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  A 2mm brass plaque deep engraved and left unpainted. size 325mm x 300mm. Ref 2107.SE.076

Each memorial plaque will go to our experienced designers who will the design it just the way you want it.

He will use a variety of techniques depending on the chosen font, size of lettering and the type of image if required.

Each and every memorial plaque is important - large or small. They will all be made to the same high standard.

Backing boards are available.

  If you need your sign urgently - order online and let us know the date of the event.
This plaque has been engraved but left unpainted.

Brass is the traditional material for memorial plaques. Often they are scratch engraved, as above, with unpainted letters. There is a large variety of fonts and thousands of images to choose from. We can also engrave more deeply and infill the letters with black, blue, green, orange or red. Where small lettering painted lettering we have a range of simple single line fonts as on the plaque below which uses arial font.

Small brass memorial plaque.

The main disadvantage with brass is that if you want it to stay shiny, it must be polished. For some useful tips see - Brass Cleaning.

Finding the right words for a memorial plaque can be difficult, so we have put together a page of Memorial Inscriptions

Wooden backing boards and tree stakes are available if required. They are usually made in Oak. However we do have Sapele (similar to mahogany) and Iroko (similar to teak). If you want a specific timber, please state it on the order form. Tree stakes and wooden crosses. Painted hardwood backing boards are another option.

Prices without backing board
1.5mm Engravers Brass
£33.62 £36.16 £41.25 £48.88
£36.10 £39.09 £45.06 £57.79
£39.82 £43.48 £50.79 £65.52
£46.02 £50.79 £64.09 £78.39

For larger sizes or thicker brass - click here

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Holes can be drilled at no extra cost.
Black or brass coverheads are available @ £3.50 for 4.

As well as the script fonts for scratch engraved we can use a variety of other fonts for paint filled signs. Letters can left unpainted or can be paint filled @ £3.50. As well as black text we can also do green , blue and red.

Brass plaque with green text on a hardwood backing boards painted lichen green.
Painted lettering with scratch engraved images - 1309.SE.012
The image to the above shows painted lettering with unpainted engraved images. If an image is mirrored it will count as one. ie the  four images on this plaque would cost a total of £9.90.

Letters under 10mm high can only be scratch engraved (no paint fill) using script, arial, dauphin, bookman old style and lucida calligraphy. 

Prices include 30 characters  Extra letters £4.00 per 30

Scratch engraved (unpainted) letters - Minimum letter size - 5mm.

Deep engraved letters which can be paint filled - Minimum letter size- 10mm.

We can include simple images on the signs at £12.50 per image. We have a large selection of standard images - Click here
. The cost to convert your own images to an engraving file is usually £34.50

We also have available a lovely selection of decorative borders - Click here

Paint filled Brass
Font Bookman Old Style- letters black  

If you have a particular layout in mind please send it to us as a sketch, jpg, gif or tiff image or a word document. We will re-create your design as closely as we can. If you email your artwork as an eps vector file we can use it as it is.
You can also use our Layout Tool

More Engraved Memorial Plaques - Memorial Overview - Gallery - Pinterest Board

Large Engraved Brass Sign
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Paint filled Brass in Colour
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