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Stone House Sign / Home Name Plate

At our workshops in Devon we have tons of slate in various thicknesses and other stone including various granites and marbles to make your house sign or home name plate just the way you want it. We first select a piece of slate or stone to suit the sign. It is then cut to your size and polished.

The lettering is engraved or sand blasted into the stone. You can choose your letter style from hundreds of fonts. The letter colour does not have to be white. Black looks fantastic or for a more natural gentle effect we match Farrow and Ball Lichen - a pale green which looks lovely on the grey. Click here to see some more unusual letter colours.

Slate house signs can also be created by blasting away the background leaving the letters slightly raised

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  Raised and unpainted slate sign
Have a look at our Gallery our Pinterest Board
Slate house signs painted in many colours
Letters painted to match Farrow & Ball Lichen

Ideas for slate and stone signs

Slate and Stone Signs - Images & Ideas
On this page is a a whole range of slate and other stone signs and memorials we have made for customers. Every sign or memorial is unique - you choose the size, the material, the font and an image if required. Have a look at all the images for inspiration. We have included details about each sign including fonts and materials used. Just click on the photos for more information.

Detailed laser etched crests painted onto slate.

Standard size slate house signs

Slate House Signs - Standard Sizes - Best Prices
The standard sizes for slate house signs are 2" 50mm high, 75mm 3" high,100mm  4" high, 150mm  6" high and 225mm  9" high. . Letter size is not fixed and is adjusted to suit the sign. We have a large selection of fonts to choose from.  Also borders can be included on any of our stone signs if required. Standard letter colours - White, Black, Gold, Farrow & Ball colour Purbeck Stone (light grey) and Farrow & Ball Lichen (light green)

Slate Signs made just the way you want.

Slate Home Signs - Made to Order
We can cut slate to any size so if you have a particular size slate sign in mind. You choose the font plus an image or border if required and we will design your design just the way you want it. As with all slate signs letters is carved out and painted using a very tough and durable exterior paint in a large range of colours. 

Superior Welsh Slate Signs & Memorials.

Superior Welsh Slate House Signs & Memorials
Welsh slate is considered by many to be the best slate in the world. It is harder, denser and stronger than other slate and this makes it more durable with a longer lifespan. Another reason it lasts so well is that very little water is able to penetrate into it. It is therefore less susceptible to frost damage. Finally it has the advantage of far fewer minerals such as pyrite, which gives it a cleaner look. All this makes it perfect for top quality slate house signs and slate memorials.

Made to order granite signs and memorials.

Made to Order Granite Signs & Memorials
A range of polished granite in 10mm, 15mm, 20mm & 30mm thicknesses. Available in a range of different colours and can be cut to any size. Images can be included if required. Can also be etched into the polished granite without painting or painted.

Good value granite house sign.

Best Value Granite Signs & Memorials - Standard Sizes
We have a range of popular standard granite signs and memorials which are very good value. The larger granite signs and memorials are available from slabs 20mm, 30mm and 50mm thick. The granite is highly polished front and sides and is a real quality product.

Lakeland green slate.

Lakeland Green Slate - Made to Measure
Unique slate with very beautiful markings is cut for us from small Lake District quarry. We love this stone and can use it for slate house signs or memorial tablets. The thickness of the slate is 20mm.
High in the hills this quarry is the last remaining independent slate quarries in the Coniston area. Access to the quarry is via a rugged hair pinned track, unpassable for normal vehicles.

Sandstone House Sign

Unique Rainbow Sandstone House Signs
These stone house signs are made from rainbow sandstone. Each one is completely unique with no two pieces of stone being the same. Every sandstone house sign has a different pattern on it. The sandstone is 20mm thick and the signs can be made in any size up to 900mm x 600mm

Posts for granite and slate signs

Posts for Granite and Slate Signs
Large granite and slate signs are heavy and if you want to fix them to posts it is advisable to provide extra support. This can be done with a support bar under the stone or by insetting the sign into the posts itself. The sign with support bar can be sent assembled.

Large Slate Signage

Large Slate Signage
For our large slate signs we use slate at 20mm, 30mm or 50mm thick. The signs are available in four standard heights - 225mm (9 inches), 300mm (12 inches), 450mm (18 inches), 600mm (24 inches) They can be cut to any length as required. Lettering can also be raised and unpainted as shown in the photo for the word - residential..

Slate sign with raised letters.

Slate House Sign with Raised Lettering
This is a new type of slate house sign which looks very smart indeed.  It can be designed with or without a border and to any size. The background is blasted away and painted, which leaves the slate lettering slight raised and proud of the background which can be painted or left natural

Purbeck stone house sign.

Purbeck Stone Signs
Many of our customers now prefer to have their stone sign made with stone quarried in the UK, rather than one which has been imported from China or India. Purbeck stone is a very durable and hard wearing stone quarried in Dorset. The stone is cut for us to a thickness of 30mm.

Purbeck stone boulders.

Purbeck Stone Boulders
Purbeck Stone is a durable and hard wearing stone, often used in churches. The face is honed smooth, while the border, back and sides are left rough. Also granite boulders in black or grey.

Laser Etched Slate Signs & Memorials.

Laser Etched Slate Signs & Memorials
Using this method the slate is surfaced etched using a powerful laser. This technique is ideal where smaller text or detailed images are required which cannot be deep engraved or sandblasted into the slate. We are also able to laser etch good photos into slate. We can combine the two methods, whereby we deep engraved and paint the lettering and add a laser engraved photo or detailed image.

Laser etching takes us less time and materials than sand-blasting or deep engraving and therefore it is considerable cheaper.

sSate house number signs

Slate Number Sign
Slate house numbers can made in several sizes and in all sorts of styles. We have a variety of ideas on the page to look at but you can choose your own font, border, logo, colour etc. Prices start at £17 for a simple 100mm x 100mm (4" x 4") house number. Oval and round plaques also available. 

White Edged Slate Signs

White Edged Slate Signs
This is a simple but very effective technique whereby the letters and the border edge of the sign are sandblasted away. These are then painted (usually white) along with the sides. The overall effective is very smart indeed. The slate is normally 12mm thick although we could use 20mm for the larger signs upon request. (Write in notes box on order form and we will let you know the small extra cost)

Laser etched slate sign.

Contemporary Slate House Signs
We can create the slate signs in reverse with the background painted in very hard wearing two pack paint and the lettering and designs engraved away and left the colour of the slate. The result is really effective - an unusual slate house sign with a modern feel. It also means we are able to use a lot more detail within the sign and can match Farrow and Ball colours too.

Rustic slate house sign

Rustic Slate House Signs
These rustic edge slate house signs are excellent value for money. They are made from 6-8mm slate with a rough edge finish. The letters are carved into the slate by sand blasting and then painted with a very tough and durable external paint. The softer colours such as Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone or Lichen look very effective on this type of slate sign.

Personalised slate doorstep

Personalised Slate Doorsteps
These are really unique and add a lovely touch to the entrance of your home or business. Can be cut to any size. Price includes two images. As these are unpainted it is best to choose a bold font. The sand blasted design also adds grip to the step as smooth slate can be slippery in the wet.

Oval slate sign painted and laseed.

Round and Oval Slate & Granite Name Plates
Round and oval slate signs are slightly more expensive than straight edged signs due to the extra cutting costs involved. However they look very effective in certain settings and can be worth the extra cost. Sizes from 150mm - 600mm ( 6 inches - 24 inches). 

Engraved slate memorial.

Granite and Slate Memorials
We have a good range of granite and slate memorial plaques and tablets. We also have stone wedges in both portrait and landscape, slate and granite. We our latest technologies we can even include photographs.

Randomly Cut and Dressed Slate.

Randomly Cut & Dressed
These slates plaques with rough random edges are quite unique. Each one is hand made into random shapes using a hammer and chisel. They are available in two thicknesses and two sizes. They do cost more than square edged slate due to the time taken to create them. The 20mm thick plaques are ideal as house signs. They are all perfect for a natural burial ground.

 450x300x20mm Piece - £295,  450x300x30mm Piece - £325
 350x225x20mm Piece - £255, 350x225x30mm Piece - £275

Slate bar tops

Slate Bar Tops
We have a good stock of large pieces of slate ideal for slate bar tops. The thickness of the slate is 30mm. The standard widths are 300mm, 450mm and 600mm and we can cut to any length. We also bevel the edges and oil the surface. They do look superb in home bars and garden pubs. The surfaces can be plain or have wording engraved in.

Stone-like carian name plate.

Corian Name Plates
This is not stone but as it looks like stone and has a cold stone like finish, we have included it in this section. It is actually a mixture of clear acrylic resin, stone dust and pigments. It is perfect for signs in that it is durable, fade proof and virtually maintenance free. The letter size can be as small as 7.5mm unlike real stone which has a minimum letter height of 25mm.

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