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Celtic House Signs

Celtic Style House Signs and Name Plates

We have a whole collection of beautiful Celtic Borders and Celtic Symbols which can be incorporated into any of our house signs and name plates. Use these with one of the Celtic fonts to create a truely unique sign for you house. Slate is one of the materials most used for a Celtic style house sign and there are several examples shown below. They can have the letters engraved out and painted or the background can be blasted away leaving the letters and border raised. We can even do a combination of both - See the example - SEVEN - below.  If the images you wish to use are too detailed for slate we can use slate corian which looks just like slate.

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Celtic house sign made in slate, border CF039, Ref 190.SS.009.
Slate Sign - Font Kelmscott Regular - Border CF039
Celtic font used on slate sign.
Slate Sign - Font Celtic Plain

We have a number of Celtic Fonts - see below, or you may wish to choose a standard font - click here

Celtic Font List

Slate sign using the font Celtic Plain with capital letters CL117 & CL109
Slate sign using the font Celtic Plain with Celtic Capitals
Hanging wooden sign using the font - Valhala.
Hanging wooden sign using the font - Valhala.
Celtic Seven
Font - Kelmscot Regular, Letter Colour - Black, Raised and unpainted decorative border - CF039

Celtic House Sign
Font - Celtic Plain - Laser Engraved Border

Other signs particularly suitable for the celtic designs are wooden, clear acrylic, reflective and engraved dark bronze aluminium. They also look fantastic as window art using sand blast effect vinyl.

Border 70
Border 45


We have a large selection of celtic borders - click here. Only the boldest designs can be used for sand blasting, most can be deep engraved and those with very fine detail need to be laser engraved onto wood or aluminium.

Theses round borders are ideal
for 6 inch slate number signs
or 4 inch wood or aluminium
Celtic Number Borders

             Border Costs Circumference (length around outside of sign)
  <1.5m 60 inches 1.5m - 2.1m   60in - 64 inches  >  2.1m   84inches
  Decorative border - painted £8.95 £15.65 £24.95
  Decorative border - unpainted £5.95 £10.45 £16.65

Celtic Images Images
We also have a good selection of Celtic Symbols - Click Here. As with the borders only the bold designs and be sand-blasted.
Aluminium House Numbers
Font - Veljovic Book
Border - CF022
Font - Veljovic Book
Border - CF023
Font - Veljovic Book
Border - CF021
Aluminium House Signs and Numbers - Ideal for Signs with Fine Detail
Wooden celtic house sign made in sapele wood. Font - Celtic Plain - ref 1907.LW.139
Wooden house sign using the font Celtic Plain

Celtic Image We can also create - Full Colour House Signs
using our Full Colour Celtic Images
    More House Signs
Marble celtic house number.
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A celtic slate house number using round celtic border.

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