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Metal House Sign with raised letters.

Metal Signs with Raised Letters
These metal house signs and door name plates are made from zinc plate, which is strong, tough and does not rust or tarnish. The background is etched away leaving the lettering, numbers, border and images raised. The background can be any colour you want and we can add extra colours into the images as well. Also - memorial plaques.

Metal Sign - Zinc Plate

Cast Metal Signs - Brass, Alloy, Bronze and Alunimium

Cast Metal Name Plates
Cast metal is ideal for heavy duty plates designed to last a lifetime. We have three different ranges - Cast brass with different colour backgrounds, cast aluminium with black background and white lettering and lastly cast bronze for classic home signs and memorial plaques.

Standard cast metal signs.

Off-The-Shelf Cast Metal Signs
We have a very good range of standard cast metal signs can be dispatched quickly. These include Close the Gate, No Parking, Private, No Right of Way, Beware of the Dogs, Dogs in Garden, No Dog Fouling, No Cold Callers and many more.

Dogs loose please shut the gate sign.

Franch style metal house signs and plaques.

French Style Metal Plaques
The traditional french style metal home sign is white on blue.  We do however have them available in five colours and various sizes - both as home signs and numbers. Made on a painted zinc coated metal, they are a long lasting and low maintenance sign.

Metal Gate Signs

Traditional Metal Gate Signs
A range of flat metal signs designed for fixing onto gates. Available in three lengths and five background colours, with or without borders.

Vintage Metal Signs

Embossed & Enamelled Name Plates
These vintage style name plates and house signs are gorgeous. They are made using traditional methods developed over the last 120 years. Some of the dies for the embossing process are 80 years old!
Each plate is hand made and then hand sprayed using stoving enamel. Excellent value name plates.

Embosed Name Plate

Cast bronze house name plate.

Cast Bronze Name Plates
These are top quality bronze signs which are very traditional, timeless and virtually maintenance free.The very latest in pattern making technology is combined with the very best of traditional craftsmen skills to offer you the best of both worlds. Ideal for information signs, house signs and memorial plaques.

Oval value house sign.

Value House Signs
These house signs are excellent value for money as well as being low maintenance and long lasting. They are made from an aluminium composite - a very smart material which is light weight, rigid and durable They are available in a range of sizes, shapes and colours.

Good value house signs in aluminium composite

Engraved colour aluminium in green, blue, red and black.

Coloured Aluminium Plaques & House Signs
The lettering is engraved through the anodised top coat to show the white beneath. There is a large range of fonts and almost any illustration from our image library can be used.  These are ideal for smaller name plates. Black, dark bronze, red, blue and green are available. Can be mounted on a wooden backing board for a touch of panache. This ia another maintenance free house sign.

Full colour print in the anodised layed of aluminium.

Printed Anodised Aluminium
Anodised aluminium really is tough stuff and this is what gives Anoprinted signs such a long life - the image is locked inside the hard anodised layer. Unlike surface printing or vinyl graphics, anoprinting cannot be picked or scraped off the surface. The anoprint is the surface and a very tough one at that.

Tough Print Metal Signs and Plaques
A range of printed signs and plaques which are superior to most other full colour signs. They are comparable to vitrous enamel at considerably less cost. The colour quality is superb with a long term resistance to fading. They are encapsulated with a heat treated coating which is very robust, easy to clean and has anti-vandal and graffiti resistant properties.

Engraved brass sign on backing board.

Engraved Metal Signs
There is a whole range of metals available to engrave. Along with 3 thickness of top quality engravers brass, there is aluminium in various colours and very tough stainless steel. There are three methods of engraving - traditional deep engraved, laser engrave and chemically etched for fine detail and  up to 4 colours.

Engraved stainless steel sign

Refective house sign

Reflective House Signs
These are very good value house signs made from tough 3mm aluminium composite with engineering grade reflective letters. Shows up really well day or night. Also ideal for no parking and other information signs which need to be seen.

Long lasting cut vinyl lettering on 3mm laminated aluminium.

Cut Vinyl Lettering on Aluminium Plate
These signs are manufactured from 3mm solid aluminium panels which are coated grey to the rear to combat the staining of walls and fascias. The face is laminated with a choice of 14 coloured vinyl or can be left plain. Many fonts and letter colours to choose from.

Full colour printed sign.

Full Colour Printing on Aluminium Plate
Manufactured from 3mm solid aluminium and covered with full colour vinyl printing. Heavy duty -Also ideal for commercial use. These are laminated for extra durability. .

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