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Cast Metal House Signs
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Traditionally Cast & Hand Painted

Our cast metal signs are all made to order. We have many shapes and sizes and 300 motifs to choose from. We can also quote for special designs.

Our cast metal signs are manufactured at the foundry in Hertfordshire. They are made from a heavy casting alloy that will not corrode or rust. To create the raised lettering and motif each sign is cast using the traditional sand casting process. The foundry-men make a mould of the sign into which the molten metal is poured. After cooling, the mould is broken open and the cast metal sign removed. It is then cleaned, primed and stove enamelled. The last stage is hand painting the letters and motif. Gold leaf lettering can also be applied.

  Hand Painted Cast Metal Signs
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Cast Metal 6" Number Signs
These smaller house number signs are all approximately 6" wide. Each can include up to three numbers.

Cast Metal House Signs
Cast Metal Horseshoe Signs

Cast Metal Horseshoe Signs
Our Horseshoe Signs make ideal house or stable name plates. The horseshoe part of the sign is molded like a horseshoe.

Silhouette House Signs

Silhouette House Signs & Numbers
Our Silhouette Signs are flat with raised lettering. They are painted black with white lettering (or gold leaf lettering

Arch Top Cast Metal House Signs

Arch Top Home Name Signs
These are available in five sizes for one or two lines of text plus a motif or number at the top.

Oval Cast Metal Home Signs

Cast Metal Oval House Signs
We have four sizes of ovals between 12" and 18" across. They can all include a motif or number in the centre. The 12" can also be used with just a large number and motif.

Hand Painted Cast Metal Sign
Rectangle Home Name Sign

Rectangle Home Name Signs
Rectangles are made in three sizes and can include one or two lines of text along with a number or motif as required.

Rectanglar Signs Made to Order
Double Lined Signs

Cast Metal Signs - Double Line
A straight forward sign available in three sizes, one of which can take three lines of text if required. No Motif.

An arrow can count as the second line
Single Lined Signs

Cast Metal Signs - Single Line
These are 4" high and comes in five lengths depending on the number of letters required. Without Motif

Green Background
Gate Post Signs

Cast Metal Signs - Gate Post
These are the same sizes as the Single line but the letters are laid out vertical. No Motif

Cast Metal Home Name Sign
This cast metal sign was made up to a customers
specifications and they were so pleased with it
that sent us a photo of it in situ!

Cast by hand Signs which have been cast Powder Coating Hand Painting
Hand Cast with
Molton Metal Alloy
Cleaned Up and Ready
for Next Stage
Powder Coating
Followed by Oven Baking
Each Cast Metal Sign
is then Hand Painted

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