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Lakeland Green Slate from The High Tarn Quarry

The Lake District, now a Unesco World Heritage site is renowned globally for it’s majestic landscape, and the hard wearing and uniquely beautiful slate that it is built upon, is also home to the High Tarn Quarry.

The quarry, at Tilberthwiate, not far from Coniston, has been worked by at least one member of the Walker family since 1957. High in the hills, with far-reaching views taking in the Langdale Pikes, The Old Man of Coniston and Helvellyn, it is one of the very last remaining independent slate quarries in the area.

 Access to the quarry is via a rugged hairpinned track, unpassable for normal vehicles or wagons. Only Four wheel drive will successfully get to the workings.  Everything has to come in and go out this way – no exceptions.

High Tarn Quarry
The Jenny Lin polishing the slate.

Whatever the dramatically changeable weather, Nev and his son, Richard, can be found working in this beautiful but unforgiving landscape. Family continuity sees the intimate knowledge of the quarry and the raw slate which it yields being passed down from father to son. The small scale production guarantees the exceptional quality of this particularly hard, green slate with unique markings, which if you are into your “rock” tell the story of the birth of this slate in volcanic eruptions and pyroclastic flows from the Late Ordovician period, about 450 million years ago.

 Tradition and craftsmanship is vitally important, utilising traditional tools and machinery is part of this. You wont see a computer or a CNC controlled cutter in the workshops. The Primary saw dates back to the 1930’s and the Jenny Lin which is used for polishing the slate to the early 1960’s, both running every single working day.

We are very lucky to have come across this small quarry and are looking forward to using their slate to make beautiful slate signs and memorials which are totally unique. The fact that it is a hard wearing slate is an added bonus.

Green slate in the quarry. The quarry workshop where they cut slate to our requirements.
Superior Lakeland Green 20mm Thick Slate - Prices for Signs and Memorials 
Lakeland Green Slate.
20mm thick 300mm 450mm 600mm 750mm 900mm
150mm £99 £127 £155 £184 £212
225mm £123 £162 £199 £240 £299
300mm £148 £198 £247 £297 £347
440mm £195 £264 £354 £399 £470

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Simple Shaping / 45 degree bevel £7.95, We can drill the holes for you @ £1.10 per standard hole. £1.95 per countersunk hole. 2 holes are ideal on the 100mm high slate and 4 holes on larger slates.
The above prices include 6 letters - extra letters - £1.10 up to 25, thereafter 55p per letter.

P&P  Price Brackets D E F G H I J


Border Costs
(length around outside of sign)
< 1m
1m - 2m 
Over  2m  
  Line border
  Border in relief
  Decorative border

We can add a line border with indented or square corners to your slate sign at a cost of £9.95 for most house signs.

Another interesting technique is the border in relief where the slate around the outside of the sign is blasted away leaving the required shape in the middle.
The cost of a border in relief is £11.95    Decorative borders £15.95

When the letters are raised and unpainted there is no extra cost for surrounding or line borders. We can use decorative borders for raised and unpainted. Borders are more expensive for larger slate signs due to the time it takes to sandblast the slate.

Simple Images
We can include simple pictures on any of the slate signs. We have a selection CLICK HERE - or you can send in your own artwork - It should be a silhouette style image without any very fine lines.

Detailed Images
We have developed a new method for using detailed images on slate signs which looks very effective indeed.

We first inlay the colour panel which can be any shape - oval, round, square, rectangular or anything else. We then use one of our lasers to laser-etch in the fine detail. The result looks amazing. The cost is just £10 more than a normal image.

Close-up showing the inlaid panel with the laser etched image.
Close-up showing the inlaid panel
Inaid panel on standard grey slate sign.

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery or our Pinterest Board Home Page More Stone & Slate Signs

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