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Personalised  Wheel Covers
Made in UK

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One or Two Colour Wheel Covers - Long Lasting - from £98 including VAT

Make wheel cover with vinyl lettering Simple personalised wheel covers can be produced at a very reasonable cost using vinyls which are cut and applied to the wheel cover. These are the longest lasting of all wheel covers.

Costs includes up to 18 words. If you are providing the vector artwork please note that letters must be at least 20mm high

Just send us an idea of how you would like the sign to look. Click here to see vinyl colours to be used. Click here to see fonts

Single colour wheelcover design  

Single colour text on SR- Advance wheelcover - Order Online Now

Reflective Lettering - £25 silver/white, yellow, red, blue, green & black. NB the coloured reflectives do not look any different in daylight - only when you shine car headlights on them.
2nd Colour - £15.00
prices include VAT

Reflective Wheel Cover Customers Wheel Cover

Reflective lettering available in silver/white, yellow, red, blue, green & black.
For Reflective vinyls there is a minimum letter size of 30mm

Cut Vinyl Single Colour Silhouette Style Pictures

     £9.50 per standard image - Click here to see standard images Must be simple silhouette - no fine lines
 £29.50 for other formats eg. jpg, tiff, other bitmap or artwork to be scanned and vectorised.

Good design
Two colour business wheel cover Long lasting

Proof charges
Our technicians design wheelcovers every day so you can safely leave them to layout to your specifications. However if you are unsure of how it will actually look, you can request a proof drawing @ £5.00 (includes one design change)

PLEASE NOTE: All wheelcovers are dispatched by courier and must be signed for.  Please open the box and check the cover before signing to agree that it has reached its destination in good condition.

Click here for wheelcover sizes

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery on our Blog or our Pinterest Board More Wheel Covers
Simple designs can be used
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