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Good Value Finger Posts,
Entrance Signs & Projecting Signs

Aluminium T-Channel with Aluminium Composite

A combination of aluminium t-channel and aluminium composite board can be used to create good value finger posts, entrance signs and projecting signs. The t-channel has been powder coated white although we do paint it black as a standard too. Other colours available @ £5 per order are Moss Green, Slate Grey, Farrow & Ball Lichen, Purbeck Stone, Ultra Marine Blue and Stiffkey Blue. We fix the board to the channel using rivets and drill holes so the channel can be attached to wooden posts or any other flat surface. NB all prices on this page Include VAT

T-Channel used for finger posts T-channel before holes drilled. T-channel dimensions
The cost of the channel including riveting it to the aluminium composite is £7.80 per 100mm of channel.

Finger post arrow signs.

Finger Posts, Arrow Signs

We can make these to any size, but have priced up some standard sizes below. The wording can be printed and this is then laminated for longer life, alternatively it can be made with long lasting cut vinyl on a standard background colour - see colours below.

Detailed line drawings and bespoke background colours must be printed. We do sell the wooden posts to go along with the fingers, although the arrow signs can be supplied without posts if preferred. The arrow signs are double sided.

An arrow sign using aluminium composite and t-channel. A printed arrow sign on post.
Fingers / Arrow Signs P&P without posts - G 350 x 100mm 350 x 150mm 450 x 100mm 450 x 150mm 550 x 150mm
Printed and laminated for longer life 1 finger - £75
2 fingers - £98
3 fingers - £121
1 finger - £83
2 fingers - £116
3 fingers - £153
1 finger - £78
2 fingers - £103
3 fingers - £129
1 finger - £88
2 fingers - £124
3 fingers - £161
1 finger - £92
2 fingers - £133
3 fingers - £174
Single colour cut vinyl lettering
on standard colour aluminium composite
1 finger - £52
2 fingers - £75
3 fingers - £98
1 finger - £58
2 fingers - £87
3 fingers - £116
1 finger - £54
2 fingers - £79
3 fingers - £105
1 finger - £63
2 fingers - £96
3 fingers - £118
1 finger - £66
2 fingers - £101
3 fingers - £136
VAT Included   Buy Now - single Colour     Buy Now - Printed & Laminated

The Posts
We stock a lot of different timbers and can make your posts just the way you want them. An assortment of standard sizes are listed below. For painted posts the standard colours are Black, White, Farrow and Ball Lichen & Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone. Other Stock Colours it is an extra £5. These include Moss Green, Slate Grey, Ultra Marine Blue and F&B Stiffkey Blue. The natural oak posts will be treated with a commercial satin varnished and finished with wodcare milk. Iroko posts are full of their own oil so just are just finished with Devon Oil.

Posts         P&P I 1.5m - 58x58mm 1.8m - 70x70mm 2m - 70x70mm 2.3m - 70x70mm
Oiled Iroko Posts £66.24 £91.08 £114 £118
Satin Varnished Oak £83.35 £146 £162 £185
Oak treated with Black Wood Preservative £83.35 £146 £162 £185
Painted Oak £101 £175 £193 £222
Painted Hardwood - Sapele £82.30 £110 £121 £139
Painted Softwood   £75 £83.27 £95.02
Softwood treated with Black Wood Preservative   £46 £59.45 £59.27
VAT Included   Buy Now from The Sign Maker Shop


T-Channel Projecting Signs

These are basically the same as the above but without the shaped end. The prices shown below are all for landscape double sided projecting signs, but we can quote for portrait or any other size. They can be printed full colour or with single colour cut vinyl lettering.

Aluminium Composite Board Colours
NB These boards are gloss one side and matt on the other.

We also have solid aluminium projecting signs
A projecting sign using t-channel on an oak posts.
Projecting Signs     P&P without posts - G 225 x 150mm 300 x 225mm 300 x 300mm 400 x 300mm
Printed and laminated for longer life £78
Single colour cut vinyl lettering
on standard colour aluminium composite
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Simple Entrance Signs - Panel with Two Posts

For simple entrance signs we can use the t-channel with the tough aluminium composite board and painted or natural wood posts. These signs are sent out unassembled but the pilot holes will be drilled.

You can request for them to be assembled but the postage costs will be higher. The prices below are for posts 1.2m long and 58mm x 58mm in width. Longer or larger posts can be supplied as required. The image to the left shows 70 x 70mm posts.
An entrance sign using t-channel, aluminium composite on 70mm oak posts.

T-Channel entrance signs for two posts. Good value signs for two posts.

T-Channel Entrance Signs   Panel Size   450 x 150mm 450 x 250mm 600 x 150mm 600 x 250mm 600 x 350mm
  Full colour printed and laminated artwork
Iroko Posts 58 x 58mm I £237 £260 £240 £266 £292
Oak Post 58 x 58mm I £277 £299 £281 £307 £333
Painted Hardwood Posts 58 x 58mm I £240 £263 £243 £269 £295
  One colour lettering on a standard colour aluminium composite background
Iroko Posts 58 x 58mm I £234 £255 £237 £260 £279
Oak Post 58 x 58mm I £275 £296 £277 £300 £320
Painted Hardwood Posts 58 x 58mm I £237 £258 £240 £263 £282
VAT Included   Buy Now from The Sign Maker Shop - One Colour - Printed

These prices are for single sided entrance signs, but for a little extra we can make them double sided - just ask for a quote.

Single colour aluminium composite sign riveted to t-channel. Images
You may add one of our standard images or borders @ £12.50. Any of the images can be used for printed vinyl but for the one colour cut vinyl the simpler silhouette style images should be chosen.

You may send in your own image for the designer to incorporate into the artwork @ £34.50.

We have a huge amount of fonts to choose from. The font can make a huge difference to the overall look of the sign. You can ask the designer to create the artwork in a couple of different fonts if you are unsure. Have a look at our fonts page.

NB - On all the above - Finger Posts Arrows, Projecting Signs and Entrance Signs a small amount of the panel will be hidden in the t-channel. Signs are dispatched with rivets fixed & holes drilled ready to screw into posts.

These signs can be erected by simply digging holes and back-filling. Alternatively you could use our posts holders. We have post holders with spikes that can be hammered in with a sledge hammer, bolt-down post holders for fixing onto existing concrete and concrete-in post holders for exposed areas. We advise against concreting your sign directly into the ground.

Post Holders

Oak Framed Entrance Signs
Similar to the above entrance apart from oak rails are used to hold the sign instead of the t-channel. They are also available in larger sizes. More Information

An oak framed entrance sign.   Wooden Entrance Signs
Available painted in a large variety of colours or can be made varnished oak or oiled iroko. They will be more expensive. More Information
Painted wooden entrance signs are an alternative.

More Finger Posts More Entrance Signs More Projecting Signs
Simple T-channel sign.
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