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Double sided painted oak sign

Painted Oak Signs
Black and white painted oak signs are very traditional, but with the use of a modern font, their clean cut style would look very smart in any situation. They can be used as single sided house name signs or doubled sided hanging signs. You don't have to stick with black and white though - we have lots of colours.

Oak sign painted in customer colours

Stable and very durable accoya wood

Painted Accoya Signs
Accoya wood is an environmentally friendly solid modified timber which is more stable & durable than the best tropical hardwoods. It starts life as Radiata Pine and is modified by acetylation. Extensive testing has shown that paints can last up to three times as long on Accoya compared to unmodified wood.

Accoya wood signs are a similar price to oak

Entrance signs made in the shape of a hockey stick

Painted Hockey Stick Signs
A simple but effective house sign which can be buried into the grass verge at your property entrance. These are normally made from very long lasting tricoya board which is 18mm thick and cut into the shape of a hockey stick. Tricoya is a tough eco friendly wood based board made using a high performance resin.

Hockey stick sign coated in coach enamel for extra durabilty

Wooden framed signs

Traditional Framed Signs
These are top quality wooden framed signs designed to last. They feel really solid and have a substantial weight to them. The inner panel is made from Tricoya board, as described above, while the frame is can made from accoya or oak. They can be made single sided for wall mounting or double sided for hanging.

Can be single or double sided

Painted Sign Board

Painted Sign Boards
The board used for these painted signs is Tricoya. It is very stable, strong, durable and weatherproof. Tricoya itself comes with a 50 year guarantee. It is also environmentally friendly. The black sign with gold painted lettering looks amazing, but we can use any of the colours above.

Tricoya cut into any shape

Painted oak sign with engraved corian insert

Superior Entrance Signs
These superior entrance signs are beautifully crafted. The posts and the inner panel are solid oak. A recess is carved into the oak and a corian plaque neatly inserted into it. Corian is a hard wearing material which looks and feels like stone. It is actually stone dust, bonded together with weather-proof resin. Posts, panel & words look superb if all painted the same colour.

Engraved corian plaques inlaid into oak sign
Oak sign morticed into oak posts

Painted Signs with Posts
Painted oak signs and painted posts have increased in popularity by huge amounts in the last year. While the signs and posts have a clean modern feel there is something very traditional about them. Normally posts come ready to be buried into the soil. (at least 450mm)We are sometimes asked for free standing fingerposts which our carpenter can create.. Click here

Wooden sign fixed to post with hidden fixings

Post with arm for hanging signs

Post with Arm for Hanging Signs
These can be made with oak, idigbo or softwood and are ideal for hanging signs. They are supplied complete with stainless steel fittings suitable for the sign of your choice. They can be painted black, white or to match the colour of your sign. The posts is 8 foot high and the arm is made to suit the sign.

Posts can be painted in large range of colours

Painted Ladder Sign

Painted Ladder Signs
The wooden ladder signs are ideal for use as entrance signs, especially when listing more than one property. As standard they can have one, two or three signs, either morticed in or front fixed. As always, other variations can be quoted for. They can be painted in any of our stock colours and for extra protection can be coated in high gloss coach enamel.

Heritage green sign on post

As well as the signs and the posts we also have a large selection of Brackets and Fittings.
NB Single side signs are painted on the reverse, but you will see a small hole which is used to hang the sign from during the paint spraying process.

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