Round / oval, slate & granite signs and memorials made by craftsmen in our rural Devon workshops

Round and Oval
Slate House Signs, Slate Memorials

Round and Oval House Signs & Memorial Plaques

The slate has a smooth, but not highly polished surface.This shows the natural markings and grain of this lovely material - each piece is different. For ovals and circles we use slate which is normally 12mm thick. We normally carve and and paint the letters but for a more contemporary look we can reverse the process and paint the background and leave the carved lettering grey - see moss cottage below. Using this method fine detail can be lasered in too. The wedding cake stand below was created in this way. The white panel was inlaid into the slate and the text laser etched into it. The granite ovals are 20mm thick and highly polished.

round and oval slate signs
Round slate, Font - Merlin, text curved
Slate Number on Round Slate
Font - Century Schoolbook  Border - CF023
Oval slate house sign

Reverse painted slate house sign - font Footlight MT Light - flower border Oval slate memorial

Oval Slate Home Name Signs     Prices Include VAT

Oval Slate Sizes Cost Post and Packing
Oval 280mm x 200mm (11" x 8") £88 G
Oval 300mm x 225mm (12" x 9") £96 H
Oval 375mm x 225mm (15" x 9") £110 H
Oval 375mm x 275mm (15" x 11") £125 H
Oval 450mm x 335mm (18" x 13.5") £139 I
Oval 600mm x 445mm (24" x 18") £198 K
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Round Slate Home Name Signs

Round Slate Sizes Cost P and P Large round slate sign.
Round 225mm (9 inches) diameter £86 F
Round 300mm (12 inches) diameter £107 G
Round 375mm (15 inches) diameter £135 H
Round 450mm (18 inches) diameter £164 I
Round 600mm (24 inches) diameter £220 K

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Oval Granite House Signs or Memorial Plaques
The granite is very beautiful, it is 20mm thick and highly polished.

Kerala Green Granite
Kerala Green Granite
Glenaby Granite
Classic Dark Grey
Absolute Black Granite
Black Granite
Silver Grey Granite
Celtic Grey Granite

Granite Sizes Cost Post and Packing
Oval 225mm x 300mm x 20mm (9" x 12") £104 H
Oval 275mm x 375mm x 20mm (11" x 15 ") £144 H
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Six letters included in the price - Extra Letters £1.10 The letters are normally painted black, white, gold or silver. For a more natural gentle colour we match the Farrow & Ball colour Lichen which is light green. Another natural look is F&B Purbeck Stone which is a very light grey. For a selection of fonts - CLICK HERE Further fonts can also be seen on the Gallery Page. Letter size is not fixed and is adjusted to suit the sign. The text can be straight or curved as required. If you have something particular in mind - just tell us


It is difficult to drill holes into slate as it requires plenty of water to keep the slate cool. We can drill the holes for you @ £1.10 per standard hole. £1.95 per countersunk hole. Alternatively use one of the many adhesives now available.

Slate oval - Painted lichen and laser etched.
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Round Slate Sign
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Oval Slate Sign

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