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Granite House Signs and
Name Plates and Memorials

Granite House Signs and Memorials

High quality granite signs to suit all budgets. Huge amount of choice in stones, fonts and images

Karala Green Granite House Sign.
Dark grey granite memorial.
Black granite house sign.
Granite address sign - gold text.
Celtic grey granite with white text.

Black pearl granite sign.


Granite is a fine to coarse-grained crystalline igneous rock with intense colouration which exudes style. All our granite signs have a polished finish and are approx 10 or 15mm thick.  

The black, celtic grey, classic dark grey, Kerula Green and Bahama Blue granites can be cut to sizes up to 600mm x 400mm. The rest in sizes up to 295mm x 600mm

Standard sizes in Granite can be a very cost effective alternative - Click Here

Kerala Grenn Sign.

Absolute Black Granite
Black  15 & 20mm

Celtic Grey 15 & 20mm

Dark Grey 10,15, 20 & 30mm

Viscon White 30mm 

Saphire Brown 30mm 
Kerala Green Granite
Kerala Green 15 & 20mm

Black Galaxy
Bahama blue granite
Bahama Blue 15 & 20mm

Black Pearl 30mm
Limestone 15mm

Amba White 30mm

Colonial Gold 30mm

NB Although the above are actually photos of the granite, you should be aware that each piece of granite can have variations in colour.

Dark grey granite sign with a Celtic border.
Stone Signs
Length 295mm
75mm -1 line of text
100mm -1 line of text
145mm -1or 2 line of text
195mm - up to 3 lines of text
295mm - up to 4 lines of text
Black granite name plate

The stone can be cut to any size within price brackets Order 10mm online Now

The price includes first 6 characters
. The next 19 letters will cost £1.10 per letter, thereafter 55p per letter

Small Black Granite House Name Plate - 10mm thick

Celtic Grey Memorial - 20mm thick

Stone Signs /
Memorials 15mm
Length 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm
Height Maximum Number of
Characters per Line
Lower case - 15
Lower case - 21
Lower case - 27
Lower case - 33
75mm -1 line of text
100mm -1 line of text
150mm -1or 2 line of text
200mm - up to 3 lines of text
300mm - up to 4 lines of text
400mm - up to 5 lines of text £237 £295 £350 £399

The stone can be cut to any size within price brackets Order 15mm online Now

Limestone house sign - Ref 2004.SS.054
15mm Limestone House Sign
Black 10mm granite with a sand-blasted border.
Black 10mm granite house sign with a sand-blasted border.

If you use the maximum number of letters per line they will be approx. 25mm high.  The fewer letters you use the larger they can become.
The size of the lettering and the layout of any granite house address signs will be designed to the customers requirements.
Granite Signs /
Memorials 20mm
Length 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm 750mm 900mm
150mm -1or 2 line of text
200mm - up to 3 lines of text
£323 £376
300mm - up to 4 lines of text
£443 £520
400mm - up to 5 lines of text £264 £364 £397 £463 £563 £663

The stone can be cut to any size within price brackets Order 20mm online Now

Postage & Packing

The 10mm. 15mm and 20mm stone signs have polished top surface with the sided simply cut or cut and sanded down to a smoother honed surface. We can cut to any size.

We can also sand-blast a border around the edge to remove the gloss finish. This does look very effective.

The 30mm made to order signs and memorials cut be cut to any size up to 1.5m x 2m. The sides and the top surface are all polished.

Granite Signs / Memorials 30mm 300mm 450mm 600mm 750mm 900mm
300mm £240 £318 £397 £476 £554
450mm £318 £450 £568 £686 £799
600mm £397 £568 £739 £896 £1053
The stone can be cut to any size within price brackets. Larger sizes can be quoted for. Order 30mm online Now

P&P - Click here

Standard colours for painted letters are white, black, Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone (light grey), Farrow & Ball Lichen (light green). We have a number of other stock colours @ £5, along with memorial gold or silver @ £10. Memorial gold looks very similar to gold leaf. On celtic grey granite white is the best letter colour to use.

For a selection of fonts - CLICK HERE The lettering size  is adjusted to suit the sign, but if you have something particular in mind - just put it on the order form or use our sign size and layout tool to send us your ideas.

Classic dark grey granite name plate.

For More Ideas - Visit the  Stone Gallery or have a look at our Pinterest Board

The signs are cut from slabs of polished granite and the edges are cut and honed down to a smooth honed finish.

Some people prefer a more natural finish for the surface as well. We have two options here. We can sandblast the surface to reveal the natural granite - cost £5. Aternatively we can sand the top surface just enough to remove the gloss at a cost of £15. The Celtic Grey Granite looks very attractive with the sandblasted finish but most people prefer the black with a gloss finish.


We can include simple pictures on the signs. We have a selection of standard images at a cost of £12.50 each CLICK HERE - or you can send in you own artwork at a cost of £34.50 - Click Here.
For very detailed artwork we can inlay a panel which is then laser etched or use the impact engraver which creates the image by hitting the stone. Each type of image engraving has its place. Let us know which you prefer or leave it to the designer to choose the best option.

Image in granite produced by impact engraver.
Impact Engraved Image
Image made by sanbast out a pane, painting it and laser engraving the image.
Laser Etched Image - Inlaid Painted Panel
Image sandblasted and painted.
Sand Blasted Image
             Border Costs Circumference (length around outside of sign)
  <1m 1- 2m 
  Line border £15.95 £30.95
  Border in relief £15.95 £30.95
  Decorative border £21.95 £33.30

We can add a line border with indented or square corners. Another interesting technique is the border in relief where the stone around the outside of the sign is blasted away leaving the required shape in the middle. We also have a selection of decorative borders - Click Here - The decorative etched border can be painted
or left unpainted

  Click Here for Standard 20mm & 30mm thick Granite Signs - GOOD VALUE

Black granite name plate.
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Limestone memorial tablet.

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