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Cast Metal Horseshoe Signs
& Stable Name Plates

Metal Horse Shoe Signs

Each one is now handmade using its own pattern and will be completely unique. Production time is at least six weeks.

Our Horseshoe Signs make ideal house signs or stable name plates. The horseshoe part of the sign is molded like a horseshoe.

The central name bar has raised lettering and a raised rounded border. Each sign is cast in one piece.

The lettering is painted white and and horseshoe molding is painted steel-grey

Stable Name Plate House shaped cast metal house sign

Size Max Letters Cost Buy Now
10" Horse Shoe Sign 12 £108.90
12" Horse Shoe Sign 16 £121.00
14" Horse Shoe Sign 20 £139.70
Cast metal horseshoe sign

Holes will be drilled in the most suitable positions unless requested to the contrary on your order,
i.e. holes for hanging the sign, or fixing to a vertical post.


Cast Metal house signs

Stable Name Plates


Arrow, commas, hyphens, accents, ampersands (&), dashes, etc. and foreign punctuation can all be accommodated on the sign. If you do require any punctuation, do please mark your order clearly.

Our order form has an area where you give layout instructions or you can attach a sketch of how you would like the sign to look. However, you may confidently leave the layout to us. If your instructions are not clear, we will contact you before we start.

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