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Sign Fixings, Clips, D Shackles, Chain, Screw Eyes

Hanging Signs with Wooden Frames
Stainless Steel Sign Fittings
Although stainless steel sign fittings and fixings are more expensive than the galvanised equivalents, they do not corrode over time. They will remain bright and shiny throughout the life of your sign.
Two Hole Eyeplate 8mm Two Hole Eyeplate 5mm Eye Strap 8mm Eye Strap
5mm Two Hole Eye plate £2.95 ea
21mm high 45mm wide
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8mm Two Hole Eye plate £3.85 ea
31mm high 80mm wide
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5mm Eye Strap £1.35 ea
19mm high 52mm wide
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8mm Eye Strap £2.70 ea
28mm high 65mm wide
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4mm D shackle D-shackle D-shackle with Allen Key Flush Pin Bow Shackle
4mm D-Shackles £2.50 ea
Screw Collar Pin
23mm high 16mm wide
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6mm D-Shackles £2.80 ea
Screw Collar Pin
38mm high 24mm wide
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6mm D-Shackles £3.90 ea
Allen Key Flush Pin
38mm high 24mm wide
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4mm Bow Shackles £2.80 ea
Screw Collar Pin
28mm high 20mm wide
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Quick-link Twisted Shackle Long D Shackle 8mm long D Shackle
4mm Quick Link £2.95 ea
5mm Quick Link £3.35 ea
6mm Quick Link £3.85 ea
8mm Quick Link £5.90 ea
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5mm Twisted Shackle £2.95 ea
8mm Twisted Shackle £3.75 ea
Screw Collar Pin
5mm is 24mm high 18mm wide
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4mm Long D Shackle £3.05 ea
Screw Collar Pin
32mm high 16mm wide
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8mm Long D Shackle £6.20 ea
Screw Collar Pin
64mm high 24mm wide
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Split Rings Screw Eyes Screw Hooks Saddle Clips for fixing wooden signs to railings
Stainless Steel Split Rings £0.85ea
10mm, 16mm or 22mm wide
Galvanised Split Rings £0.10ea
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 Stainless Steel Screw Eyes
55mm - £2.05 ea, 35mm - £1.85 ea
Galvanised Screw Eyes - 30p ea
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40mm Screw Hooks £1.75 ea
65mm Screw Hooks £2.05 ea
Stainless Steel Saddle Brackets
13mm - £1.35
16mm - £1.50

Stainless steeel fittings for notice boards Stainless Steel Catch with Catchplate and Screws Stainless Steel Flap Hinge
38mm Stainless Steel Catch with Catchplate and Screws
Style 03 £10.60
38mm Stainless Steel Catch with Catchplate and Screws
Style 04 £10.60
Flap Hinges (for A-Boards)
Sign Brackets
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WROUGHT iRON fITTINGS   -  Click Here for Wrought Iron Brackets

Slate Hangers Wrought Iron Spike Wrought Iron Spike with flat plate for fixing to plaque with double sided adhesive tape Wrought Irin Ring Bracket
Wrought Iron
Slate Sign Hangers
£15.95ea (comes in 2 pieces)
 Wrought Iron Spike Tree Stake
More Tree Stakes
Wrought Iron Spike Tree Stake
with flat plate £22.95
Wrought Iron Ring Fixing
£15.95 each
Wrought Iron Hooks Wrought Iron Hangers Ground Spikes Wrought Irin Angle Bracket
Wrought Iron Hooks
£16.95 each
Wrought Iron Hangers
305mm - £33, 380mm - £40
460mm - £46, 610mm - £54
Made to order - 5 wks
Wrought Iron Ground Spikes
£15.30 each (2 usually needed)
14" Wrought Iron Bracket
Add extra support to posts
with hanging arms £39.90

Other Sign Fittings
suspension eyes Black Quick Links
Suspension Eyebolts £4.20 ea
Zinc Plated - Welded Loop
For 19mm PVC / Tricoya - 5mm hole
Black Plated Quick Links
6mm - Length 60mm - £2.60
8mm - Length 75mm - £3.10
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Suspension Bracket
Suitable for 3mm aluminium composite. Available with eye-ring inline or across. - £19.95
Corner Bracket £20.95
A 2.5mm corner bracket with welded stainless steel eye 75mm from edge. overall size 150mm x150mm x 20mm

Swing Limitor Kit Swing preventor bracket Hanging Plate Hanging Straps
TZ Swing Limiter Kit £18 ea
Contains 2 self tapping bolts, 1 galvanised cable clamp, 400mm stainless steel cable, 2 thimbles
Swing Preventor Bracket £29.40
TZ Range
TZ Hanging Plate £29.50 ea
3mm Steel construction 5 screws
length 500mm width 30mm
TZ Steel Hanging Straps
500mm - £36, 600mm - £43,
700mm - £48, 800mm - £54
900mm - £60
3mm thick 30mm wide


4mm Black plated chain 6mm Black plated chain Long Link Chain Long Link Chain
Black Plated 4mm Chain
Link Length 27mm
100mm - 30p  150mm - 40p
Black Plated 6mm Chain
Link Length 36mm
100mm - 60p  150mm - 85p
 Stainless Steel Chain
2mm Link  Length 26mm
100mm - 40p  150mm - 55p

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 Stainless Steel Chain
4mm Link  Length 28mm
100mm - £1.30  150mm - £2

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Black plated chain is not as durable as stainless steel
Fittings for hanging signs

This sign used:-
Stainless Steel fittings
4 x 5mm Eye Plates
4 x 4mm D Shackles
2 x Quick Links

Total Cost £27.20
Fixing Kit E

The above combination of fittings was quite expensive. There are cheaper options. The bow shackles could have been missed out to create - Fixing Kit C - £17.20- 4 x 5mm Eye Plates & 2 x Quick Links

An option to put a bit more distance between the sign and the arm would be to use 4 x 5mm Eye Plates, 4 x Quick Links, 2 x 4mm chain links - Fixing Kit A - £25.70

Another possibility could be 4 x 5mm Eye Straps, 4 x Split Rings and 2 x 75mmof Stainless Steel Chain - Fixing Kit B - £8.95

If you don't want to deal with split rings and chain you could opt for 4 x 5mm Eye Straps & 2 Quick Links Fixing Kit D - £10.70

For larger signs we prefer to use the 8mm stainles steel fittings and would suggest Fixing Kit F - £25.80    4 x 8mm Eye Plates & 2 x 8mm Quick Links 

Iroko Sign on Post
Iroko sign and hanging post with Fixing Kit D
White wooden signs with wrought iron fixings

If you prefer black fixings we have a wrought iron set. Fixing Kit G  - £65.80  2  x Wrought Iron Rings  & 2 x Wrought Iron Hooks. 
or Fixing Kit H - £70 4  x Wrought Iron Rings & 2 x 8mm black Quick Links

As standard our Softwood Posts and Arms come with Fixing Kit D and the Oak Post and Arms with Fixing Kit A

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Stand off mounts Channel fixings Oak plugs Hidden Fixings
Stand-Off Mounting Fittings
More Information
Aluminium Chanel Fittings
More Information
Hidden Fixings for Wood
55p each
Hidden Fixings for Stone
  . A deeper hole is drilled and wooden plugs are provided. These will need
to be made flush after fitting.
The stone should be at least 20mm thick for a successful fixing.
Brass Hook and Eye
2" or 3" £6.40


Coloured TX20 Screws Snap-On Caps for Engraved Plaques Metal Coverheads with Screws
Coloured Stainless Steel Screws Screw caps Coverheads and screws 15mm caps
Stainless Steel Screws with tamperproof TX20 coloured
stoved enamelled heads.
4 Screws - £2.60
Snap-on polypropylene caps with washers to fit most size 6 & 8 screws
4 Electroplated Caps - £3.95
Chrome, Satin Chrome, Gold
Flat Metal Coverheads - 10mm
with 16mm 6g wood screws
4 Coverheads with Screws- £7.00
Flat Metal Coverheads - 15mm
with 16/20/30mm 8g wood screws
4 Coverheads with Screws- £7.00
Head 12mm, Length 35mm.
TX20 screwdriver or bit required
4 Coloured Caps - £3.15
Beige, Black, Blue, Copper, Gold, Red, Heritage Green, Silver, White, Yellow.
The slotted and countersunk woodscrews have an internal thread
to suit the coverheads.
Flat Metal Coverheads - 19mm
with 20/30/40/50mm 8g wood screws
4 Coverheads with Screws- £7.00

Wooden Posts
Wooden Posts

Wooden posts made in
oak or softwood.

Post & Arm

Wooden posts with arm for hanging signs - available painted or natural oak.

Hanging brackets for signs

We have many different styles of hanging bracket to suit all kinds of signage.

Tree Stakes
Tree Stakes in wood & metal

Tree stakes and plaque holders in wrought iron, metal, timber & plastic.

Backing Boards
Backing Boards

Backing boards are made to measure on site. Various timbers and finishes.

Taxidermy Shields
Taxidermy shields and award plaques

Taxidermy shields and trophy plaques made to any size and shape by our carpenters.

Oak Frames
Oak frames to surround sign boards

Oak frames can be used on any of our sign boards.

Wooden Caskets
Wooden Caskets

Solid wooden caskets and urns for cremation ashes.


Powerful adhesives suitable for all kinds of signs including slate & stone


The Standard Fixings are listed below- other fixings can be quoted for.
Fixings - £3.95 each

sign fixings
D Clips with bolts and washers
12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm
sign fixings
Round Clips with bolts & washers
50mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm
Square Clips with bolts & washers
50mm, 75mm, 80mm, 100mm
fixings for posts

If you are ordering the posts from us, we will supply the appropriate round clips.

signs on posts
Aluminium Posts


A - Diameter,   B - Depth,   C - Minimum Hole Size ,   D - Maximum Thickness of Panel

Made From Ref. No. Dimensions Each Stand Off Mounts
Chrome Finished Brass SOCH12 A 12mm B 16mm C 9mm D 7mm £2.65
Chrome Finished Brass SOCH16 A 16mm B 20mm C 9mm D 10mm £3.35
Satin Finish Aluminium SOAL13 A 13mm B 13mm C 8mm D 5mm £1.60
Satin Finish Aluminium SOAL20 A 15mm B 20mm C9mm D10mm £2.50
Stainless Steel (out of stock) SOSS13 A 13mm B 19mm C 8mm D 11mm £2.60
Stainless Steel SOSS19 A 19mm B 25mm C 10mm D 15mm £4.45
Black Anodised Aluminium SOBL13 A 13mm B 19mm C 8mm D 7mm £2.80 Black standoffs
Black Anodised Aluminium SOBL19 A 19mm B 25mm C 10mm D 12mm £3.60
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