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Brass, Steel, Aluminium, Corian

High quality engraved plaques to suit all purposes. Huge amount of choice in materials, fonts and images

Materials for Engraving

When thinking about engraved plaques one tends to think of brass. Whilst this is a fantastic material for plaques and signs, it does need regular polishing. In our engraving workshop at The Sign Maker we have many other materials we are able to use for engraved plaques and signs.  The large corian sign to the right is a good example of a maintenance free engraved plaque.

All our engraved plaques are of the highest quality.

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  Engraved Plaques.
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Engraved Plaques - Images and Ideas
On this page is a good selection of engraved plaques and signs we have made for customers. Every engraved plaque is unique - you choose the size, the material, the font and an image if required. Have a look at all the images for inspiration. We have included details about each plaque.
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Plaque engraved using marble corian.

Engraved Plaques - Stone Like Corian
Stone like corian is a perfect material for engraved plaques. It can be used for house signs, large and small, as well as detailed memorial plaques. It also has the advantage of being virtually maintenance free. Available in many stone colours along with white and green

Engraved plaque made in design white corian with black and green paintfill.

Weatherproof and good value engraved tree plaque.

Engraved Plaques - Acrylic Laminate
These signs outdoor information signs and emgraved name plates. They are very durable - made from 2 ply exterior grade flexible acrylic which is weather proof and UV resistant. The letters are engraved through the first layer of laminate to show the colour underneath. They can also be used forLow Cost House Numbers

Black and white acrylic plaque on a tree stake.

Unpainted Engraved Paperstone Plaque.

Sustainable Engraved Plaques - PaperStone - Waterproof
Allthough the name suggests otherwise this product is weatherproof. PaperStone is the obvious choice for eco-friendly signage and memorials. Made up of recycled paper and cardboard, in combination with natural resin, this material is beautifully smooth and available in a small range of colours. We are proud to be offering this unique product, and we imagine it will be a popular choice for eco-friendly signs and memorials. To test that it was completely waterproof we left samples in a water trough for 3 months and they came out perfect.

Engraved brass plaque

Made to Measure Quality Brass Plaques
This top quality engravers brass is available in three thickness - A plaque can be up to any size up to 24" (600mm). Lettering can simple be engraved or providing the letters are at least 10mm in height they can be in-filled with one of our standard colours. We also engrave many traditional Brass Memorial Plaques often used on benches or on a tree stake as a grave marker

Deep Engraved and Scratch Engraved Brass Plaque.

Stock Size Engraved Plaques - Best Value.

Engraved Brass Signs - Stock Sizes - Best Prices - Fastest Delivery
Although we are happy to cut the brass to any size we have found that there are certain size plaques which are ordered more often. We now keep these sizes ready-cut  in 1.5mm brass, along with  finished backing boards should they be required.  It is possible using stock sizes and the priority service to send out simple deep engraved unpainted plaques in one working day and painted filled plaques within three working days. Let us know the date you need it for

Chemically etched engraved brass plaque.

Chemically Etched Steel and Brass Plaques
Ideal for small text, images with fine detail, photos or if several colours are needed. The main benefit of chemical etching over standard engraving is no mechanical stress to the material and no cutter marks as the unwanted material is removed by chemicals leaving clear sharp flat surface detail. Not as cost effective for small engraved plaques unless there is a large amount of text.

Chemically Etched Photo Plaque.

Enraved plaque in blue aluminium

Engraved Plaques in Coloured Aluminium
We have two different aluminium materials we can use for engraved plaques. The letters are engraved through the surface to show the silver / white surface beneath. As we use a laser for this process the lettering can be very small if it is required.We can also use very detailed images including line drawings and even good quality photos.

Engraved plaque in green aluminium.

Painted Hardwood Sign with Engraved Insert.

Entrance Signs with Engraved Corian Insert
These superior entrance signs are beautifully crafted. The posts and the inner panel are solid oak. These can be left looking like natural oak by treating with a tough satin finish varnish. Alternatively they can be painted. The paint is a very hard wearing polyurethane paint which is mixed with a hardener before spraying. A recess is carved into the oak and a corian plaque neatly inserted into it. The posts, panel and lettering look superb if all painted the same colour

Engraved stainless steel house name plate.

Engraved Stainless Steel
More expensive than other materials, but becoming ever more popular. Easy maintenance. As with the brass, aluminium and acrylic, logos can be included and they can be supplied with or without backing boards. A slightly cheaper alternative with the advantage of being able to use very small text is Laser Engraved Stainless Steel

Laser Engraved Stainless Steel.

Laser Engraved Stainless Steel
These tough and maintenance free stainless steel plates can be used in many situations where small text or detailed artwork is required.. Even good quality photos can be used. Although not engraved into the metal the lettering is permanent and as tough as the metal beneath.

These plaques are ideal where small detailed text, images or even photos are required

Black Anodised Aluminium
These plaques are ideal where small detailed text, images or even photos are required. They are also maintenance free. They are made from 1.5mm black anodised aluminium. The letters are engraved through the black layer of laminate to show the silver colour underneath.
There is also a good range of backing boards, wooden crosses and lots of tree stakes to choose from

Engraved Wooden Plaques.

Engraved Wooden Plaques & Office Door Signs
Solid wooden plaques in maple cherry and oak. These are just 5mm thick and ideal for indoor signs and plaques. The wood veneer is 3mm thick and perfect for engraved plaques and trophies.

Deep engraved recycled PVC board.

Deep Engraved Recycled PVC
This tough material, designed as a commercial signage board, also makes excellent large house signs, entrance signs or information signage. It is light weight, yet hard and resilient, as well as being environmentally friendly. The surface is matt white new PVC which covers a thick core of black recycled PVC. The material is 10mm thick and can be cut to any shape.

Photo and Full Colour Plaques.

Photo and Full Colour Plaques
These plaques are not actually engraved but they are made from tough digitally printed anodised aluminium. They are weatherproof and designed for indoor or outdoor use. Unlike an engraved plaque they can also include full colour photos and images. These plaques are often used for war memorials.

Large Jubilee Plaque

Tree Stakes and Plaque Holders
These frames are made to order and can be used for 20mm and 30mm stone, wood in any thickness and 12mm corian. They can also be used to mount a backing board or stone with the sign or memorial mounted on the top. Supplied with a tube of strong adhesive to mount the sign or memorial into the frame.

Wrought iron tree stake with corian backing board

Engraved brass house sign.

Engraved Brass Signs & Business Name Plates
An engraved brass plaque is a very traditional town house sign. They can be cut to any size and are made from 2mm or 3mm brass. They are available with or without backing boards .Lettering is available in a wide range of fonts. Keep it polished to look at its best.

Brass name plate

Desk Name Plate.

Desk Name Plate
Classic top quality engraved brass or modern anodised aluminium on a solid wood bar. Personalise the desk name plate sign to suit your situation. You choose the font, the layout and if you like, we can even include an image.

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