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Full Colour Printed Wheelcovers

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Single photo or Print Ready Artwork - £130.  Single Photo plus up to 4 words - £137 Full Colour Text Only - £143
Text and Image - workshop to create print ready artwork - £150.  Two photos to blend - £160.  Three photos to blend - £170

All print is cover with a tough laminate (for 2 years longer life)  Adds extra protection against scratching and UV fading

3 Photos Blended Together

Business wheel cover
Photos blended together by our technicians Wheel Covers can be fun! Customers own ready to print artwork

Photos and complex artwork with lots of colours or tones and fine lines needs to be printed onto vinyl which is then applied to the flat area of the wheelcover disk.
For complete coverage of disk go to our full wrap wheel covers

Finished artwork can be supplied in the form of - tiff, bitmap, jpg,psd or pdf files.

Digital images need to be large enough to print at a size of 600mm (24"). For a good result the image needs to be at least 2000 pixels in diameter. Check this on your photo software.

More about image quality

P&P Rate J

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Mercy Ships Wheelcovers

Printed and laminated wheel cover
Printed wheel cover
Dog Wheelcover

All of the above were sent as print ready artwork and therefore cost just £130

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Black and white printed wheel cover

Artwork charges
Our technicians design wheelcovers every day so you can safely leave them to add any extra words to your specifications. However if you are unsure of how it will actually look, you can request a proof drawing @ £5.00 (includes one design change)

Images can be emailed as an image file eg tiff or jpg, psd or as a pdf file. Largefiles are best burned onto a CD and sent by post as can a photo or artwork

NB - The quality of the printing can only be as good as the artwork we receive. More information about image quality

Images are printed exactly as they are sent to us. i.e.if you send a design on a white background it will be printed with a white background. Changes to artwork can usually be carried out if requested but would incur an artwork charge of £20

The wheel cover in the photo may look like a traditional spare wheel, but is actually a standard vinyl wheelcover which has been covered in a black wrap vinyl before the full colour print of a wheel was applied.

The extra cost for covering in the matt black wrap vinyl is £45.


Wheel cover wrapped in a matt black vinyl before print applied.
Bespoke Wheel Cover
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Full colour printed and laminated wheel cover
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