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Granite house sign in Turkey
Granite House Sign

Font - Times New Roman,
This was made on 15mm black granite with a size of 475mm x 380mm. This photo was sent in by our customer who has erected the sign at their home in Turkey.

Photos etch into the gallery
Photos Etched into Granite

Font - Apple Chancery & Georgia
These beautiful cat images were impact engraved into a black granite wedge which measured 250 x 200mm. Sharp photos with good contrast work best.

Slate House Sign
Slate House Sign

Font - Celtic Plain, Size - 350 x 225mm
An interesting font - the lettering is all in capitals. There is more space above and below lettering than is usual, but it works for this slate sign. This slate was oiled for a darker finish.

Bespoke Slate Sign
Bespoke Slate Sign

Customers Artwork , Size - 600 x 400mm
This totally bespoke stone sign was made using the customers design. It was made on 30mm slate and the letters painted Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone colour.

Honed black granite memorial.
Honed Black Granite Memorial

Font LCI, Size - 450 x 450mm
Although most of our black granite is highly polished, we can hone the surface smooth which creates a more natural looking finish.

Black Granite House Sign
Black Granite House Sign

Font - Monotype Corsiva
White carved letters on black granite house sign. The stone sign size is 375mm x 275mm and the granite is 20mm thick

Black granite with laser etched detailed image
Fine Detail Laser Etched

Normally images are sand carved into the stone with the lettering. This is not possible where fine detail is need. However we have developed a technique to include fine detail or small text using a laser.

Thick Slate House Sign
Thick Slate House Sign

Font - Amaze, Size - 400 x 150mm x75mm
Slate for house signs is normally 12mm, 20mm, 30mm or 50mm. This sign had to be created from from one of the memorial slate tablets which was cut down to size.

Slate Address Sign with silver lettering
Slate Sign with Silver Letters

Font - Arial, Size - 200 x 400mm
This slate address sign has the letters painted using a metallic silver paint. It is an excellent paint normally used for memorials. The plover artwork used was sent in by the customer.

Large Slate House Sign with gold lettering
Slate Sign with Gold Letters

Font - Lucida, Size - 750mm x 400mm
This was a large slate house sign made on 20mm thick slate. The decorative border is B365. The letters have been painted into the stone with memorial quality gold paint. It has 4 countersunk holes

Large Slate House Sign with gold lettering
Oval Slate House Sign

Font - Times New Roman
The size of this oval slate sign is 280mm x 200mm. The shell image was sent in by the customer. Two standard holes were drilled. Oval granite is also available for stone signs.

Celtic Slate Number Sign with raised slate  celtic border
Celtic Slate Number Sign

Font - Kelmscott Regular
This is an interesting Celtic slate sign. The size is 150mm x 300mm. The lettering has been carved and painted black. However the Celtic border CF039 has been left raised with the slate around it blasted away

Slate house number sign
Slate House Number Sign

Font - Arial, Size 100mm x 100mm
On this house number sign the border was sand blasted away. The border and the sides were painted white along with the numbers. These were purchased by a construction firm who purchased a total of 31 house numbers.

Purbeck Stone Boulder Sign
Purbeck Stone Boulder Sign

These are cut from the quarry to order and can be any size. This stone boulder was 900mm x 600mm x 150mm. They can be cut to any size. The front faced is honed smooth for the lettering to be sand blasted into it.

Simple Dark Grey Granite Sign
Dark Grey Granite Sign

Font - Times New Roman
A simple dark grey 10-12mm thick granite house sign with white lettering. The size of this piece of granite was 400mm x 200mm

Slate sign with yellow text and line border
Slate Sign Yellow Letters

Font - Times New Roman
The size of this stone sign was 380mm x 225mm and it was made on 12mm slate, The colour is Farrow and Ball Yellowcake. It has a line border with square corners.

Slate house number with raised letters
Slate House Number

Font - Times New Roman
This simple slate house number has raised slate letters. The size is 150mm x 150mm and the motif is CC0066.

Black granite house address sign
Stone Address Sign

Font - Verdanna, Size 550mm x 350mm
This stone address sign was made from black granite with memorial grade gold lettering. It was made on 10mm but 15mm and 20mm are also available.

Oval slate house number sign
Oval Slate House Number

Font - Brushed Script, Size 200 x 150mm
The lettering was engraved into the slate and painted Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone

Detailed images on round slate sign.
Slate Sign - Laser Etched Crests

Font - Times New Roman, Size - 525mm
This slate sign has had the detailed crests inlaid into the slate, painted and laser etched. The result looks amazing.

Slate House Sign 1808.SS.021
Slate Sign with Image

Font - GateB, Size - 300 x 225mm
This stone sign was made on 12mm slate with the letter colour F&B Purbeck Stone. The lobster was from our image library but the designer simplified it for customer.

Slate house signs using the font Worstveld Sling
Slate Signs - New Fonts

Font - Worstveld Sling
We have a range of new fonts which can be used on any of the slate signs. The right font make such a difference to the look of your sign.

Plaque for building opening made in slate
Slate Opening Plaque

Font - Times New Roman
Slate is an excellent low maintenance material for opening plaques. Hidden fixings can be used instead of holes for a cleaner finish. This plaque measures 500mm x 300mm

3D Effect Modern Slate Sign
3D Effect Modern Slate Sign

Font - Myriad Pro-Bold
This 3D effect really does look good on slate signs. The lettering is actually raised and the background blasted away. For this style bold fonts must be used. The sign measures 600mm x 100mm

Slate house sign with celtic font and border
Slate Sign with Celtic Border

Font - DS Celtic 1, Size - 300mm x 160mm
We sell a lot of slate signs with Celtic fonts and borders. The border above is - Celtic Border 37. For more ideas have a look at our Celtic House Signs page.

50mm Polished Green Granite
Polished Green Granite Slab

Font - Times New Roman
This slab of Kerula Green Granite was 50mm thick and polished all over. The size was 375mm x 300mm. The letter colour was Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone.

Very large black granite sign made in 30mm black pearl granite
Large Black Granite Sign

Size 1200mm x 480mm
A very large granite sign made in 30mm black pearl granite. It has been bolted to 4"x4" oak posts with an extra bar to support the stone sign.

Slate Address Sign
Slate Sign with Grey Letters

Font - Baskerville Old Face
The grey is Farrow and Ball - Purbeck Stone which is very effective with slate. The size of this sign is 300mm x 225mm - a standard size which makes it very reasonable. This stone sign has countersunk holes.

Slate sign with ivory lettering
Slate Sign with Ivory Letters

Font - Bangle Bold, Size 300mm x 225mm
This sign includes a line border with indented corners and a standard image - ref. DD0728

Stone sign with black letters
Slate Sign with Black Letters

Font - Monotype Corsiva
The size of this sign is 300mm x 100mm. Black paint is not often used for the lettering but it does show up suprizing well. To see all our letter colours - Click Here

Slate sign with 2 letter colours
Sign with White & Blue Letters

Font - DS Celtic, Size 300mm x 225mm
This was designed using customer artwork. To see all our letter colours for stone signs - Click Here

Purbeck stone house sign 1806.SS.030
Purbeck Stone House Sign

Font - Valhalla Bold, Size 225 x 200mm
The image was from our standard images and the paint colour is F & B 255 Tanners Brown

Rustic Slate House Sign painted in Lichen Green
Rustic Slate with Lichen Letters

Font - Black chancery, Size 225 x 300mm
The light green letter colour is Farrow and Ball Lichen. The rustic slate signs are good value for money but are much thinner than other slate signs - 6-8mm thick.

Standard slate sign with cream letters
Slate Sign with Cream Letters

Font - Harrington, Size 600 x 100mm
The lettering was done in all capitals with the first letter being slightly larger. The slate was 12mm thick and standard size so good value.

Silver Nickel Slate House Sign
Silver Nickel Slate House Sign

Font - Baskerville, Size 475 x 195mm
We do have a number of unusual coloured slate, silver nickel being one example. Each piece can be slightly different. The image is a decorative corner 149C. For more decorative corners - Click Here.

White Stone Address Sign
White Stone Address Sign

Font - Ringbearer, Size 475 x 295mm
This stone address sign was made in 10mm white cosmos quartzite with black lettering. It also includes an unusual border.

Black Granite House Sign
Black Granite House Sign

Font - Arial Bold, Size 375 x 145mm
A simple black granite sign with lettering in all capitals and painted gold. This sign also includes a line border with square corners. Edges clean cut but not polished.

Slate Sign - Raised Letters & White Background
Slate Sign - Raised Letters

Font - Bookman Old Style
A slate sign with a difference - the letters and border are raised and the background sanblasted away and painted white. The size of the slate was 600mm x 150mm. The thickness was 12mm but it could be made in any thickness.

Unpainted Purbeck Stone House Sign
Unpainted Purbeck Stone

Font - Old English, Size - 450 x 225mm
This sign was left unpainted, but if you want your sign to be noticed we suggest painted letters.

Stone signs used as Golf Tees
Slate Golf Course Tees

Font - Bookman Old Style
These slate golf course tees were made using 30mm slate and the size was 300mm x 250mm. They are being set into the grass.

Decorative slate sign with lichen paint colour
Decorative Slate House Sign

This sign was made as a display sample to show how lovely a sign can look if you choose the right images. Click here for standard images. Letter colour is Farrow & Ball Lichen.

Slate house signs made in reverse
Slate Signs in Reverse

With this range of slate house signs we firsted coated the slate in a very tough 2-pack paint. The lettering and designs were then carved out. Ideal for small text or fine detail.

Bespoke Slate House Sign
Bespoke Slate House Sign

Customers Artwork , Size - 460 x 300mm
20mm slate was used for this slate sign. The lettering was carved out and painted gold. Hidden fixing were fitted into the back of the slate.

Large stone sign made in slate
Large Slate Sign

Customers Artwork , Size - 750 x 750mm
This large slate sign was made in 30mm slate and rhe lettering painted in Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone grey. Large stone signs are great for business signs.

Thick granite sign with gold lettering
Black Granite House Sign

Customers Artwork , Size - 375 x 300mm
An unusual black granite sign made using the customers artwork, This piece of granite was 30mm thick. Paint colour gold.

Slate house sign with country scene inlaid and etched into slate.
Image Inlaid and Etched

Font - Worstveld Sling, Size - 320x 230mm
This lovely country scene looks amazing on a slate house scene. The colour panel is inlaid into the slate and then laser etched.

Slate house sign and matching house number sgn
Matching Slate Signs

Font - Gill Sans , Size - 300 x 150mm
A matching pair of slate signs with paint colour Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone. Photo above shows the customer proof which is double checked before dispatch.

Painted slate sign inset into oak posts
Painted Slate Sign

Font - Gabrella, Size - 900 x 600mm
We made this slate sign from 20mm slate. It was then painted with a hard wearing paint in the colours Monarch Red. The lettering was sand blasted away, This is a durable and long lasting sign. For paint colours - click here.

20mm thick dark grey granite house sign
Dark Grey Granite House Sign

Font - Arial, Size - 575 x 150mm
This dark grey granite sign is 20mm thick with polished edges. There are no fixing holes it was sent with CT1 adhesive. It also has a line border with square corners.

Slate house sign with raised lettering and the background sand blasted away
Slate Sign with Raised Letters

Font - Georgia, Size - 400mm x 300mm
On this 20mm thick slate sign, the lettering and border has been left proud and the background sand blasted away. As the slate is sandblasted, interesting features in the slate often begin to show.

Black granite with polished face
Black Granite Entrance Boulder

Font - Times New Roman
These are 27" high and 21" wide (685mm x 533mm) The front has been highly polished but the sides top and back have been left as it was hewn from the rock face.

Slate Sign with Ivy Border

Font - Times New Roman
This lovely sign was made in 20mm slate. The size is 540mm x 250mm. It has an ivy leaf decorative border.

Lakeland green late sign for the end of a private drive.
Lakeland Green Slate Sign

Font - Times Roman, Size 450mm x 300mm
This is a very beautiful slate quaried from a small quarry in The Lake District. The fact that it is a hard wearing slate is an added bonus.

Celtic House Number Sign
Celtic House Number Sign

Font - Century Schoolbook
A celtic house number sign on a 225mm round slate. The lettering has been painted silver. The celtic border is CF023..

Slate Sign with Raised Letters
Slate Sign with Raised Letters

Font - Comic Sans, Size 300 x 225mm
The lettering is left proud while the background is said blasted away. The background has been left natural but could if required be painted.

Large Slate Signs
Large Slate Signs

Font - Times New Roman,
This large slate sign measured 2000mm x 1200mm and was made from 30mm slate. We can make signs to almost any size - ask us for a quote.

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