact engraving. This is done by a revolutionary technique using a diamond tipped needle hitting the granite. The cost for adding a photo directly onto the granite is £34.50.

Finally we have some small 10mm thick pieces of polished granite. We can etch a photo onto these and they can be inset into a different material eg a light granite, wood or corian. Cost of 100mm square photo insert £55, 100mm round photo insert £65.

Wooden Photo Memorial Plaque.

Wooden Plaques

It is possible for our designers to convert a photo into a etched line drawing which we can use on a wooden plaque. This technique works best on photos which have been taken at a high resolution and have good contrast.
Example Price:- 150mm x 100mm - £70.80

NB - The better the photo the better the result will be.
Our technicians can remove or blur a background if required.
A good quailty photo is needed for this process. Line drawing created from the photograph. Image laser etched into the wood.

Photos lasered engraved onto wood.
To start the process we do need a good quality photo. Our technicians will create a line drawing from the photograph which is suitable to laser into the wood. At this point unwanted backgrounds can be removed if required. The image is then ready to be lasered etched into the wood.

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