Bespoke made to measure slate home signs and slate address signs

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Bespoke Slate Home Signs & Slate Address Signs

The slate home signs and slate business signage made with natural slate with smooth, but not highly polished surface. This shows the markings and grain of this lovely material - each piece is different. We cut our slate onsite to any size you require. We can also polish both sides for double sided slate signs. Our local blacksmith has made some special wrought iron hangers for the doubled sided slate signs. See Fittings We also make wooden posts with hanging arms as well as Wrought Iron Brackets Click Here. As for letter colour - we have far more choices along with the standard white. Black is popular along Farrow & Ball colour Lichen which is light green, or F&B Purbeck Stone which is a very light grey. Click here to see colours. Memorial gold or silver also available @ £10. Memorial gold looks very similar to gold leaf.

Slate sign with ivy border
Decorative slate house sign

For our made to measure home signs and slate address signs we use slate which is 10-12mm or 18-20mm thick. This can be down cut to any size.

For thicker slate signs (30mm & 50mm) or larger signs up to 600mm x 2100mm please CLICK HERE.

Slate address sign. Font - Century Gothic
The prices below include VAT For cheaper slate signs - check out our standard slate sign range 

  9 inches
12 inches
18 inches
24 inches
£52 £58 £67 £77
£62 £68 £81 £95
£70 £76 £97 £115
£83 £94 £117 £140
£94 £108 £136 £165

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Slate Farm Sign Image DD078  ref - 1207.SS.018

20mm slate memorial tablet.
18 - 20 mm
150 mm
£92 £115 £139 £162 £186
225 mm
£112 £145 £178 £210 £243
£133 £175 £216 £258 £299
£175 £234 £294 £353 £413
£216 £294 £371 £449 £499

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Superior Lakeland Green 20mm thick Slate

As an alternative to the standard grey slate we also have a very beautiful green slate from a small quarry in the Lake District. The small scale production guarantees the exceptional quality of this particularly hard, green slate which has very unique markings. More Information
Superior lakeland green slate.
20mm thick 300mm 450mm 600mm 750mm 900mm
150mm £109 £140 £170 £202 £233
225mm £135 £178 £219 £264 £329
300mm £163 £218 £272 £327 £371
440mm £215 £290 £390 £439 £517

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For Larger Slate Signs - Click Here

P&P  Price Brackets D E F G H I J

For a more contemporary look we can reverse the painting process - first painting the slate and then lasering or sand blasting into the slate. Lasering can is useful in that it can be used for fine detail, sand blasting engraves more deeply. We will make it as you want it. Reverse painted slate sign.

This 3D effect slate sign looks really amazing. We can only achieve this with
very bold fonts
Lettering is Raised. Click here for Prices

This slate sign has a drop shadow effect. Again we must use a bold font.
Lettering is engraved. Extra £15 for second paint colour

This slate has been oiled for a darker colour

Simple Shaping / 45 degree bevel £7.95, Drilled holes £1.10 per hole
The above prices include 6 letters - extra letters - £1.10 Minimum letter size 1" 25mm
Smaller letters, down to 15mm are possible, if left unpainted - cost 55p per letter.
For smaller painted letters you can use slate corian - click here

For More Ideas - Visit the Gallery We also make oak posts to mount the slate signs on - Click Here

Beveled Edges Font - Shells 3
Edges are all lightly beveled but we can router a 45 degree bevel @ £7.95 as shown above
Slate Sign on 3"x3" oak posts  ref 1401.SS.043
450x225mm slate sign on 3"x3" oak posts ref

Raised Slate House Sign
Raised slate with square corner border Font - Bookman Old Style
Slate House Signs
Font - Kelmscot Regular, Letters - white, Raised & unpainted border - CF039

We can add a line border with indented or square corners to your slate sign at a cost of £9.95 for most standard size house signs.

Another interesting technique is the border in relief where the slate around the outside of the sign is blasted away leaving the required shape in the middle.
The cost of a border in relief is £11.95    

When the letters are raised and unpainted there is no extra cost for surrounding or line borders. We can use decorative borders for raised and unpainted. Borders are more expensive for larger slate signs due to the time it takes to sandblast the stone - see below.

Celtic Slate House Sign
Font Bookman DS CELTIC - Border Celtic 37
This sign was quite large - 350mm x 500mm - still wet from wet sanding
Border Costs
Circumference (length around outside of sign)
Slate sign using the font Worstveld Sling
< 1m
1m - 2m 
Over  2m  
  Line border
  Border in relief
  Decorative border

It is difficult to drill holes into slate as it requires plenty of water to keep the slate cool. We can drill the holes for you @ £1.10 per standard hole. £1.95 per countersunk hole. 2 holes are ideal on the 100mm high slate and 4 holes on larger slates.
If you do decide to use one of the many adhesives now available we would suggest additional support is used for the largest signs.
We can recommend CT1 all purpose adhesive This can hold signs up to 10kg
Slate House Name Sign - ref 1311.SS.027
One lines of text.  Font Gate-B Size 150 x 500mm

Made To Fit Slate
Font - Times New Roman. This slate was cut
to just 3 inches high with 2 inch letters. It
was made to fit on a gate. 2 holes drilled.
Slate house sign with countersunk holes drilled.
Slate house sign with countersunk holes

Simple Images
We can include simple pictures on any of the slate signs. We have a selection CLICK HERE available for £12.50- or you can send in your own artwork, which we can use for £34.50- It should be a silhouette style image without any very fine lines.

Detailed Images
We have developed a new method for using detailed images on slate signs which looks very effective indeed.

We first inlay the colour panel which can be any shape - oval, round, square, rectangular or anything else. We then use one of our lasers to laser-etch in the fine detail. The result looks amazing. The cost is just £10 more than a normal image.

Detailed swan image on slate sign.

Slate house sign with detailed image.

Another alternative is to deep engraved and paint the lettering, while just lasering a detailed image into the slate surface.

Slate house sign with detailed image lasered into the slate surface.
Image lasered etched into slate surface - not painted.
Laser Etched Image and Text.
Image lasered etched into painted slate panel.
Laser Etched Image into Inlaid Painted Panel
Image - sand blasted and painted
Sand Blasted & Painted Image & Text

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery on our Blog or our Pinterest Board    
Small Slate Home Signs
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Slate sign using two standard images

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