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Stainless steel memorial plaque
Stainess Steel Memorial

Font - Goudy Old Style, Size - 150 x 100mm
Etched photo on stainless steel memorial plaque. Very long lasting and will not fade. Backing Board painted Lichen green.

Lovely poem engraved into tough maintenance free corian.
Grass Green Corian Memorial

Font - Footlite
As well as the stone like corians we also have some brighter colours including grass green, mint ice and sun yellow memorial plaques. These can be cut to any size.

Patinated cast bronze memorials
Cast Bronze Memorials

The two bronze memorials above have had the background patinated instead of painted. The sizes were 14" x 7" and 17" x 11"

Large Oak Memorial

Font -Times New Roman
This plaque came back to the workshop to have the second name engraved. The size was 450mm x 350mm.

Deep engraved brass memorial plaque
Large Brass Memorial Plaque

Font - Lucida calligraphy
This deep engraved brass plaque measured 300mm x 225mm and it was mounted onto an oak backing board. Lettering painted black.

Small memorial plaque
Small Black Aluminium Plaque

Font - Times New Roman, Size 75 x 50mm
A simple memorial plaque engraved in black anodised aluminium. Holes were to be drilled top and bottom to fix to small oak stake.

Corian Plaques with 4 different celtic crosses
Corian Plaques - Celtic Crosses

Font - Prose Antique, Size 225 x 150mm
These four plaques were each made in a different colour corian and each had a different celtic cross

Wooden memorial plaque
Wooden Cat Memorial Plaque

Font - Bookman Old Style
An oak memorial plaque for a pet cat with a size of 150mm x 100mm. Finished with a tough satin varnish.

Corian war memorial
Corian War Memorial

Font - Times New Roman
These plaques were made from 12mm sandstone corian. The size of each plaque was 290mm x 430mm. They were to be mounted onto a large granite wedge.

Tiny memorial plaque
Very Small Memorial Plaque

Font - High Tower, Size - 100mm x 50mm
This plaque was made using black / white acrylic laminate and mounted on an wooden backing board.

Anoprinted aluminium war memorial
Anoprinted War Memorial

Font - Arial, Size - 450mm x 300mm
This beautiful and long lasting anoprinted war memorial on an iroko wood backing board and wrought iron plaque holder was erected by the family in November 2018.

Bronze memorial plaque fixed to an extra large oak cross
Bronze on Oak Cross

Font - Goudy, Size - 150mm x 75mm
A cast bronze plaque with a green background fixed onto an X-Large oak cross.

Large Black Granite Wedge
Large Black Granite Wedge

Font - Times Roman, Size - 600 x 450mm
This is our largest standard granite wedge. The lettering and the line border were sand engraved into the granite and then painted with memorial gold paint.

Bronze war  memorial
Bronze War Memorial

Size - 20inches x 14 inches
An arched topped bronze black with a black background and a dove of peace motif.
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Solid Wooden Memorial Tablet
Solid Wooden Tablet

Font - Monotype Corsiva
This wooden tablet was made from an extremely heavy timber called Balau. It is so heavy it feels like stone. It is also very long lasting. The size was 420 x 300 x 90mm.

Brass plaque on a mahogany ash casket
Brass Plaque on Casket

Font - Times New Roman, 150 x 125mm
This 1.5mm brass plaque uses two engraving techniques. The text is deep engraved and paint filled, the images scratch engraved. The images are decorative corners DC030, DC003 It was then mounted on a wooden casket.

Heart shaped corian memorial
Engraved Corian Memorial

Font - Black Chancery, 325 x 325mm
The lettering was engraved and painted gold, two full colour anodised aluminium plaques were the inserted into the corian. It was attached to a heart shaped backing board.

20mm granite memorial stone
Silver Grey Granite Memorial

Font - Old Century Regular, 300 x 225mm
When using silver grey granite it is best to use a bold font if black text is required. White actually shows up better than black. For this memorial 20mm thick granite was used.

Large wooden memorial cross
Wooden Memorial Cross

Font - Times New Roman
A mega sized memorial cross made in Iroko wood and finished in Danish Oil. It comes with a wrought iron ground stake. Celtic cross image.

Corian memorial plaque mounted onto a granite plinth
Corian Memorial on Granite

Size - 350mm x 250mm
This black quartz engraved corian plaque was mounted onto a granite plinth. The engraved lettering and images were painted and the whole plaque was polished to a high gloss.

Engraved slate corian memorial plaque
Slate Corian Memorial Plaque

Size - 225mm x 150mm
A beautiful plaque made using our customers artwork. The engraved plaque was then painted white.

Wooden memorial plaque with pet photo.
Wooden Memorial Plaque

Size -300mm x 150mm
The image on this pet memorial plaque was created using a photo of the dog. The timber used was Iroko which is a low maintainance timber similar to teak.

Oval Oak Memorial Plaque
Oval Oak Memorial

Font - Bings Size - 400mm x 300mm
This oak plaque has been laser engraved without any paintfill. The border is Decorative Border 10.

Full colour plaque inset into slate memorial.
Coloured Plaque Set in Slate

Fonts - Monotype Corsiva
This piece of slate was 300mm x 400mm. The text and images carved and painted white. Image ref - SD645. The full colour insert was made from anodised aluminium.

Small thick slate memorial
Small Thick Slate Memorial

Font - Arial Size - 150mm x 150mm
A small memorial made with thick slate which looked really good. A simple font must be chosen as the small letter size was on the limits for blasting.

Engraved corian fish inset into red cedar
Engraved Corian Fish

Font - Monotype Corsiva,
The corian was cut out in the shape of a fish which was inset into a red cedar backing board. The words were engraved into the corian & painted white. The fish was 300mm

Engraved marble corian plaque fixed to a silver grey granite wedge
Engraved Corian on Granite

Font - Bookman Old Style,
The marble effect corian was 575x275mm in size and the silver grey geanite wedge was 600 x 300mm. Shown here with the customer proof from which the memorial is created.

Good value, low maintenance memorial plaque.
Anodised Aluminium Plaque

Font - Library, Size - 450mm x 250mm
This memorial plaque was engraved into black anodised aluminium. Dark bronze is also very popular. Good value - Low maintenance

Good value, low maintenance memorial plaque.
Engraved Acrylic Laminate

Font - Lucida Calligraphy Italic
This is quite a large memorial plaque - 450mm x 300mm which has been made in teal and white laminated acrylic.

Full colour memorial on gold anodised aluminium
Full Colour Memorial

Font - Monotype Corsiva
Colour photo on memorials have become more popular in the UK over the last few years. Anosided aluminium is an excellent material for full colour memorials.

Iroko wood memorial mounted on two posts
Wooden Memorial on Posts

Font - Arial, Size - 600 x 225mm
This wooden memorial was made from iroko wood and treated with Danish Oil. It was mounted on two wooden posts 600mm long with tops cut at 45 degree angle.

Celtic Grey Granite with White Lettering.
Celtic Grey Granite

Fonts - Gabriola
This celtic grey granite tablet was 20mm thick. The letters were painted white which actually stands out better than black. The size of this tablet was 300mm x 225mm.

Blue anodised aluminium memorial plaque
Blue Aluminium Memorial

Fonts - Amaze and Cambria Bold
Anodised aluminium is an excellent material for memorial plaques and it comes in a range of colours. Blue is very popular. The size of this plaque was 225mm x 150mm.

Black and white acrylic laminate memorial words - 1909.SE.029
Engraved Wall Plaque

Size 600mm x 300mm
This wall plaque was made engraved acrylic laminate - black surface white letters. It can dispayed as a wall plaque or it used outside

Corian memorial plaque on granite wedge
Memorial Plaque on Granite

Fonts - Arial, Size 600mm x 450mm
The plaque was engraved on 6mm sandstone corian. This was then fixed to a black granite wedge to create a long lasting memorial.

Oval Iroko Memorial Plaque
Oval Iroko Memorial Plaque

Fonts - Bings, Size 225mm x 300mm
These beautiful words have been laser engraved into this portrait oval iroko plaque. The border was created by our designer and we have used it many times, simple calling it the Nanna May border.

Corian plaques on a war memorial
Corian Plaques - War Memorial

Four plaques were engraved in black quarz corian which our customer attached to this stone war memorial. The larger plaques were 300mm x 600mm and contained 32 lines of text which was in the font Arial.

Engraved Corian Memorial Plaque
Corian Memorial Plaque

Fonts - Times New Roman
This plaque was engraved using anthracite coloured corian and the lettering painted white. Line border with indented corners.
The size was 175mm x 125mm.

Lots of engraved plaques in a variety of materials
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Photos Etched into Granite

Font - Apple Chancery & Georgia
These beautiful cat images were impact engraved onto a black granite wedge which measured 250 x 200mm. Sharp photos with good contrast work best.

Poem on Corian Heart Memorial
Poem on Corian Heart Memorial

Font - Lucida Calligraphy
The size of this aqua corian heart was 300mm x 225mm. The peom has been engraved and painted black. The images are from our standard image library.

Cast bronze - the ultimate material for memorials
Cast Bronze on Granite

Font - Goudy, Size - 300mm x 180mm
Cast bronze is a perfect for memorials. It is timeless and very long lasting. This plaque was mounted on a tall granite wedge.

Slate coloured corian memorial plaque
Small Corian Memorial Plaque

Font - Times Roman, Size - 130 x 85mm
A simple memorial plaque made with slate colour 12mm corian.

Granite wedge with gold lettering and laser etched logo.
Black Granite Wedge

Font - Arial, Size - 250 x 200mm
The text and the logo were paint in top quality gold memorial paint. The text was deep engraved and the logo laser etched. This technique is used where fine detail is required.

Slate wedge with laser etched panel. ref 1910.SS.006
Slate Wedge - Inset Panel

Font - Autumn Embrace
A lot of wording was required on this slate wedge memorial so we inlaid a colour panel and laser etched into that. The result was stunning.

Bespoke wooden memorial
Bespoke Wooden Memorials

Size -470mm x 705mm excl base
This bespoke oak memorial was made to match and existing memorial. The carpenters in our workshops can make your memorial just the way you want it.

Full Colour Memorials
Full Colour Memorials

Size -310mm x 210mm
The printed information is locked inside a tough layer of anodised aluminium - completely waterproof and weatherproof.

Solid wooden tablet 1911.LW.060
Solid Wooden Tablet

Size - 600mm x 400mm x 90mm
This wonderful headstone was made from a very heavy oil filled timber known as Balau. the detailed images were lasered into the wood and left unpainted

Black aluminium memorial plaque on black granite wedge
Black Plaque on Granite Wedge

Font - Times Roman, Size - 250 x 220mm
The plaque was made from engraved black anodised aluminium and attached to a 300mm x 240mm black granite wedge. Line border with indented corners.

Bone coloured corian plaque with black engraved text
Poem Engraved into Corian

Font - Black Chancery, Size 225 x 300mm
Tjis lovely poen was engraved into bone coloured corian and the lettering painted black. The border is - Decorative border 5

Iroko wood heart shaped plaque
Wooden Heart Memorial

Font - Amaze, Size 225 x 175mm
A beautiful wooden plaque made with iroko wood which has been treated with danish oil. The plaque is attached to a tree stake. The image is rose31.

Wooden Ashes Casket
Wooden Ashes Casket

This ia an oak ashes casket with corners. The top has been lasered and an extra brass plaque has been attached to the side.

Celtic cross made in corian
Corian Celtic Cross

Stone-like and weatherproof corian can be cut to any shape. On this page we have created standard and celtic memorial crosses.

Engraved brass war memorial
Engraved Brass War Memorial

Font - Times Roman, Size 450 x 300mm
The lettering was engraved and painted black.

Lakeland green slate memorial tablet.
Lakeland Slate Memorial

Font - Arial, Size 400 x 300mm
This tablet was made using 20mm lakeland green slate with a sand-blasted border. The text was carved and painted gold.

Very attractive oak memorial cross
Attractive Oak Cross

Font - High Tower, Size XX Large
Very attractive oak memorial cross using images from our standard image range

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