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Large Glass-Like Acrylic Signs
With Posts

Large Glass Effect Entrance Signs

These large acrylic signs look just like glass. The lettering can be applied to the reverse or the front of the sign. The sign is then wall mounted or clamped to stainless steel effect aluminium posts. The clamps supplied match the posts for a very contemporary style business entrance sign. Clamps shown are radius edged but square edged are also available at no extra cost.

Large Glass Effect Signs

Posts with glass mounts - square or radius available.

Stainless Steel Effect Aluminium Posts

These look and feel like brushed stainless steel but cost you less. The prices listed below are for 2 posts, 4 clamps, 2 black posts caps and 2 base plates. Coloured posts are also available - just ask for a quote.

Post Height Cost for 2 posts
& Clamps etc
3500mm £185.65
3000mm £167.31
1750mm £130.58
1500mm £121.67

NB At least 500mm of your post will be underground.



Lettering can be cut in a variety of fonts and colours. For fonts - click here. Black is the normal letter colour but if you fancy something a little different click here to see colours available.

The price includes up to 50 characters

(extra characters are available at £1.65 per 25)

Minimum letter size 20mm.

Frosted lettering on clear acrylic with red posts.

Sign Sizes and Prices
Only visable on desktop or tablet - Click the Buy Now button for prices

The cost includes VAT and is for sign only - post prices above.

Arch Top Signs Clear With a Plain
Backing Vinyl
With Printed Backing Vinyl Holes/Mounts
600mm x 300mm x 10mm £98.50 £104.60 £126.45 4 Lg
750mm x 400mm x 10mm £139.90 £151.35 £183.40 4 Lg
900mm x 500mm x 10mm £166.15 £185.05 £228.45 4 Lg


Rectangular Signs Clear With a Plain
Backing Vinyl
With Printed Backing Vinyl Holes/Mounts
600mm x 200mm x 10mm £74.90 £79.30 £98.10 4 Sm
600mm x 400mm x 10mm £111.50 £120.70 £147.45 4 Lg
750mm x 200mm x 10mm £97.70 £103.45 £122.00 4 Lg
750mm x 400mm x 10mm £125.55 £136.95 £169.05 4 Lg
750mm x 600mm x 10mm £156.75 £173.90 £219.40 4 Lg
900mm x 200mm x 10mm £108.25 £ 114.70 £136.40 4 Lg
900mm x 400mm x 10mm £140.30 £ 153.65 £191.45 4 Lg
900mm x 600mm x 10mm £164.70 £ 185.30 £238.90 4 Lg
Click here for smaller sizes

        It is possible to cut any of the above down to a specific size or simple shape @ £12.50

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All signs with posts fall into P&P bracket K
P&P Brackets H I J K
Holes and Wall Mounts

If you are fixing your sign to a wall we will drill four 11mm holes and provide you with four 25mm x 36mm stand-off mounts in a satin finish.

Backing Vinyl

If your sign is to be placed on a wall where the colour of the letters will not stand out we can apply a backing vinyl behind the lettering. We can do this in blue or grey sandblast effect, translucent lilac, blue, green and magenta or a solid colour vinyl (gold looks great). See below: -

Full colour reverse print on clear acrylic sign. Full colour reverse print applied to back of clear acrylic sign. Frosted lettering applied to the reverse of the sign.

Mounted onto a backing board

We can also mount over an aluminium composite board - click here for colours. Special stand off mounts are available for this.

Round acrylic sign with round backing plate. Frosted lettering plus backing plate. Black lettering on clear acrylic plus silver backing plate.

Images & Borders

We can include single colour images on the signs. We have a large selection Click here Choose images without very fine lines. - The cost is £12.50 per standard image or £24.50 for your own vector artwork. £34.50 per image for other formats eg. jpg, tiff. We can line borders in the same letter colour at no extra cost. For full colour signs printed in reverse, there is no extra charge for ready to print artwork.

Clear Acrylic House Signs Full Colour Clear Acrylic Signage Clear Acrylic Business Signs Other Entrance Signs
Clear acrylic sign painted and laser etched on the reverse. Arch top acrylic sign painted ultra marine blue and laser etched. Moss green painted and etched acrylic sign.
Painted and Etched Acrylic Signs- As an alternative to applying vinyl we can paint and laser-etch the reverse with stunning results.

Acrylic signs for business park.
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Large clear accrylic signs on posts.
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