Rustic Wooden House Signs and Rustic Timber Slices.

Rustic Wooden House Signs,
Timber Slices

Wooden House Signs with Bark Attached

Rustic timber slices make interesting house signs. Each piece of timber is different so each sign is individual. The bark is left on and the whole sign is varnished.  We now normally use our long life satin varnish but can leave untreated if you want to use any other finish. They are made in three sizes.  Medium and Large for house signs and Small for house numbers and some name plates.

Rustic sign with detailed image.  ref 1307.LW.062
Rustic Wooden House Signs
Font - times new roman Font - Old English  Image - FS078
NB all timber slices are a different shape but rarely are they as featured as the one above. You should also be aware that the bark will come off at some point. There is nothing we can do to stop this. Your choices are a little glue to keep it on for longer or take all of the bark off altogether. The wooden sign itself providing it is maintained will last a lot longer.

rustic wooden number
Rustic sign with vinyl letters Rustic Wooden House Sign
Font - Engravers Roman Bold BT Font - Times New Roman, Image - sd746,
Vinyl Letters
Font - Kelmscot

Rustic sign with detailed image Outline Font Rustic Wooden Sign John's Studio Wooden Sign
Font - Black Chancery, image - f101 Font - outline Font - lucida sans

The lettering can either be carved into the wood and painted or we can use tough vinyl lettering. Either way the sign is finished with a commercial long life satin varnish.

  SIZE Approx measurements
With Carved Letters
With Vinyl Letters
  Small Rustic House Sign - 150mm - 200mm
  Medium Rustic House Sign - 250mm - 340mm
  Large Rustic Sign- 350mm - 480mm slice & Up to 200mm High
  Tal Large Rustic Sign - 350mm - 480mm slice & Between 220-400mm High £100.95 £95.95
  X Large Rustic Sign- 500mm - 600mm slice & Up to 200mm High- out of stock
£102.95 £97.95
 Tall X Large Rustic Sign- 500mm - 600mm slice & Between 220-400mm High - out of stock £115.50 £110.50

Every rustic timber slice is different in shape and size. Order sign by size range - not the exact size

Extra  painted letters over 6
no charge
Standard image from website
Own Image

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Rustic Timber Sign used as a memorial plaque

This X-Large rustic sign has been used for a memorial plaque.

The font is Old English and the image is NS144


We can use almost any of the standard images but detailed line drawings will be left lasered und unpainted.
As they are usually a dark brown colour anyway, painting is not necessary.

Click here to see images we can use on the signs.

Own image on rustic timber slice


The lettering can be carved out and are normally painted black. However we have a large variety of other colours - click here. We can also apply vinyl lettering in most colours. For a selection of fonts - CLICK HERE Letter size is normally adjusted to suit the sign, but if you have something particular in mind - just put it on the order form or send us your ideas as a sketch, image or word document.

Bright Blue Letter Rustic Wooden Sign
font - Dragonwick,  Letters bright blue


For more ideas have a look at the Gallery or our Pinterest Board Other Wooden Signs
Unpainted rustic wooden sign.
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Rustic wooden sign with sayings engraved into the wood.

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