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Large Granite Signs,
Nameplates & Memorials

Standard Granite Signage - 20mm, 30mm & 50mm thick - Good Value

Granite is a fine to coarse-grained crystalline igneous rock with intense colouration which exudes style. We import the granite for our signs from India.

Each piece is highly polished and is so beautiful that you are drawn to touch it. We stock five standard colours but others can be imported in for you.

Polished Granite
Kerala Green Granite
Dark grey granite slab, Font - fantasy,Letter colour -  Lamproom grey
Classic Dark Grey Granite

Granite Memorial
50mm Celtic Grey Granite  (also see granite wedges)


20mm Black Granite - Gold Text

Standard Colours

Kerala Green Granite
Kerala Green Granite
Glenaby Granite
Classic Dark Grey
Absolute Black Granite
Black Granite

Celtic Grey

NB Although these are actually photos of the granite, you should be aware that each piece of granite can have variations in colour.
Granite Hearts are available in Black or Celtic Grey

Classic Dark Grey Granite House Sign

Above - Classic Dark Grey Granite House Sign 150 x 575mm

Left -Classic Dark Grey Granite House Sign 375 x 300mm

Alternative to Granite
. An alternative stone for large stone signs is Purbeck Stone which is quarried in Dorset. It has smooth honed finish and is 30mm thick.

  Purbeck Stone
Purbeck Stone

Standard Sizes - Excellent Value.

Height x Length x Thickness Price P&P
150 x 575 x 20mm £129 J
225 x 300 x 20mm £121 H
225 x 300 x 20mm Oval £150 H
225 x 425 x 20mm £146 H
225 x 650 x 20mm £195 K
275 x 375 x 20mm Oval £185 H
300 x 375 x 30mm £181 K
300 x 425 x 30mm £195 L
300 x 375 x 50mm £204 M
400 x 400 x 50mm £237 M
Price includes 6 letters. Next 19 extra letters £1.10
Thereafter - 55p per letter.

Kerala Green Granite, Size 300 x 375 x 50mm,
Font -Times New Roman

Order Your Granite Sign Online Now

Special sizes can also be ordered in. These can be virtually any size you want, but most of these can take up to 12 weeks as we bring the granite in from India. Aternatively we can cut the 20mm granite into any size up to 300mm x 900mm ( NB the sides of cut to size signs and memorials will be honed smooth but not polished) Granite Signs .-. Granite Memorials
Large pieces of 30mm black granite are available from UK stock. Can be black pearl granite, black galaxy granite, Sapphire Brown and Thunder White. These will have a polished finish on the edges too.Made to Order Granite Signs. .Made to Order Granite Memorials

Some people prefer a more natural finish for the surface as well. We have two options here. We can sandblast the surface to reveal the natural granite - cost £5. Aternatively we can sand the top surface just enough to remove the gloss at a cost of £15. The Celtic Grey Granite looks very attractive with the sandblasted finish but most people prefer the black with a gloss finish.

Large black pearl granite sign

Large black granite sign (1200 x480mm) made in 30mm black pearl granite bolted to 4"x4" oak posts with a support bar


Lettering is available in many fonts - click here. If you want painted letters on memorials you should choose one of the bolder fonts. Standard colours for painted letters are white, black, Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone (light grey), Farrow & Ball Lichen (light green). We have a number of other stock colours @ £5, along with memorial gold or silver @ £10. Memorial gold looks very similar to gold leaf.
On celtic grey granite white is the best colour to use.

The price includes first 6 characters. The next 19 letters
will cost £1.10 per letter, thereafter 55p per letter.

Black granite oval house sign Font Monotype Corsiva 1808.SS.009
Black granite oval house sign - white engraved letters


We can include images on our signs and memorials.Small standard images under 100mm £12.50, Medium Standard images 100-200mm  £18, Large Standard Image 200-300mm £24, Images over 300mm £28.00. 
For own images add artwork charge of £22. You can ask the designer to find/ buy you an appropriate image @ a cost of £12. Have a look at shutterstock .com

We can paint images in a different colour to the text. Cost £15 per extra colour.

White Granite Memorial - Font Blacksmith
White Granite (special order), Font - Blacksmith

Image in granite produced by impact engraver.
Impact Engraved Image
Image made by sanbast out a pane, painting it and laser engraving the image.
Laser Etched Image in Inlaid Painted Panel
Image sandblasted and painted.
Sand Blasted Image

We also a range of Granite Wedges - Click Here

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery or our Pinterest Board   More Stone & Slate Signs
Granite Heart in Black or Celtic Grey Granite
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Black Granite Memorial
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