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Directional Arrow Signs &
Finger Posts

Directional Arrows with or without posts

We do have quite a range of directional arrow signs to suit all budgets. The cheapest are the rustic ply signs which are ideal for events. The simple t-channel arrow signs are very good value for money and look smart too. They are easy to fix to a wooden post. For commercial high traffic areas the sold aluminium arrow sign should be considered. Arrow signs on posts are known as finger posts and we have a good range in wood and aluminium which can have one to seven fingers.

Good value t-channel arrow sign.

T- Channel Directional Arrow Signs

These are very good value for money arrow signs made from aluminium composite which is riveted to metal t-channel. Lettering can be cut vinyl or full colour printed and laminated. From £47

Printed directional arrow sign.

Wooden finger posts.

Wooden Finger Posts

There are various options with the finger posts. Wooden finger posts can be made from natural oak or iroko with 70mm or 95mm posts. The large posts can be octagonal or square. There is also a range of painted wooden finger posts. You can have one finger or up to seven fingers on a post. From £259

oak finger posts.

Aluminium finger posts.

Aluminium Finger Posts

Make it easy for your visitors to find there way around with these aluminium finger posts. Available in a any colour with anything from one to eight arms. These can be pointed to any direction by just adjusting a grub screw. Can be one one level or different levels. From £211

Easy to assemble aluminium finger posts.

Solid aluminium directional arrow sign.

Solid Aluminium Arrow Sign

These are very strong and sturdy arrow signs also known as finger signs. They are made of solid 3mm aluminium and have a top and bottom frame. They supplied with the stainless steel screw-band fittings. From £141

Directional sign with stainless steel straps.

Simple aluminium composite directional signs. Aluminium Composite Arrows

Although these are used for weddings and events they are long lasing and perfect for permanent signage as well. There is a choice of ten background colours and hundreds of fonts and image. From £31

Tough and long lasting arrow signs.

Rustic painted ply arrows. Rustic Painted Ply Arrows x 6

These are made from 5mm ply with a single coat of paint and the lettering stenciled on. They are intended for use at weddings or other events. Prices for 6 direction arrow signs - all the same colour - 500mm x 100mm - £59

Arrow signs for events.

Long lasting engraved pvc directional signs. White Engraved 10mm PVC

This tough material, designed as a commercial signage board, also makes excellent directional signage. It is light weight, yet hard and resilient, as well as being environmentally friendly. The surface is matt white new PVC which covers a thick core of black recycled PVC - From £33

Engraved recycled pvc signs.

Embossed and enamelled aluminium arrow. Embossed & Enamelled Arrow

These are made from embossed and enamelled aluminium. They are available in lots of colours but only one size -525 x 108mm with a maximum of 10 letters - £41.50

Embossed and enamelled arrow sirn.

Cast aluminium finger posts. Cast Aluminium Finger Posts

These cast aluminium finger posts have raised letters on both sides of the arm. Each arm can include up to three lines of text. The posts are 76mm aluminium and include the decorative collars which go above and below the arms. From £805

Aluminium with raised lettering.

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