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Wooden House Signs

High quality house signs to suit all budgets. Huge amount of choice in timber, sizes, fonts and images

Oak House Name Sign

Carved Oak House Signs
Oak is a beautiful timber and without doubt incredibly durable, strong and heavy. It has a lovely variations within the grain and sometimes has small knots and burrs which are most attractive. It is the most popular timber for house signs, but it does have one disadvantage - if you want to keep it looking at its best you must oil it regularly. However providing it is maintained it will last a lifetime.

White painted oak signs

White Painted Oak House Signs
This type of oak house sign has recently become very popular. Maybe the simple clean lines are more suited to a contemporary setting. The oak is sanded to a fine finish and six coats of white exterior paint are applied. The lettering is then painted on in a font of your choice. Quite detailed images can also be included.

Chestnut house sign

Wooden House Signs - Chestnut
Sweet chestnut is traditionally known as poor mans oak! We don't look at it this way - more of an interesting alternative to oak. These wooden house signs certainly do look very similar to oak and have fairly dense grain. Chestnut also has a high tannin content which makes it very durable.


Cherry Signs
This is a timber which reddens when exposed to sunlight and the colour does improve with age. It does need to be well maintained when used outside though.

Rustic Timber Slice

Rustic Timber Slices
Rustic timber slices make interesting wooden house signs and they are reasonabley priced. Each piece of wood is different so each sign is individual. The bark is left on and the top surface is varnished. They are made in three different size brackets.

Round Wooden

Wooden Round and Oval Plaques
We have created some really lovely round and oval plaques and with a little of your imagination we can make really wonderful house sign for you. You can choose any of our images and fonts to make your sign totally unique to you.

Sapele Sign

Sapele Wood Signs
It has a rich, lustrous, and variable reddish-brown color similar to mahogany It is however more stable than mahogany and even harder than oak. It is actually cheaper than oak too! Letters can be painted in any colour including white, silver and gold.

Iroko House Signs

Iroko Wood
Iroko is a West African hardwood which is similar to teak. It is an extremely dense, durable and stable timber and as it is naturally oily, it is ideal for external signs.  It is a timber which can even be left untreated. It is usually yellow in colour this can vary.

Various Timbers

Which Timber to Use
Have a look at this page if you are unsure which timber to use. It has images of all our timbers plus the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Gallery of Wooden Signs
A page with lots of pictures to give you ideas for your sign.

directional post

Posts & Brackets
We have a whole selection of oak and softwood posts along with wrought iron brackets.

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery or our Pinterest Board Other Wooden Signs
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