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Wheelcover  Sizes
Vehicles and Tyre Sizes

Sizes for the Vinyl Wheelcovers

These wheelcovers can have as standard a black mould disk and a black soft vinyl fabric skirt. Other colours ara available - see below.

We stock wheelcovers for vehicles as listed below. If your tyre size is not on the list just include tyre size instead of wheelcover size on the order form.

Vehicles and Tyre Sizes
 2000   Special size for 23.5" wheel found on many horse boxes ( extra £6.50)
 2600 550mm Suzuki Jimney (205/70 R15), Diahatsu Terios (205/70 R15), Honda CRV (205/70 R15), Kia Sportage (205/70 R15), Sportstrack 195/70/R15
 2650 550mm  Suzuki Vitara - all models, Land Rover Freelander (15/16/17") Suzuki GV2030 (215/65 R16), Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin (215/65 R16), Suzuki Grand Vitara before 2006 (235/60 R16) , Rav 4-VX(235/60 R16),(195/80/R15),
Rav 4 Granite (235/55 R17), Rav 4 (215/70/R16) (235/60/R16)
Diahatsu Terios (225/55 R17), (225/70/R15 )
 2800 600mm Wrangler Jeep (225/75 R15) & (215/75 R15), Frontera (225/75 R15), Ford Maverick (215/80 R15), Nissan Terrano 11 (215/80 R15), Trooper (215/80 R15), Toyota Colorado (215/80 R15),Renault Master (205/75 R16) Shogun 235, Suzuki Grand Vitara2006 onwards (225/60 R17-spare wheel only) (225/70/R16)(225/65/R16)(225/65/R17)
 2850 600mm Land Rover Discovery 205, 235, 255, Defender 90 (205), Diahatsu Fourtrack (255/70/R15), Ford Maverick (235/75 R15), New Nissan Terrano 11 (235/75 R15), Frontera (235/70 R16), Frontera (255/65 R16), (235/70/R16), Shogun (205/80/R16), (255/55/R18) (235/65/R17)(225/75/R16)
 2900 600mm  Mitsubishi Shogun/Pajero (265/70 R15), Isuzu Trooper Mk2 (245/70 R16), Frontera (245/70 R16) (30 x 9.50 R15) (275/60/R15)
 2950 600mm  Frontera (255/75 R15) (215/85/R16)
 3000 600mm Nissan Patrol GR (265/70/R16), Shogun 2000 (265/70 R16) Toyota Land Cruiser Colorado (265/70 R16) (31 x 10.5 R15),(255/70/R16) (265/70/R17) (285/55/R18)(265/65/R17) (245/65/R17)(
 3100 600mm  Land Rover Defender (235/85 R16) (7.50 R16) (235/85 R16) (275/70/R16) (265/75/R16) The New Defender (255/60/R20) (255/70/R18) (255/65/R19) (275/45/R22)


Skirt Colours

The soft vinyl fabric which fits snugly around the tyre is black as standard. However do have six other colour choices @ £12

Grey Barley Navy Green Brown Wine
The piping around the edge of the disk will always be black.


Disk Colours

As standard the hard mould disk is black. However, before we sew on the soft fabric vinyl skirt, we can wrap the disk in a very durable wrap vinyl. The lettering is then applied. The result is a very unique long lasting wheel cover. As well as the colours below we can wrap in matt black, matt white & gloss white @ £40/£50 extra.

Matt Dark Grey
Gloss Silver
Gloss Mid Grey
Gloss Taxi Beige
Gloss Gold
Gloss Wine
Gloss Forest Green £50 Gloss Dark
Blue £40

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