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Wooden Signs, Name Plates & Wood Plaques

High quality wooden signs to suit all budgets. Huge amount of choice in materials, fonts and images

At our workshops in Devon we have  a barn full of racks of timber in varying thickness and types. Here we create the wooden sign blanks. Anything from small wooden house signs to massive wood business signage.

The most popular timber for wooden signs is Oak and in our opinion, it is the most beautiful timber. However we do sell a lot of Sapele for its deep red colour and Iroko for its high oil content - needs less maintenance. Have a look at the Gallery

All wooden house signs need some care
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Wooden signs made in oak, iroko and cherry wood
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oak wooden signs

Wooden Signs - Oak
This is by far the most popular timber we use for house signs. The English oak has a majesty all of its own, with wonderful variations in grain, texture and colour and often small pin knots and burrs are an attractive feature. It is a heavy wood and is strong and durable. Providing it is maintained it will last a lifetime.  We also make large oak signs for farms and estates.

Large Wooden
elegant wooden signs

Elegant Range of Wooden House Signs
Our elegant range of wooden house signs is ideal for smaller signs or when fine detail is required. We can use delicate fonts and borders along with images with finer detail and even line drawings. We can also engrave the lettering as small as 10mm so these signs are ideal if several words are needed.

Iroko Wood House Sign

Iroko Wood Sign
Iroko is similar to teak in appearance and is imported from West Africa. It is an extremely dense and stable timber which is naturally oily and therefore highly durable and ideal for external signs. It is a timber which can be left untreated.

Sapele - alternative to maghogany

Sapele Wood Name Plates
Its rich, lustrous, and variable reddish-brown colour give it a mahogany-like appearance. However unlike most mahoganies, Sapele has substantially less movement in service. It is also even harder than oak. Very good value timber.

Chestnut house sign

Wooden Signs - Chestnut
Sweet chestnut is traditionally known as poor mans oak! However we don't look at it this way - more of an interesting alternative to oak. It certainly does look very similar to oak with a fairly dense grain. It also has a high tannin content that makes it very durable.

Engraved wood plaques

Wooden Signs and Name Plates for Indoors
Solid wooden plaques in 5mm maple, walnut, cherry and oak are ideal for indoor wooden signs and plaques including office door name plates. There is also a wood veneer which is is 3mm thick and perfect for engraved wood plaques, keyrings and trophies.

Driftwood effect oak sign

Driftwood Effect Signs
These are very unusual signs and really do show the grain of the wood. The letters are slightly proud and the background is sand blasted away leaving the driftwood effect.

Rustic wooden number sign

Wooden House Numbers
These are made in oak, rustic, cherry, sapele and iroko. They are available in a variety of sizes, fonts and can be done with or without borders. Prices start at just £14.10 for a simple 4" x 4" wooden number. Extra text can be added under the number.

Wooden Signs and Wooden Plaques

Round and Oval Signs & Wooden Plaques
These lovely house signs and wooden plaques are made in various sizes using Oak or Iroko. Iroko, similar to teak is a useful hardwood in that it is full of its own own. Oak is very beautiful but must be well maintained to stay looking at its best. Wording and images are engraved into the wood using our latest laser technology and painted if required. Made to order sizes also available.

Wooden oval sign for The Grenfell Garden

Rustic timber slices

Rustic Timber Slices
Rustic timber slices make interesting house signs. Each piece of timber is different so each sign is individual. The bark is left on and the whole sign is varnished. They are made in 6 sizes - from 150mm to 600mm (6" to 2') These are ideal for house signs, house numbers and even be used as memorials.

Iroko wood entrance sign with morticed joints

Wooden Entrance Signs
This are available as natural oak varnished, iroko oiled or various painted timbers. Large range of colours. Ideal for the end of a drive or at the entrance to your home. Various standard sizes or made to order. Can be morticed or front fixed with options for post tops.

Painted entrance sign with front fixed hidden fixings

Red Cedar

Red Cedar Signs
Cedar has a high tannin content producing excellent weathering characteristic. The timber also has a very short grain resulting in minimal checking and warping. Extremely durable for many years of use.

The timber can be oiled for a rich finish or left untreated to weather to a beautiful silver grey colour. This is a good option if you want a wooden sign without looking after it!

Black and white painted oak sign

Painted Oak Signs
Black and white painted oak signs are very traditional, but with the use of a modern font, their clean cut style would look very smart in any situation. They can be used as single sided house name signs or doubled sided hanging signs. As well as black and white painted signs we have a whole range of Farrow and Ball colour matches.

Very stable accoya wooder - excellent for large wooden signs

Painted Accoya Wood Signs
Accoya starts life as Radiata Pine which is a fast growing sustainable timber. The wood is then modified by acetylation which changes the chemical structure from the surface to the core. Acetylation creates the high performance wood, more stable and durable, mainly due to the fact that it almost eliminates the woods ability to absorb water. It can withstand the toughest outdoor environments and requires far less maintenance. Extensive testing has shown that paints can last up to three times as long on Accoya compared to unmodified wood.

Framed sign

Traditional Framed Signs
These are top quality wooden framed signs which are designed to last. They feel very solid and have a substancial weight to them. The style may be traditional but we do use the latest panel material and paint system, along with a solid wood frame.The inner panel is made from Tricoya. This is a wood based board made using a high performance resin. It is very stable, strong, durable and weatherproof. Tricoya itself comes with a 50 year guarantee. The frame and panel are then sprayed with a two component polyurethane¬†paint which is far more durable than standard brush-on paints.

Large Signage

Large Wooden Signage
We use five timbers for the large signs - Oak, Iroko, Sapele, Red Cedar & Douglas Fir - each having particular advantages and disadvantages. All timbers are at least 1 inch 25mm thick but can be as much as 47mm.. We can make boards up to almost any size. The large oak signs are the most popular choice, but other timber should also be considered.


Cherry Wood House Signs
This lovely timber reddens when exposed to sunlight and the colour improves with age.

Balau, Ash, Cherry

Which Timber to Use

This pages describes how the signs are made and has full details of each of the different timbers we use. These include oak, sapele, douglas fir, cherry, cedar, balau, opepe, sycamore, ash, idigbo, accoya and iroko.

directional  post

Timber Posts
We have a selection of post options both in softwood and oak

Hanging Sign Brackets
Steel and wrought iron brackets ideal for hanging wooden signs

Wooden finger posts both in natural oak or painted wood

Finger Posts
There are various options with the finger posts. Wooden finger posts can be made from natural oak or iroko with 70mm or 95mm posts. The large posts can be octagonal or squre. There is also a range of painted wooden finger posts. You can have one finger or up to seven fingers on a post.

Post with arm for hanging sign

Post with Arm for Hanging Signs
These can be made with oak, iroko, idigbo or softwood and are ideal for hanging signs and are available natural wood, oiled, varnished or painted in a number of Farrow and Ball colours. The posts is 8 foot high and the arm is made to suit the sign.

Post with arm for hanging sign

Selection of Images and ideas to help you decide on your wooden sign or memorial

More Ideas for Wooden Signs, Name Plates and Memorials
If your are not sure of how you would like your wooden sign or memorial to look and are in need of inspiration, have a quick look at this page first. It contains lots of photos of wooden signs and wooden memorial plaques we have made for our customers. We have included details about each plaque. Just click on the photos for more information.

For more ideas have a look at our Image Gallery or Pinterest Board Finishing Treatment for Wooden Signs

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