Wooden Posts, Oak Finger Posts and Wrought Iron Brackets made by craftsmen.

Wooden Posts, Oak Posts
  & Wrought Iron Brackets

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Wooden Posts - Softwood

6" oak with text on both sides, shaped arrow,
morticed into 6ft 3"x3" post
Oak Post Cap @ £7.50

Treated Softwood Posts

Although a cheaper alternative to oak these posts are still attractive. They are painted either black or white as standard but other colours are available. As well as the standard posts top there is an oak post cap @ £5.

Signs can simple be screwed onto the posts or, as in the case of this directional arrow sign, they can be morticed into the post. (£15 per mortice joint)

For tall posts please allow at least 24" 600mm underground. The 3"x3" post is suitable for most signs.

Oak sign with softwood posts

This oak sign has been morticed into
two 4" x 4" softwood posts.
Standard Post Top

The simple farm sign to the left has been made using signs from our iroko range. The farm name is carved in 100x450mm Iroko. The information signs below it are made in 200x250mm Iroko.
70mm  softwood posts have been used and the smaller sign is hung with stainless steel fittings.

The main sign has been screwed to the posts instead of being morticed in to keep costs as low as possible. 

Bespoke Posts

If you want to fix one of the larger metal brackets to a post we can adapt
the post with one or two cross bars to fit the bracket.

The price is the cost of the extra timber plus £15 per joint

Cross bars

Softwood posts painted black or white as standard.
Colours @ £5 include Hertitage Green, Mid Grey, Farrow & Ball - Purbeck Stone, Lichen, Stiffkey Blue. Other colours Add £55.  Oak Posts are also available

Post Size 3" x 3" 4" x 4" 6" x 6"
Planed to (approx) 70 x 70mm 95 x 95mm 145mm x 145mm
 1m 3ft 3"   £33.30 I   £53.10 J   £76.85 K
 1.2m 4ft   £37.20 J   £60.75 K   £88.95 L
 1.8m 5ft 10"   £48.75 K   £83.85 L   £126 N
 2m 6ft 6"   £52.60 M   £91.50 N   £138 N
 2.3m 8ft   £58.40 N   £103 N   £156 NN
 3m 10ft   £71.90 N   £129 NN   £198 NN
 4m 13ft   N/A     £168 NN   £260 O
Postage rates are shown as letters after the price.

We also have Wrought Iron Brackets with post fittings available. 

Ball Post Tops
On the 4" x 4" softwood posts we can add a wooden ball top @ £20 per post

Posts with Arm & Fittings for Hanging Signs

Wooden finger post
4" x 4" Oak Post with fingers
plus letters on the post
Hanging Wood Sign

The standard post and arm is 8 foot high and the arm, which is morticed into the post, is made to suit the sign length. If you are ordering  a post without a sign please state the length of arm required. We make them in Oak, Iroko, Idigbo and softwood. For More Details and Prices - Click Here

Post colour - Lichen. Letters - White

Post colour - Stiffkey Blue. Letters - White

Post colour - Cream. Letters - Studio Green
White posts

Oak posts are normally treated with an industrial long life satin varnish which shows the beautiful grain of the wood. Softwood posts are available painted black or white as standard. We also have other colours - see below.

Corian sign morticed into 2 oak posts
Corian sign morticed into 2 oak posts

We can also paint the oak posts if required. They do look very smart and are superior in quality to softwood. Black and white are standard. We also have for extra £5 - Hertitage Green, Mid Grey, Farrow & Ball - Purbeck Stone, Lichen, Stiffkey Blue and many other colours - click here. Yet another option is to treat with a black wood preservative.

Oak Posts, Gate Post Signs & Finger Posts
Windsor Finger Post
The Windsor Finger Post

Click here for More Finger Posts

Oak is strong, heavy and durable but it is expensive when compared to softwood. The timber is planed, edges routered and the tops are shaped. They can be treated with Long Life Satin Varnish, Osmo Oil, or painted. All look amazing!

Heavy slate sign on posts

We can mortice the signs into the posts if required. (£15 per mortice joint)

3" x 3" oak posts are suitable for most signs. 4" x 4" only needs to be used for very large signs or for the overall look. It is also sensible to use it for heavy slate signs.

As with the signs posts are treated with a long life satin varnish as standard. However if prefered we can finish with either danish oil or osmo oil. Please note with the larger oak posts cracks will sometimes appear as the timber ages. For oak posts we use character oak which is more interesting, but actually cheaper. If you prefer we can use prime furniture grade (as we do for the signs)- please add 70%.

The prices below are for Oak Posts treated with an industrial long life satin varnish or a black wood preservative.
Post Size 2" x 2" 2.5" x 2.5" 3" x 3" 4" x 4" 4" x 5" 5" x 5"
Planed to (approx) 45 x 45mm 58" x 58" 70 x 70mm 95 x 95mm 95 x 115mm 115 x115mm
 1m 3ft 3" £34.20 - I £54.96- I £79.81- I £163 - J £183 - J £210 - K
 1.2m 4ft £41.04 - J £65.96 - J £95.77 - J £196 - K £220 - K £252 - M
 1.5m 4ft 11" £51.03 - K £82.45 - K £119 - K £245 - L £275 - L £313- M
 1.8m 5ft 10" N/A £98.94- L £143- L £294 - M £331- M £379- M
 2m 6ft 6"   £110 - M £159 - M £327 - N £367 - N £421 - N
 2.3m 8ft     £183 - N £376 - N £423 - N £484 - N
 3m 10ft     £239- O £490 - O £551 -O £631 -O
Postage rates are shown as letters after the price.       Octagonal Posts - add £25

Letters can be carved into the post @ £3.25 per letter for a oak gate post sign - Natural Finish Only. They can also be painted onto a post.

Iroko Posts treated with Devon Oil.

Post Size 2" x 2" 3" x 3" 4" x 4" 6" x 6"
Planed to (approx) 45 x 45mm 70 x 70mm 95 x 95mm 140 x 140mm
 1m 3ft 3"   £31.00   £51.00   £96.60   £139
 1.2m 4ft   £37.20   £60.00   £115   £167
 1.5m 4ft 11"   £46.50   £75.00   £145   £209
 1.8m 5ft 10"   N/A   £90.00   £174   £250
 2m 6ft 6"       £100   £193   £278
 2.3m 8ft       £115   £222   £320
 3m 10ft       £150   £290   £418


Hardwood posts painted Black, White, Farrow & Ball - Purbeck Stone & Lichen as standard. Colours @ £5 - Hertitage Green, French Grey, Stiffkey Blue, Cream .... Click here to see stock colours  Other colours Add £55 per order.  More about Painted Oak Posts .

Post Size 2" x 2" 2.5" x 2.5" 3" x 3" 4" x 4"
Planed to (approx) 45 x 45mm 58 x 58mm 70 x 70mm 95 x 95mm
 1m 3ft 3"   £38.50   £51.81   £81.83   £131
 1.2m 4ft   £45.22   £61.17   £97.20   £156
 1.5m 4ft 11"   £55.28   £75.21   £120   £194
 1.8m 5ft 10"   N/A   £89.25   £143   £232
 2m 6ft 6"       £98.61   £158   £258
 2.3m 8ft           £181   £296
 3m 10ft           £235   £384

Estate Sign
Size - 750mm long x 300mm (to top of arch)

Entrance Signs

The entrance sign above shows the pointed gothic tops. You will need to add about 200mm to post height for this finish.
For more information about this style of entrance sign on posts - click here.

Oak Gatepost SignWooden plugs

Wooden plugs to hide screw holes can be fitted @ £2.50ea

Iroko wood post
Iroko wood is full of
its own oil so needs less treatment
than oak.
Sign with posts

Morticed Posts

All kinds of sign fittings are available.

Free Standing Painted Hardwood Posts Free Standing Painted Hardwood Posts

These are made in our workshops using 70mm x 70mm timber with a stable wooden base. They are usually painted black or white but we can also use one of our other stock colours @ £5 per order.

They can be used for free standing signs or with chain between as a movable barrier.

Cost per post 800mm - £110, 1m - £125

Small Oak Posts 2" x 2" 
These are suitable for signs about 12" in height or with a ground clearance of up to 18". When calculating the length please allow 18" underground. These posts are also available in Iroko.

The 2" x 2" posts are planed down to 45mm x 45mm and then treated with long life satin varnish.

Priced  in table above

 Back Of Sign
    Back of sign showing planed 2"x2" posts

Large Wooden Sign

Oak / Iroko Pegs for small signs
Ideal for smaller signs - no more than 6 inches (150mm) high. The two oak/ Iroko pegs are 24" long allowing 12" underground and a clearance of at least 6" between the ground surface and the bottom of the sign. These are screwed into the back of the sign.
Cost - £20.75 per pair  - D

Oak Pegs

Wooden Posts - Made to Order
Octagonal Oak Posts Oak Finger Posts

The finger posts shown above are made in oak and about to be treated with Osmo. They have been cut in an octagonal shape - something we can do with any of the oak posts. The cost is 10% more than square posts.

Large Wooden Signs shoulders

The above signs were fixed onto 4"x4" oak posts and the screw holes hidden with oak plugs. As the signs were to fix to the front of the posts, the wooden shoulders were fixed to the back of the sign. Oak shoulders morticed into post - £65 per pair.

The sign to the right was carved from Iroko Wood which may not be as beautiful as oak but is easier to maintain due to its high oil content. This sign was lasered but left unpainted. The font use here was Benguiat. Iroko Arrow

Round Beaded Edging

Instead of the standard square edge on the post our carpenters can router a round beaded edge. This can be done on any of the hardwood posts - Oak, Iroko or Idigbo.

It is very elegant and really sets the wooden posts apart. The cost is £12 per post.

Standard Posts Top

Gothic Posts Top

Shaped Post Top

Post with Oak Post Cap

Post Tops - There are various options for tops of the wooden posts. They can be used for both hardwood and softwood. There is no extra charge for the standard post top. The shaped top, gothic top and oak post cap are @ £10 per 70mm post, £15 - 90mm. A turned wood post top can also be added to the larger posts - see below

Painted oak post top in shape of an acorn.
90mm Painted Hardwood Post Tops - £26
Shapes Available - Acorn or Ball
Acorn shaped oak post top.
90mm Oak Post Tops - £26
Shapes - Acorn, Square Acorn or Ball
90mm Painted Softwood Post Tops - £20
Shapes Available - Acorn or Ball

Wooden posts can be erected by simply digging holes and back-filling. Alternatively you could use our posts holders for signs on wooden posts.. We have post holders with spikes that can be hammered in with a sledge hammer, bolt-down post holders for fixing onto existing concrete and concrete-in post holders for exposed areas. We advise against concreting your sign directly into the ground.

Post holders for wooden posts.


Oak Posts for Stone Signs

Oak posts can be supplied for slate, grnite ad other stone signs. Due the the heavy weight of stone signage extra support may be needed.

Click Here for More Details

Oak posts and support for stone signs

Solid Wooden Stand

These are made from 70 x 70mm oak or Iroko and are very substantial indeed. The size of the top is 600mm x 400mm.The legs on the one shown are 600mm

Cost - 600mm legs £264 P&P - K
Cost - 900mm legs £307 P&P - K
Cost - 1.2m legs £355 P&P - N

Cost - 600mm legs £225 P&P - K
Cost - 900mm legs £260 P&P - K
Cost - 1.2m legs £295 P&P - N

For wooden plaques the posts can be fitted without a stand.

Wooden memorial plaque with 2 posts fitted onto the back
Painted solid wood entrance sign

Wooden Entrance Signs
These entrance signs are made from solid wood. They can be built in solid oak which is finished with a satin varnish or oil. Alternatively they can be built from oak or tricoya - a wood based board and painted in one of many Farrow & Ball colours. Choice of post timber and post top styles. They are dispatched fully assembled.

Solid Oak Entrance Sign
Painted wooden ladder signs

Wooden Ladders Signs
When several signs are fixed to posts they are often known as ladder signs. As standard they can have one, two or three signs, either morticed in or front fixed, but always, other variations can be quoted for. They can be painted or have letters carved into natural timber which which can be treated with high gloss coach enamel, satin varnish or Devon Oil.

Iroko wood ladder sign which has been oiled with Devon Oil

We have carpenters on site who can create almost any wooden post and bracket combination.
If you need something different, just email us your requirements

How Much Underground? - Click here for post planting depth

Wrought Iron Brackets

These are made by our award winning blacksmith. They are forged on a traditional coal forge.
The metal is shaped by hammering, bending and twisting to the required shape.

  Wrought Iron Brackets Bracket Sign
  Scroll Bracket - Oak Sign - Font Harrington - Corner Borders DS 009
Ball end bracket with 18" x 12" oak sign

Click Here  for more details, sizes and prices of the Wrought Iron Brackets and other Brackets

Steel post painted white

Steel Post with Bracket Attached
Steel posts may be an alternative to wooden posts. They can be made to any size.
The standard box steel posts is 2.5m high, 610mm to end box steel horizontal, 730mm in total with 300mm between hooks. Cost without extra fittings - £288.

The Small Steel Post is 1m high with 350mm arm and a ball on end of bracket and top of posts. Cost without extra fittings - £182

Small black stell posts with ball ends and ball top

More Posts for Signs
Oak signs with posts
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Octagonal Wooden Post

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