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Cast Metal House Signs
Name Plates & Memorial Plaques

Cast bronze signs for hertitage trail.

Cast Bronze Signs
These are top quality bronze signs which are very traditional, timeless and virtually maintenance free.The very latest in pattern making technology is combined with the very best of traditional craftsmen skills to offer you the best of both worlds. Ideal for information signs, house signs and memorial plaques.

Detailed bronze house sign

Oval cast brass house sign.

Cast Brass
House Name Plates

Made of solid brass, these plates can be painted in Black, Blue, Green or Maroon. Several lines of wording can be incorporated, by reducing the letter size. We can include a house number on your plate. The motifs can be included, if required, to achieve a balanced appearance.

Arch top cast brass house sign.


Cast Aluminium
Plaques & Memorials

Cast aluminium memorial plaques, house signs and informational signs made in the traditional way. Various motifs are available along with a choice of four background colours. Available with tree stakes, holes or rear studs for fixing.

Heart shaped cast aluminium memorial.

Patenated cast bronze plaques.

Cast Bronze
Memorial Plaques

Our cast bronze memorial plaques are traditionally made in a foundry using a casting technique that dates back to the bronze age itself. However the pattern making process is modern and uses the latest computer technology so you can have your memorial plaque made just the way you want it.

Cast bronze memorials on tree stakes.

Cast aluminium house sign with polished lettering.

Cast Aluminium House Signs
Made of solid aluminium. Several lines of wording can be incorporated by reducing the letter size. We can include a house number on your sign, or if required a hand painted motif can be included, to achieve a balanced appearance. All the signs have a durable baked finish.

Cast aluminium house sign with painted lettering.

Cast metal street signs.

Hand Painted Cast Metal Signs
These cast metal signs are manufactured at the foundry in one piece. To create the raised lettering and motif each sign is cast using the traditional sand casting process. After cooling, the mould is broken open and the cast metal sign removed. It is then cleaned, primed, powder coated and finally hand painted.

Hand painted cast metal signs.

Horseshoe shaped cast aluminium nameplate.

Horse Shoe Name Plates
Our Horseshoe Signs make ideal house signs or stable name plates. The horseshoe part of the sign is molded like a horseshoe. The central name bar has raised lettering and a raised rounded border. Each sign is cast in one piece.

Houseshoe shaped house number.

Beware of dogs sign

Standard Cast Aluminium
We have a range of standard cast aluminium signs which are ready made and can be dispatched quickly. These include Close the Gate, No Parking, Private, No Right of Way, Beware of the Dogs, Dogs in Garden, No Dog Fouling, No Cold Callers and many more.

Please ring bell sign.

Oval hand painted cast sign.

Modern Hand Painted Cast Signs
These signs are not metal but look very similar so are included here. They are cast in a very high quality polyurethane. This is an extremely tough hard wearing material which is solid, rigid and does not corrode. It has a distinct advantage over cast metal in that the lettering is crisper and the motifs, logos and crests can be much more intricate.

Arch top house sign.
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