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Aluminium Finger Posts,
Directional Arrows

Multi Way Metal Finger Posts

Aluminium sign posts, finger boards, directional arrows in a wide variety of colours

Finger Posts

These metal finger posts are multi directional. The post itself and the finger boards are made from aluminium which is powder coated to any of our standard RAL colours. Lettering of one colour is applied to both sides of the finger boards.

The prices below include a post cap. Finials are also available at £45 excl VAT

finials for posts

Finger Posts - standard RAL colours - click here.  The lettering in can be many different colours - click here
Reflective Colours - White/Silver, Black, Yellow, Red, Green & Blue   P&P for all Finger Posts - Bracket N

Arms Suggested
Post length
Excl VAT
1 arm 3m
2 arms 3m
£ 261
3 arms 3.3m
£ 310
£ 330
4 arms 3.3m
£ 348
£ 360
4 arms 3.6m
£ 359
£ 384
5 arms 3.6m
£ 396
£ 431
6 arms 4m
£ 441
£ 482
7 arms 4m
£ 455
£ 504
8 arms 4.5m
£ 593
Metal Finger Posts

DISCOUNTS for more than one Finger Post

How Much Underground?
Click here for post planting depth
Base plate for surface mounting email us for a quote 

600mm Welded 10mm Base Plate for surface mounting - £148 plus VAT

Order your Finger Post Now

Each of the standard fingers or arms is 3mm thick and measures 165mm x 770mm and is secured to the post by a grub screw in the sleeve extrusion. This means that the finger can point in any direction you choose.

"Please do send my thanks on to everyone involved, and a big thank you to you for persevering with this as I know there was lots of faffing in the beginning!   Thank you to you and all of your team for all your work on this project, the signs really do look AMAZING.   

And from a logistical point of view, THANK YOU SO MUCH for packing them with the relevant labels and location numbers. That was a god send today when we were driving around and installing them from the back of my car!

Your team really have done a great job and please pass on our thanks.  Hopefully we will get Phase 2 authorised later in the year, I will definitely be back in touch.  The quality of the signs and the service was fantastic. Best wishes. Vicki"

As standard each arm/finger is on a different level. However it is possible to have two or even three, on the same level. These need to be the 16mm thick fingers and cost an extra £28 (excl VAT) per finger. If this is to be the case we would need clear instructions as to which direction each sign is to point. The posts length can be reduced if required. With finger posts 3.6m and over, the post itself will be sent directly from our manufacturer, so may arrive a day or two before the arms.  

16mm arm
Appying the lettering to a 16mm finger posts for Monkey World

Single finger sign for any type of post - 600mm x 190mm

Single Finger Sign Public Footpath Single Finger Sign

These are supplied with stainless steel screw-band fittings which can be used on any type of post.

Excl VAT Single Sided Double Sided Metal finger with reflective text
Plain Vinyl £118 £123
Reflective Vinyl £126 £134
Direction arrows

The aluminium panel is normally white. It can be powder coated @ a cost of £55 per order to any colour. The sign to the left shows a white panel with green vinyl. Order Now

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative we do have another range of directional signs - click here.

Another option are the beautiful oak finger posts - click here

More Aluminium Signs   More Finger Posts

Metal Finger Posts
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Metal Finger Post
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