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In our vinyl workshop we cut a lot of vinyl for our customers to apply themselves. It can be used for making your own signs, wall art - both wall quotes and graphics, window signs, vehicle graphics or bumper stickers, to name but a few. The self adhesive vinyl comes to us in rolls with a backing paper attached.

We load the vinyl into a plotter which cuts through the vinyl, but leaves the backing paper intact. The waste vinyl is carefully weeded away.  We then apply an application transfer tape over the design, roll it up and send it to you to apply.

You remove the backing paper, place the vinyl, apply a light pressure and carefully remove the application tape.  For more details on click here for Vinyl Application Tips  We will send out test samples with each order which you can use to practice on!

We can supply a number of different types of vinyl for different purposes. All the vinyl we supply is good quality industry standard and suitable for using outdoors. The gloss vinyls have a perminant adhesive and will last for up to 7 years outdoors. These are ideal for most outdoor signage.

Cut vinyl lettering

Vinyl Cutting
Cutting the vinyl lettering
Weeding cut vinyl lettering
Carefully weeding the vinyl lettering
Applying the application tape
Covering with application transfer tape

The matt vinyls have a three year outdoor life with a removable adhesive (up to a year). These are great for wall words and wall art along with racing car graphics which need to be changed often. It is also handy for event signage which comes out each year, but with minor changes. On all the vinyls listed below the colour is all the way through the vinyl - you can't scratch it off.

The colour charts only be used as a guide because each monitor may display the colours differently.

Gloss Vinyl with Permanent Adhesive - Price Bracket C

This is a high quality gloss vinyl which has been designed for long term outdoor signage. It can be used to make your own sign boards, on windows, vans, cars, boats - any flat smooth surface indoors or outside. It has a permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. It is weatherproof and has an Outdoor life span is up to 8 years.

32 vinyl colours

Matt Vinyl with Removable Adhesive - Price Bracket A

For the wall art, wall words, quotes and graphics we normally use a matt vinyl with a removable adhesive. This acrylic based adhesive is removable from most substrates for up to a year. This is an industry standard vinyl used wall art, but to be sure it is suitable for using it on your wall - send us a S.A.E. and we will send you a test sample. We also send out test strips with each order. Newly painted walls must be left 3 weeks to cure before applying any vinyl. Have a look at our inspirational quotes.

As this vinyl is weatherproof it can be used outside. It is often used for vehicle graphics as it can be removed without leaving a residue behind. The black and white vinyls have a 5 year outdoor life, coloured vinyls have a 3 year outdoor life and the metalic gold and silver a 2 year outdoor life, although both will usually last longer indoors.



Reflective Vinyl with Permanent Adhesive - Price Bracket F

These tough vinyl with highly reflective properties have a 7 year outdoor life. They are great for reflective house signs, vehicle graphics, road signs, wheel covers - any sign that needs to really stand out in car headlights.  This vinyl is very adhesive and difficult to remove and it can only be applied using the dry application method.  When applying it is essential to get it right the first time!

Reflective Vinyl

Window Vinyls - Transluscent - Price Bracket C and Frosted Sand Blast Effect - Price Bracket C & D

These vinyls has a high UV resistance and an outdoor life of up to 7 years.  The adhesive is permanent and pressure sensitive. These vinyls are wonderful on windows for screening or signage. They can also be used on light boxes, mirrors or as a backing to clear acrylic signs. They are usually applied to the inside of the window. The transluscent vinyls are best applied using the wet application method. The sand-blast effect vinyls TR111 and TR113(Price Bracket D) are designed to apply dry. They have a special air escape adhesive which helps with bubble free application. The Standard silver/grey TR101 (Price Bracket C)sand-blast vinyl has a 5 year outdoor life and should be applied wet.

Window Vinyl Colours


Matt White Paint Mask - Price Bracket B

A PVC stencil film with an ultra-removable adhesive, designed to be removed cleanly from most surfaces up to 4 hours after application without any residue. (can be a problem when used in conjuction cellulose paints testing strips sent with order ).

A 300mm 600mm 900mm 1.2m 1.5m 1.8m
100mm £27.08 £27.91 £28.73 £29.56 £30.39 £31.22
200mm £27.91 £29.56 £31.22 £32.87 £34.53 £36.19
300mm £28.73 £31.22 £33.70 £36.19 £38.67 £41.15
400mm £29.56 £32.87 £36.19 £39.50 £42.81 £46.12
600mm £31.22 £36.19 £41.15 £46.12 £51.09 £56.06
800mm £32.87 £39.50 £46.12 £52.75 £59.37 £65.99
1m £34.53 £42.81 £51.09 £59.37 £67.65 £75.93
1.2m £36.19 £46.12 £56.06 £65.99 £75.93 £85.87
B 300mm 600mm 900mm 1.2m 1.5m 1.8m
100mm £27.37 £28.48 £29.60 £30.71 £31.83 £32.95
200mm £28.48 £30.71 £32.95 £35.18 £37.41 £39.64
300mm £29.60 £32.95 £36.29 £39.64 £42.99 £46.34
400mm £30.71 £35.18 £39.64 £44.11 £48.57 £53.03
600mm £32.95 £39.64 £46.34 £53.03 £59.73 £66.43

P&P - price bracket F
C 300mm 600mm 900mm 1.2m 1.5m 1.8m
100mm £27.55 £28.84 £30.14 £31.43 £32.73 £34.03
200mm £28.84 £31.43 £34.03 £36.62 £39.21 £41.80
300mm £30.14 £34.03 £37.91 £41.80 £45.69 £49.58
400mm £31.43 £36.62 £41.80 £46.99 £52.17 £57.35
600mm £34.03 £41.80 £49.58 £57.35 £65.13 £72.91
800mm £36.62 £46.99 £57.35 £67.72 £78.09 £88.46
1m £39.21 £52.17 £65.13 £78.09 £91.05 £104.01
1.2m £41.80 £57.35 £72.91 £88.46 £104.01 £119.56
D 300mm 600mm 900mm 1.2m 1.5m 1.8m
100mm £27.69 £29.13 £30.57 £32.01 £33.45 £34.89
200mm £29.13 £32.01 £34.89 £37.77 £40.65 £43.53
300mm £30.57 £34.89 £39.21 £43.53 £47.85 £52.17
400mm £32.01 £37.77 £43.53 £49.29 £55.05 £60.81
600mm £34.89 £43.53 £52.17 £60.81 £69.45 £78.09
800mm £37.77 £49.29 £60.81 £72.33 £83.85 £95.37
1m £40.65 £55.05 £69.45 £83.85 £98.25 £112.65
1.2m £43.53 £60.81 £78.09 £95.37 £112.65 £129.93

Supplied on application tape in one piece
Supplied on application tape in two pieces

Price include 50 letters - Extra letters @ £1.65 per 25. Standard images are available @ £4.95. You can use your own single colour image - click here for more details. Standard images can be used free of charge if no letters are required.

Big Discounts for more than one set of letters or graphics
The prices listed below are for one set of vinyl lettering or a single graphic.
Order two identical vinyl letters/graphics for a £20 discount
Order two different vinyl letters/graphics on the same vinyl for a £15.00 discount.
Order two different vinyl letters/graphics on different vinyls for a £10 discount.
Discounts apply on second and all subsequent signs .

NB. All the vinyls we use are good quality industry standard vinyls. However we cannot guarantee that they will stick to every surface, or the effect the adhesive will have on that surface.  The conditions under which you apply the vinyl can also effect adhesion. Vinyl must be applied in a fairly warm environment onto a clean smooth surface. Multisolve is an excellent solvent to prepare the surface.  Click here for helpful information about application.

To be absolutely sure that the vinyl will adhere to your intended substrate, without causing any damage, send us a S.A.E. and we will post you a free test sample. Alternatively ask for a sample via our shopping cart @ a cost of £1 p&p    We will also send out testing samples with each order. Try out a small piece and leave a couple of days before applying your vinyl letters or graphic.

Vinyl Letters
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