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Silver-White Reflective Lettering on Aluminium Composite Board

Be seen day or night with these tough reflective sign boards. These boards really stand out at night with the reflective light of a torch or car headlight.

The sign boards are durable, lightweight, extremely flat and rigid and do not corrode. The engineering grade reflective lettering is applied to the boards once you have chosen the font, board size and colour.

For more images - see reflective house signs

Reflective Sign Size 1000mm x 950mm on gloss black aluminium composite. ref - 1107.SV.016

These signs are easily spotted day or night.

Background Colours
Gloss black, matt black, mahogany wood grain effect, green marble stone effect, gloss blue, matt blue, gloss green, matt green, gloss red, matt red.

The reflective signs look very smart when mounted onto backing boards - click here for details

Backing Colours
Includes VAT
£49.10 £51.74 £54.38 £47.02 £64.94 £72.86 £80.78 £88.70
£53.06 £57.02 £60.98 £64.94 £76.82 £88.70 £100.58 £112.46
£57.02 £62.30 £67.58 £72.86 £88.70 £104.54 £120.38 £136.22
£60.98 £67.58 £74.18 £80.78 £100.58 £120.38 £140.18 £159.98
£64.94 £72.86 £80.78 £88.70 £112.46 £136.22 £159.98 £183.74
£72.86 £83.42 £93.98 £104.54 £136.22 £167.90 £199.58 £231.26
£88.70 £104.54 £120.38 £136.22 £183.74 £231.26 £278.78 £326.30
£104.54 £125.66 £146.78 £167.90 £231.26 £294.62 £357.98 £421.34
If you order more than one sign board there is a discount of £20.00 per sign on 2nd and subsequent signs. P&P

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Prices include 25 characters, Extra letters £1.65 per 15. Minimum letter size 25mm. Click here for available fonts

The image to the right should help you work out the size your sign needs to be.
Font Sizes
1 upper case letter or space to an inch - 25mm
1.5 lower case letters or spaces to an inch - 25mm

We can include images . We have a selection single colour standard images @ £12.50 - or you can send in your own artwork @ £34.50 -
(Images for single colour work must be a clean silhouette style image without any very fine lines or shades)

Borders - Simple line orders can be added at no extra cost.

You can confidently leave the layout to us. However if you have a particular design in mind please send it to us as a sketch, jpg, bitmap or tiff image or a word document We will re-create your design as closely as we can. We can send out a proof if required @ £5.00 (includes one design change)

Oak Frames

Our carpenters can make up oak frames to surround the sign. These are very attractive and can be screwed to a wall or hung from a bracket.

They are finished in either a commercial satin finish varnish, osmo oil or they can be painted in any of the stock colours although black and white are most popular.

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For double sided signs hanging signs - click here

Reflective Sign With Wooden Frame

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Round reflective sign in green composite board
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Shaped reflective house sign
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