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Large Wooden Signs 
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Large Douglas Fir Signs

Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is not a true fir at all, nor a pine or spruce. It is a distinct species named after Archibald Menzies, a Scottish physician and naturalist who first discovered the tree on Vancouver Island in 1791, and David Douglas, the Scottish botanist who later identified the tree in the Pacific Northwest in 1826. It is now North America's most plentiful softwood species, although we used timber grown closer to home. Douglas Fir Wooden Sign

It has a reddish brown to yellow/orange colour with a straight grain and is characterized by exceptional strength, hardness and durability. It is not only very tough but also water resistant, which makes it useful in exposed situations where maintenance is difficult. Click here for Wood Finishes  The grain is coarser than oak and hairline cracks tend to be a feature of the timber.

Large Wooden Signs large sign

The letters are first cut into thick rubber stencils which are applied to the timber. The design is then carved out by sand blasting and the letters are painted black, bright blue, navy blue or green. We have most of the common fonts - for a selection CLICK HERE   For some other fonts and ideas have a look at the Gallery page.

Farm Sign in Douglas Fir  Font Black Chhancery  ref 1311.LW.054

We can include simple pictures on the signs. We have a selection CLICK HERE - or you can send in your own artwork - It must be a silhouette style image without any very fine lines or shades. is £9.50 per standard image, £29.50 for your own artwork.

The Douglas Fir is planed down to 1 inch
(25mm) thick. The planks come in at 9" and 12" wide but we join timbers for larger signs. - see the chart below for pricing. For other large signs try English Oak or Red Cedar.

font Goudy Old Style. Size 450x300. ref - 1310.LW.104

Finishing Treatment for Wooden Signs

Made to Measure Signs using Douglas Fir - Price includes VAT

Size 9"

£65 E £76 F £98 G £119 H £147 I £170 I £216 J
12 inches
£76 F £90 G £120 H £149 I £185 I £216 I £277 J
£98 G £120 H £170 I £216 I £261 J £307 K £399 L
£119 H £149 I £216 I £277 J £338 K £399 L £522 L

 Signs all include 6 letters - add £1.10 for each extra letter.(55p after first 25)  Double Sided - Add 25%       P&P

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Dark Green Lettering Wooden Sign
225mm x 900mm Douglas Fir Sign with Dark Green Lettering

There are quite a few options for brackets and posts - Click here for full details.

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery or our Pinterest Board Other Wooden Signs
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