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Wooden Finger Posts - Oak or Iroko

Natural Wood Post and Arms

Our carpenters will make the wooden finger posts to your requirements. The timbers we usually use are oak or Iroko wood. Oak is normally treated with a commercial long life satin varnish, Iroko wood with Danish oil.

The fingers are normally 100mm or 150mm high. The length is 600mm, 50mm of which is morticed into the post. The lettering is carved into both sides of the finger and painted. You choose the font.

Posts can be 70mm x 70mm or 95mm x 95mm. The larger posts can be made octagonal. Letters can be engraved into the post @ £3.25 per letter

Wooden finger post
Painted Oak Post and Arms

The post and fingers can also be painted. We normally use oak for the post. If you are looking for a cheaper post we could use Idigbo. This is a lighter weight hardwood but not as durable as oak.

The painted fingers are normally made from Accoya timber or 18mm Tricoya wood based board.

Paint Colours

We have a large range of paint colours including many Farrow and Ball matches. Black and white are standard colours. Other stock colours are £5.
Click here to see all the colours

Images and Post Tops

Images can be included on the signs. The post top can also be made in a different way - ask for a quote

Standard Prices
Includes VAT
2.3m Natural Wood Posts 2.3m Painted Oak Posts
70x70mm post 95x95mm post 70x70mm post Accoya Finger 70x70mm post Tricoya Finger 95x95mm post
Accoya Finger
95x95mm post Tricoya Finger
1 x 100mm Finger £259 £354 £295 £249 £398 £323
1 x 150mm Finger £280 £375 £317 £257 £420 £360
2 x 100mm Fingers £324 £437 £382 £297 £485 £400
2 x 150mm Fingers £384 £479 £427 £314 £530 £417
3 x 100mm Fingers £425 £520 £469 £345 £572 £448
3 x 150mm Fingers £488 £583 £537 £371 £640 £474
4 x 100mm Fingers £508 £603 £556 £393 £659 £496
4 x 150mm Fingers £592 £687 £647 £428 £750 £531
5 x 100mm Fingers £591 £686 £643 £441 £746 £544
5 x 150mm Fingers £696 £791 £757 £485 £860 £588
6 x 100mm Fingers £674 £769 £730 £489 £833 £592
6 x 150mm Fingers £800 £895 £867 £542 £970 £645
7 x 100mm Fingers £757 £852 £817 £537 £920 £640
7 x 150mm Fingers £904 £999 £977 £599 £1080 £702
Extra for octagonal N/A £25 N/A N/A £25 £25
Extra for 3m Post £40 £70 £50 £50 £80 £80

How Much Underground? - Click here for post planting depth P&P for all Finger Posts - Bracket N

Round Beaded Edging

Instead of the standard square edge on the post our carpenters can router a round beaded edge. This can be done on any of the hardwood posts - Oak, Iroko or Idigbo. It is very elegant and really sets the wooden posts apart. The cost is £12 per post.

Standard Posts Top

Gothic Posts Top

Shaped Post Top

Post with Oak Post Cap

Post Tops - There are various options for tops of the wooden posts. They can be used for both hardwood and softwood. There is no extra charge for the standard post top. The shaped top and the oak post cap are available @ £5 per post.

Aluminium Finger Posts - Flat Plate

Arms Suggested
Post length
Excl VAT
1 arm 3m
2 arms 3m
£ 261
3 arms 3.3m
£ 310
£ 330
4 arms 3.3m
£ 348
£ 360
4 arms 3.6m
£ 359
£ 384
5 arms 3.6m
£ 396
£ 431
6 arms 4m
£ 441
£ 482
7 arms 4m
£ 455
£ 504
8 arms 4.5m
£ 593
Metal Finger Posts

For more information - Click Here

How Much Underground? - Click here for post planting depth P&P for all Finger Posts - Bracket N

Aluminium Finger Posts - Cast with Raised Letters

These cast aluminium finger posts have raised letters on both sides of the arm. Each arm can include up to three lines of text. A chevron style arrow can also be included but it must be painted the same colour as the lettering. Other logos or crest can be quoted for.
The fonts can be Times New Roman or Franklin Gothic (all upper case)
Standard Sign Colours - Wine, White, Black & Green
Standard Letter Colour - White, Silver, Gold & Black

Cast aluminium directional arm 76mm Post painted the same colour as the finger
STFP1 - £225 (incl VAT)
Single Finger / Directional Arm
STFPPost1 - £125 (incl VAT)
Post with Post Cap
Cast Aluminium Ball Finial Two arm finger post
STFP3 - £125 (incl VAT)
Cast Aluminium Ball Finial
STFP5 - £685 (incl VAT)
Finger post with one fingers & ball finial
STFP6 - £899 (incl VAT)
Finger post with two fingers & ball finial

Our customer fixing the arms to a finger post
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Octagonal Wooden Post
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