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Finishing Treatment for Wooden House Signs and Large Wooden Sign Boards

All wooden signs need to to be cared for if they are going to last. It is important to keep the water out and protect against UV, fungus and algae. It is the situation the sign or memorial is placed in, that determines how often you must re-treat the timber. The only timbers which need little care are those high in oil, such as Iroko, Red Cedar, Balau and Opepe.

Please note - all varnished and oiled signs are hung to be sprayed so you will notice a small hole in the reverse of a single sided sign, and if it is a double sided sign, the hole will be on the top edge and will be filled after spraying.

We treated all oak signs with a fungicide before treating with oil or varnish. All varnished signs are also treated with a final coating of wood care milk to prolong the lifespan.

At The Sign Maker we do offer a refurbishment service. If Varnish is used on signs with white letters it will cause a slight yellowing of the letters. White signs are best treated with high gloss coach enamel or oil. Not to be used for oily timbers eg Iroko, Opepe or Balau

long wooden sign treated with a commercial varnish.

Standard Finish - Satin Finish Varnish

Our standard finish is a vapour permeable and flexible acrylic varnish which is sprayed onto the timber. We apply one base coat and three top coats. This product gives excellent long term performance but is only available to the trade. Varnishing has an advantage over oiling in that it will last longer without being touched. The only disadvantage is when maintenance is required the sign will first have to be sanded down. Woodcare milk does help prolong the life of the varnish

Commercial satin finish varnish.

Woodcare Milk

PPG Woodcare Milk

PPG woodcare milk has been design to extend the life of a varnished sign by adding a colourless sacrificial coating over the varnish. This helps extend the period between renovations and protect from damage from dirt scratches or hailstones. It helps prevent moisture ingress which in turn increase the life of the sign.

We are now coating all our varnished signs with this product. We can decant it into smaller bottles for our customers to use on a regular basis. £7 for 100mm

High GlosS Clear Coach ENamel

High Gloss Clear Coach Enamel

Coach-Kote is not just a high quality varnish but also a clear coach enamel. But that doesn’t say enough, Coach-Kote is a ‘long oil resin’ based product which means it has a long molecular structure giving it much more durability, flexibility and toughness than any other varnish. Ideal for exposed situations and on boats. This product is a clear version of the coach enamel used on the royal carriages at Buckingham Palace.

Not only that and unlike most other varnishes a UV filter has been added so Coach-Kote gives even better protection especially when used outside.
Extra cost for treating your sign with Coach-Kote - £9.50 (up to 150 x 575mm)

Wooden sign treated with coach enamel.

Devon Wood Oil

Devon Wood Oil

This product is unlike any of the commercial wood oils from the well known large companies as it uses more expensive raw materials chosen for their eco credentials. one of the main ingredients is pure turpentine from the turpentine tree instead of using petroleum solvents. There is also an ultra-violet filter added and this is not found in most proprietary brands.
When using on bare, previously untreated wood simply apply 1 generous coat, leave for 10 minutes to soak in and then wipe off any excess with a dry cloth. Will need treating at least four times a year.
Devon Wood Oil brings wood to life!

Oiled wooden sign.




Osmo protection oil

OSMo - Extra Protection Oil 

Osmo UV-Protection-Oil Extra, based on natural vegetable oils is micro-porous, and does not crack, flake, peel or blister. The natural oils penetrate deeply into the wood, keeping it elastic and healthy, and preventing it from drying and becoming brittle. The wood is allowed to breathe, yet is protected against the elements with a clear satin-matt finish. It also blocks the greying process by UV-Protection factor 12 in comparison to untreated wood and it contains active ingredients for protection against algae and fungal decay.

Wooden memorial treated with three coats of Osmo Oil.

Osmo Oil also has the advantage of less treatments than Devon Oil - a once a year treatment is usually sufficient to maintain your sign. In sheltered sites it will probably last for two years, but in exposed sites it may need re-coating after six months.
Extra cost for treating your sign with Osmo - £5.50
Osmo, however not suitable for the initial treatment of wood which contain a lot of their own oil eg Iroko and Balau .We can sell small tins of clear Osmo 420 Oil (125ml) with your sign @ £9.50

Check your wooden sign or memorial regularly
As soon as you see water penetrating into the timber treat it again

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