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Stock Designs

UK Sign Maker

Stock Designs - £126
Some of the designs are available full wrap right to the edge of the wheelcover.
The cost for full wrap is an extra £60.

Wolf Head - Full Wrap or Disk

Horses - Full Wrap or Disk

Stag Facing- Full Wrap or Disk

Pheasant Wheel Cover

Pheasant - Full wrap or Disk

colour lion

Lion -Disk Only

Sitting Barn Owl

Barn Owl on Stump Full wrap or Disk

New Stag Wheelcover

New Stag - Full wrap or Disk

colour wolf

Running Wolf - Disk only

Barn Owl by Fence - Full Wrap or Disk

Tiger Wheel Cover
Tiger Head - Full Wrap or Disk

White Land Rover Wheel Cover
White Land Rover - Full Wrap or Disk

Worm in Apple

Fun Designs - Worm in Apple

Skirt Colours

The soft vinyl fabric which fits snugly around the tyre is black as standard. However do have six other colour choices @ £12
Grey Barley Navy Green Brown Wine
The piping around the edge of the disk will always be black.

For more ideas go to our dedicated wheel cover website More Wheel Covers
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