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Although our sign company based in North Devon, we can dispatch business signage anywhere in the UK and most worldwide.

Our designers and craftsmen are all on site. We have workshops for wooden signs & other wooden products, stone signs and memorials, laser engraved and traditionally engraved plaques & memorials, sand blasting, vinyl signage plus a modern print-room.

We should be able to cover most of your business signage needs - Give us a call or email and we will send you a quote.

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  An oak framed entrance sign and a hanging framed sign. Ref 1909.SV.022.
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Commercial Signs and Business Signage

A range of sign boards in various materials.

Sign Boards

A range of Aluminium, Composite and PVC boards are available for full colour printed vinyl or cut vinyl lettering. They are available with or without posts. Also suitable for information boards. Suitable for indoors or outside use. Good value.

Hanging signs with brackets.

Hanging Signs with Brackets

Several ranges of hanging signs, hanging flags and pub signs to suit most situations. These include powder coated steel brackets, wrought iron brackets and wooden posts with hanging arms. The panels are made in a variety of materials

Range of directional arrow signage and finger posts.

Directional Arrow Signs

A very good range of directional arrow signs to suit all budgets. There are painted rustic arrow signs for events, good value t-channel signs which are smart and long lasting as well as oak or aluminium finger posts.

A large range of entrance signs including painted signs, natural wood, aluminium and ladder signs.

Signs with Posts

It is really important that your Entrance Sign looks the part. It is not there just to identify your property, although it does of course need to do that. As people drive past they see your entrance sign and will unknowingly judge you or your business.

Aluminium signage including flat plate, tray signs and finger posts.

Aluminium Signage

A range of aluminium signage made from 3mm aluminium. Signage include flat plate sign boards, large tray signs, aluminium plate with fixing channels attached along with double sided business signs on posts. Also includes bullnose edging where required.

Traditional painted signage - ladder signs, framed signs, sign boards.

Painted Signage

After years of vinyl signage dominating the market, traditional painted wooden signs are making a come-back.They do however have advantages over the old painted signs. The modern paint is a very hard wearing polyurethane paint which is mixed with a hardener before spraying.

Fibreglass (GRP) signs are light yet strong.

Fibreglass Signs
Fibreglass (GRP) have massive advantage over other sign systems. Although comparatively light, they are extremely strong and therefore resistant to vandalism and weathering. The ability of fibreglass to be molded offers shapes and sizes which could be cost prohibitive in other mediums, i.e. wood and metal. They are available in sixteen standard colours but with our SM range all RAL colours are available.

Fibreglass (GRP) signs in 16 standar colours

Superior full colour printed signage.

A range of printed signs which are superior to most other full colour sign boards. They are comparable to vitrous enamel at considerably less cost. The colour quality is superb with a long term resistance to fading. They are encapsulated with a heat treated coating which is very robust, easy to clean and has anti-vandal and graffiti resistant properties. They are available as flat plate, with fixing channels and posts, tray signs, lecterns and interpretation panels. Reflective and photoluminescent signs also available.

Lots of ideas for farm and estate signage.

Farm and Estate Signs
We have a whole range of farm and estate signs. The oak signs are a speciality but we do make signage in lots of other materials. Moulded fibreglass is often used, this being stong, durable but relatively light weight. 3mm aluminium is another possibilty, as is aluminium composite. Oak framed aluminium composite are also great looking signs. For very long life signage, stone should be considered.

Business sign for industrial estate.

Industrial Estate Signage
With our workshops onsite we can combine materials and skills. With this entrance sign we have a timber outer frame which can be Oak or Iroko. The inner part is made from aluminium and is bolted to the timber frame. It has removable aluminium panels which can be slide in and out. These signs are ideal for an industrial estate situated in the countryside.

New old looking projecting sign!

Rigid Projecting Signs & Brackets
We have a large selection of rigid projecting signs and sign brackets. These are similar to the hanging signs in many ways but they do not swing in the wind. There are many shapes, sizes and styles to suit all budgets and situations.

Low cost projecting sign.

Wooden finger posts both in natural oak or painted wood

Finger Posts
There are various options with the finger posts. The wooden finger posts can be made from natural oak or iroko with 70mm or 95mm posts. There is also a range of painted wooden finger posts. The aluminium finger posts can be flat plate aluminium or beautiful cast aluminium. You can have one finger or up to seven fingers on a post.

Aluminium Fingerposts

A range of superb quality metal notice boards for outdoor use.

Metal Notice Boards
We have a superb range of outdoor notice boards and poster case. They are made in three profiles - 30mm, 58mm and the very heavy duty 75mm. They are all secure, waterproof and available wall mounted or post mounted and with or without a header. Available anodised or in one of five standard colours.

Wooden notice boards made by our carpenters to your specifications.

Wooden Notice Boards
These bespoke wooden notice boards are made to our customers exact requirement by our carpenters. Oak is the timber normally used but others are available. The wood can be treated with a commercial satin varnish, Osmo oil or painted black, white, grey or cream. Available with or without posts.

Also made in the workshops are Oak Framed Blackboards and Whiteboards.

Slate corian name plate.

Engraved Corian Signage
A modern material with a cold stone like finish. It is very durable, fade proof and virtually maintenance free. It comes in a variety of stone finishes including slate and in two thickness. It also has the advantage of being able to engrave and paint-fill, smaller letters than you can with slate, brass or laminate. Letters can be paint filled with black, white, silver, gold or blue.

Green engaved corian plaque.

We can send you cut vinyl lettering on application tape for you to apply.

Magnetics, Stickers, Banners, Lettering
In our vinyl workshop we have vinyl cutters, laminators and one of the latest wide format vinyl printers. Here we can make all the cut vinyl and full colour signage needed by business.We print Magnetic Signs for vehicles, Stickers and Self Adhesive Signs on application tape which could be used to cover an old sign. Cut Vinyl Lettering can also be sent out on application tape to apply to any smooth surface.

Large Range of Vinyl Signage

Anodisd aluminium ideal maps,information and illustrations.

Printed Anodised Aluminium
These plaques stand up to a lot more than just a bit of weather. . The photo quality digital technology reproduces stunning graphics, full colour photographs with amazing depth, maps and illustrations that blend beautifully into the surface.Traditionally these types of plaques would have to have been protected by laminating or a thick layer of plastic. With digital anoprinting you get crisp, clear graphics at the surface with excellent durability against rain, sun and vandalism.

Painted hardwood ladder sign.

Wooden Ladder Signs
The wooden ladder signs are ideal for use as entrance signs, especially when listing more than one property. As standard they can have one, two or three signs, either morticed in or front fixed. As always, other variations can be quoted for. They can be painted or have letters carved into natural timber which which can be treated with high gloss coach enamel, satin varnish or Devon Oil.

Wooden ladder sign

Painted hardwood hanging  sign

Black and White Signs
Over the last couple of years simple black and white signs have become increasingly popular. We have therefore created this page to show the various options available to you for a black and white sign. These include the white paint oak signs as shown in the image to the left.

Lectern display signs

Lectern Display Signs
These are nomally mounted at a 45 degree angle and usually display information panels. They are ideal for adults, children and those in wheelchairs. We can make the timbers in our workshops so these can be made to any size. We also have some tough steel lecterns in various sizes

Pub Signs

Pub Signs
Here is a range of excellent pub signs, some being wall mounted and some being double sided and supplied with brackets, ideal for hanging pub signs. They are very well made with moulded edges which enhances the whole appearance and gives it that traditional pub sign look.

Pavement signs and A-boards.

Pavement Signs
A range of quality A-Boards, Pavement Signs, Chalk boards and Sandwich Boards. These include a painted wooden pavement sign, a simple budget A-Board, pavement signs with headers and blackboard inserts or poster displays with a plexiglas cover. The metal A-boards are available in black or white plus nine other colours. The wood and fibreglass pavement signs have a larger range of colours

Top quality cast bronze plaques.

Cast Bronze Plaques
The very latest in pattern making technology is combined with the very best of traditional craftsmen skills to offer you the best of both worlds. The pattern making process gives us unlimited scope of lettering, motifs and layout  .Also Cast Aluminium

Polyurethane for long lasting commercial signage.

Tough Abrasion Resistant Cast Polyurethane
Cast polyurethane with raised lettering and motifs is ideal for street signs and entrance signs. Being one of the toughest and most abrasion resistant materials around, it can cope with roadside pollution, salt spray, severe weather conditions and it even resists chemical attack. Detailed raised motifs can be cast from customer artwork and these can be very complex designs such as crests.

Hanging Polyurethane business sign

Glass Like Acrylic Business Sign

Acrylic Glass Name Plates
These acrylic name plates look just like glass. The lettering is applied to the reverse of the plaque which looks fantastic and helps to make the sign vandal proof. The plate is held away from the wall with stand-off mounts. The acrylic glass signage is ideal for modern business name plates at a reasonable cost. Also available in full colour, with clamps and posts. and painted acrylic

Painted and laser etched acrylic sign on the reverse.

Large slate signs

Large Slate Signs
For our large slate signs we use slate between 20mm and 30mm thick. We can also make them 50mm thick. They can be cut to any size and the lettering can be raised and unpainted or engraved into the sign and paint in any of our special paint colours. Simple graphics can be included.

Engraved brass   plaque.

Engraved Plaques
When thinking about engraved plaques one tends to think of brass. Whilst this is a fantastic material for plaques and signs, it does need regular polishing. In our engraving workshop at The Sign Maker we also have many other materials we are able to use for engraved plaques and signs.

Posts for signs

Posts for Signs
On this page you will find an excellent selection of posts which can be used with your sign. These are made from wood, steel or aluminium. Wooden posts can be oiled, varnished or painted. Also posts with arms for hanging signs. Wrought iron brackets also available

A large range of signage fittings.

Sign Fittings
We have a good range of fittings, screws, brackets, coverheads, stand-offs etc in various materials to suit all our signs

Fittings for signs

A huge range of Safety Signs and Safety Signage.

Safety Signage
At The Sign Maker we have a huge range of safety signs and health & safety signage. They can be made in rigid plastic or self adhesive vinyl, standard or photo-luminescent along with brass & aluminium. All safety signs are manufactured and supplied to BS EN ISO 7010 wherever it is possible. Also available are safety posters & some equipment.

Nore ideas for you business sign.

Ideas for Business Signage and Commercial Signs
If your are not sure of how you would like your business sign to look or are in need of inspiration, have a quick look at this page first. It contains lots of photos of business signage and commercial signs we have made for our customers. We have included details about each sign. The material it was made from, the size, the font and other useful information.
Just click on the photos for more details.

For even more ideas have a look at our Pinterest Board
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