Hand painted oval cast metal house signs and name plates.

Cast Metal House Signs
Oval Shape

Traditionally Cast and Hand Painted  (Met)

Production time is six to eight weeks as each one is hand made in one piece.

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These cast metal house signs and name plates are individually cast in the traditional way and powder coated to give a durable weather-proof finish. Each one is then hand painted to create a long lasting and really unique house sign. The oval name plates are available in two styles as shown below. Normally the background is black and the lettering white, however it can be black letters on a white background.

Doubled Rimmed Oval Name Plate

Cast Metal Oval Name Plate
Size Cost
210mm x 165mm £86.25
270mm x 210mm £115
350mm x 300mm £187

Shipping Rate -D

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These are available portrait or landscape. They are ideal for a house number or motif in the centre of the name plate. However if you have specific layout idea - just let us know. Price includes 30 letters or characters. Motif £9.50

Single Rimmed Oval Name Plate

Black Nameplate
Size Cost
240mm x 150mm £86.25
310mm x 165mm £105
330mm x 185mm £125
365mm x 220mm £145
450mm x 270mm £176
470mm x 350mm £220

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These are available only in the landscape format. When used for house number and house name, the number looks good at the top with the house name curved below it. Again though, if you have specific layout idea - do let us know.

Cast Metal Plaques

Although our cast metal ovals are normally used for house signs, they can also be used for cast metal plaques to identify or commemorate special events, places or people. Please ask for a quote.

Cast Metal Plaques


The motifs above are all hand painted so colours can be changed. eg you may prefer a red rose.

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery on our Blog or our Pinterest Board More Cast Metal Signs
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