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Traditionally Cast & Hand Painted

Our cast metal signs are all made to order. Tell us what you are looking for and we will send you a quote. Apart from the Horseshoe House Sign these signs do take 8 weeks from start to finish. Other cast signs can be made in as little as 3 weeks.

Our cast metal signs are manufactured at the foundry. They will not corrode or rust. To create the raised lettering and motif each sign is cast using the traditional sand casting process. The foundry-men make a mould of the sign into which the molten metal is poured. After cooling, the mould is broken open and the cast metal sign removed. It is then cleaned, primed and powder coated. The last stage is hand painting the letters and motif.

  Hand Painted Cast Metal Signs

Traditional sand castingTraditional Sand Casting The casting moldEach of the Signs is Individually Cast Cast by handHand Cast with
Molten Metal
Powder CoatingPowder Coating for
Weather Proofing
All the cast metal signs are hand paintedEach Cast Metal Sign
is then Hand Painted

Bespoke cast metal business signs.

Bespoke Business Signs
Bespoke plaques are produced from customers artwork. First a pattern is created. The sign is then cast in iron, bronze, brass or aluminium. It is then powder coated and finally hand painted. These will take at least eight weeks to make
Send us your artwork and we will send you a quote

Business signs cast in metal and painted.

WW1 commemorative plaque.

Commemorative Plaques
These can be almost any shape as each one is cast to order. Send your ideas to us and once a quote is agreed we will create a proof drawing to make sure the plaque is exactly the way you want it.

Send us your artwork and we will send you a quote

Royal visit commemorative plaque.

Bespoke Street Signs

Bespoke Street Signs
These can be made in cast aluminium or cast iron. Cast iron is very heavy though. Each street sign is created from an individual pattern. They can replicate a Victorian design or any other traditional cast street sign. Alternatively they can have a modern look and feel.
Send us your artwork and we will send you a quote

Street sign with raised lettering.

Houseshoe style house number sign.

Horse Shoe House Sign/Stable Sign
Our Horseshoe Signs make ideal house signs or stable name plates. The horseshoe part of the sign is molded like a horseshoe. The central name bar has raised lettering and a raised rounded border. Each sign is cast in one piece.

Horseshoe house sign.

Beware od dog sign

Off-The-Shelf Cast Signs
We have a very good range of standard cast metal signs can be dispatched quickly. These include Close the Gate, No Parking, Private, No Right of Way, Beware of the Dogs, Dogs in Garden, No Dog Fouling, No Cold Callers and many more.

Private property sign

More Cast Metal Signs

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