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Our full colour Car Magnets / Printed Magnetic Signs are top quality products.
They are all laminated for a longer lifespan and extra protection. A selection of sizes are shown below but we can make to any size. We can use your artwork or our designers will create the design using your image and text. We use .9mm vehicle grade magnetic sheeting with a strength of 44G per square cm. We will also round the corners which helps keep the signs firmly attached to your vehicle! The car magnet in the image below is actually flat - it is the artwork which gives it the 3D effect.

Printed magnetic signs with standard backgrounds
Magnetic Sign Blank -
Rectangular T016 - Diamond Plate - Click here for more backgrounds


The Design

We can use you artwork exactly as you send it (discount of £20 for ready to print file) or we can create the design for you, using your words along with your images. We also have a range of images and backdrops you can use - click here  There are a huge number of fonts we can use - click here along with some interesting text effects.

If you are sending in ready-to-use artwork - email us a jpg of the correct size with a resolution of 100dpi or email us a vector file which we can enlarge to any size.  If you are unsure just send it and we will sort it out for you.

Prices and Sizes for Full Colour Magnetic Signs - Prices Include VAT & Lamination
£20 discount for ready to print artwork

of Signs
150 x
225 x
225 x
250 x
300 x
300 x
300 x 600mm
450 x
450 x
450 x
600 x
600 x
750 mm
600 x
£60.82 £61.46 £63.39 £67.25 £67.11 £65.96 £71.11 £76.25 £78.82 £86.53 £94.24 £96.82 £117.38
£65.96 £67.25 £71.11 £78.82 £78.53 £76.25 £86.53 £96.82 £101.96 £117.38 £132.81 £137.95 £179.09
£76.25 £78.82 £86.53 £101.96 £101.39 £96.82 £117.38 £137.95 £148.23 £179.09 £209.94 £220.22 £302.49
£86.53 £90.39 £101.96 £125.10 £124.24 £117.38 £148.23 £179.09 £194.51 £240.79 £287.07 £302.49 £425.90

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Magnetic signs are an excellent way of advertising, but remember that any magnetic vehicle sign should be removed and cleaned at least once a week. Click here for Care of Vehicle Magnetic Signs

Oak Magnetic Sign
We can cut to the shape @ £5 or leave you to cut and save money.
Full colour magnetic sign  

We can also printed onto self adhesive vinyl which you apply directly to your vehicle for permanent signage.

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Car Magnet
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Full colour car magnet
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