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Information Signs
Informational Plaques

Full Colour Aluminium Composite Boards

Aluminium Composite Sign Boards
We can cover the aluminium composite board in full colour printed vinyl. This is ideal for small lettering or where several colours, several images or photos are required. It is 3mm thick, lightweight, exceptionally rigid and does not corrode. It can be laminated for extra protection.

Good value colour signage

Self adhesive information signs

Self Adhesive Information Signs
These self adhesive signs can be used to cover existing signs or applied to a smooth surface. We can print images and lettering onto self adhesive vinyl. The inks penetrate into the vinyl, they are UV stable and suitable for outdoor use. We can laminate for extra protection.

Use on any smooth glossy surface

PVC Informational signs

Cut Vinyl Lettering on 3mm PVC
If you are unable to find the sign you require in our standard information & safety signage we are able to make them to your requirements on 3mm PVC with cut vinyl lettering. These materials are weatherproof & durable. There is a minimum letter size of 15mm

Good value and long asting

Large sign boards

Larger Sign Boards
As well as information signs we can supply large sign boards made in various materials. These can be supplied with or without posts. Materials include 3mm flat plate aluminium, fibreglass, timber and foamboard

Signs on posts

Wooden Informational signs

Engraved Wooden Signs
For our engraved wooden signs and name plates we can use three different types of wood - Oak, Iroko - similar to teak and Sapele - similar to mahogany. Iroko has a large oil content so can be left untreated if required. Lettering can as small as 10mm.

use Iroko or Balau for durability

Engraved Acrylic Laminate

Engraved Acrylic Laminate
These signs are very durable - made from 2 ply 3mm exterior grade flexible acrylic which is weather proof and UV resistant. The letters are engraved through the first layer of laminate to show the colour underneath. Simple images can be engraved into the laminate.

Perfect for information Signs

Looks like stone  - text can be as small as 5mm

Stone-Like Corian
A modern material with a cold stone like finish. Corian is a mixture of clear acrylic resin, natural minerals and pigments. The mineral content retains some of the properties of real stone such as the cold feel, matt finish and substantial weight. It is perfect for information signs as it is very durable, fade proof & virtually maintenance free.

Stone Like Corian

Other Engraved Sgnage

Other Engraved Signage
We have a wide range of materials we can use for engraved signage - brass, aluminium, stainless steel,various laminates, timber, corian and wood veneer. The materials can be cut to any size- a wide range of engraving fonts and graphics can be used.There are three methods of engraving - traditional deep engraved, laser and chemically etched.

Laser Engraved Foil Labels

Laser Engraved Stainless Steel

Laser Engraved Stainless Steel
These tough and maintenance free stainless steel plates are perfect for informational signage. Unlike normal engraving it has the major advantage that lettering can be smaller and the images and logos can also be far more detailed. Although the lettering itself is not engraved into the metal it is permanent and as tough as the metal beneath. Very long lasting signs.

Very Long Lasting Plaque

Toughest Full Colour Sign

Tough Printed Anodised Aluminium
Anodised aluminium really is tough stuff - the image is locked inside the hard anodised layer. Unlike surface printing or vinyl graphics, anoprinting cannot be picked or scraped off the surface. The anoprint is the surface and a very tough one at that. We believe it is the toughest colour printing around.

Printed Anodised Aluminium

Chemically Etched Stainless Steel

Chemically Etched Stainless Steel
Ideal for small text, images with fine detail or if several colours are needed. The main benefit of chemical etching over normal engraving is no mechanical stress to the material and no cutter marks as the unwanted material is removed by chemicals leaving clear sharp flat surface detail. 

Very Long Lasting with up to 4 colours

Bespoke Cast Bronze sign

Cast Bronze  Cast Aluminium
The cast metal signs are all made in a foundry using traditional methods. They are very long lasting, hard wearing and virtually maintenance free. The very latest in pattern making technology gives unlimited scope of lettering, motifs and layout. Lettering can be as small as 4 characters to the inch and 2 lines to the inch

Cast Aluminium

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